Choosing the Best Wedding Band

How to Choose the Best Wedding Band in New York?

It is very challenging to know what to look for when searching for the best wedding band. There are so many companies out there to choose from and how do you really know which company offers the best wedding band.

Around Town Entertainment has been in business for over a decade, carefully choosing the cream of the crop when it comes to their amazing talent. The vocalists and musicians have been hand selected from the best professionals in the music industry. Most of the talent have toured the United States and the world, working with the most famous known radio and concert artists, including Adele, Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys just to name a few.

Others have recorded in the top recording studios where legends have recorded and began careers. Others have graced some of the most prestigious stages in music, including Carnegie Hall, the Broadway stage and even NBC television’s The Voice!

Around Town Entertainment has been incredibly specific in the make and design of each band. There is a formula in creating the best wedding band. It starts with the best talent. Then there has to be the right blend of that talent, put together to create the best chemistry and sound.

With an ear for brilliance Around Town Entertainment has chosen the brightest stars in the industry to take their place in each group. Coming together with the right mix of vocal blend and musical cohesiveness, each group has what we call “the magic.” Any band can be put together and become somebody’s wedding band, but that is so not what our exclusive clients are looking for, and will not meet the level of standard for what Around Town Entertainment delivers to their clients. We know that our clients have the savvy to choose the truest talent, the best of the best, with an image that fits their aesthetic, and a sound that will ignite each and every dance floor. Our clients truly want the best wedding band imaginable and we have delivered!

Around Town Entertainment takes a truly unique approach to the wedding industry. We prepare our talent with the most unique and most extensive repertoire, delivering on the classics and the top radio hits, while fine tuning every elements of each band. By the time our rehearsed bands arrive on the scene of the event we can proudly say we have delivered a truly crafted, polished, and well-oiled machine. We believe we have mastered the formula for creating the best wedding band.

We don’t want the same old fashioned style wedding band. We don’t want average. We don’t want okay. We don’t want acceptable. We want the best that the industry can deliver! We want a fresh approach to the classic dance music, keeping the favorites alive, adding in our clients’ top choices, while introducing the most current chart smashing hits to the mix!

We know our guests vary in age and we want everyone to have the experience of a mind blowing event. We want that “wow” effect! This means the magic has to come alive at each event! Our musicians and vocalist create an experience.

The chemistry is so perfectly meshed that the energy the musicians and vocalists experience within their powerful exchange is so contagious that it sparks the energy in the room and soon everyone is lifted with the exuberance and joy that the amazing music was intended for!

Choosing the best wedding band isn’t easy, but we feel we have made it easy for our clients.

We have spent years mastering the magic, and can proudly say we offer only the best wedding bands.

Around Town Entertainment embraces the challenge and responsibility of making each event a success. And every event’s success relies on choosing the best possible entertainment and industry professionals.

Around Town Entertainment is known for it’s pristine reputation, for their expertise, and their hands on approach to each event. We take the time and personal care for each and every client making sure they feel truly confident in their choice. We understand our clients have the choice and are honored to be part of every single event. We want and expect the exact same outcome as our clients. We want perfection! We can only offer this perfection by delivering the best wedding band imaginable. We are proud to say we can offer the best wedding band!