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Around Town Entertainment is one of the top New York City wedding entertainment companies. Providing wedding music for some of New York City's most exclusive events, Around Town Entertainment is in high demand. Voted as the very best New York City wedding band companies in New York City, Around Town Entertainment continues to hold a pristine reputation. With four exceptional New York City wedding bands, Around Town Entertainment selects only the top music professional vocalists and seasoned musicians.

Each band is a set and polished, rehearsed group. So unlike most other New York wedding bands, Around Town Entertainment focuses on maintaining the highest level of quality for each New York wedding event.
It is imperative when booking a New York City wedding band to be able to see exactly who you are getting for your wedding! Our videos offer 100% live and unedited footage of each New York wedding band.
There is no lip syncing to these videos! As the bands performed, that is how they were recorded.
It is a true representation of each New York wedding band offered by Around Town Entertainment.

When selecting the best New York wedding music and entertainment, each client has to know they will have the first hand attention anytime throughout the wedding music planning process. We are there for our clients to make sure they know they are in good hands! Each New York City wedding band has a band manager that makes certain that the day of the event is handled with the upmost care and attention. It must be a perfect outcome! We aim for that perfection on every single New York wedding event!

It is very challenging to find any New York City wedding band that can offer the incredible, extensive repertoire. Our New York bands have over 1000 wedding songs and music to choose from. We cater each event to the exact style and taste of each client. There is no set routine, as that gets stale and more importantly, each client and crowd has different ideas and taste for their specific New York wedding event.
We learn wedding music for each event as well! So if there is an important song for a very special wedding dance, we will make sure it is prepared, rehearsed and ready for the wedding day!

Each New York wedding band from Around Town Entertainment takes a very professional approach to each New York wedding event.The sophisticated yet high energy style and approach to each event makes for a stand out performance! Your guests will be raving about the best New York wedding band and entertainment. Most New York wedding bands and New York City wedding entertainment companies offer the cliché, typical wedding style, with the overly loud and cheesy, in your face nonsense.

We know our clients want high energy wedding music, but high energy does not have to include the excessively loud, obnoxious style.
Around Town Entertainment offers professional sound to control the volume so that guests are comfortable and excited to be there, dancing to the best level of NY wedding band music.When looking for the best New York City wedding bands, live music and entertainment, Around Town Entertainment guarantees the most elevated experience in New York City wedding music.