Why Are We Considered The Top New York Wedding Band?

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Around Town Entertainment is chosen for being incredibly unique in style and for really capturing the essence, taste and specific style of each individual client.  We are not the typical New York Wedding Band and Entertainment company.  Each New York wedding band consists of the highest caliber musicians and vocalists that are fully invested in each event.  We are incredibly responsive and eager to connect with our clients to make certain we have every detail finely-tuned and perfected.  We understand that the selecting your wedding entertainment is one of the most crucial decisions you can make for your wedding.  Selecting just the right New York wedding band can make the difference in having the most magical wedding night.

There are so many emotions that go into planning a special event and we really take the time to create the ease and complete confidence for our clients.  They instantly know they are in good, professional hands. With Around Town Entertainment, our clients never have to wait to hear back from us as we are on call, always readily available to answer all questions, and to assist in every aspect of their planning. From the very first introduction to the conclusion of the amazing event, we are there for our clients assuring the perfection selection of songs and capturing every detail for their event.

The desired outcome of each event is just as important for us as it is for our clients and we aim for perfection. The music must be flawless!  The combination of vocalists and musicians must be just right to create the absolute perfect group.  We have mastered the right blend of talent, image, and showmanship to elevate each group far above the traditional wedding band.

Around Town Entertainment offers a continuous live music experience.   Once we begin, we never stop the live music.   We create the exciting energy to ignite each event and we build upon that energy throughout the event to create the experience of a lifetime.  We always exceed our clients’ highest expectations.

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