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April 2014

The Essex House New York City Wedding!

The Essex House New York City Wedding! 150 150 adam Michaels

April 26, 2014 at the Essex House in New York City for the wedding of Sarah Spigleman and Joshua Richter!
What a special evening for this incredibly happy couple and their families!
Sarah and Joshua chose the Around Town Band from Around Town Entertainment.
They began the evening with a heart warming ceremony. Elegant sounds of romantic classics greeted the guests as they readied for the beautiful bride to walk down the aisle.
The stunning bride circled her groom seven times as is part of the Jewish tradition while the pianist played one of her favorite song “Look to The Rainbow” by Yip Harburg.
The crowd cheered as her groom broke the glass, concluding the ceremony, and the bride and groom couldn’t have seemed more excited to be married! They and their guests left the ceremony with the processional song by “Spring” by Vivaldi.
The cocktail music was spirited with some favorite jazz swing selections as the guests prepared for a night of dancing.

As the guests entered the beautiful ballroom, it seems they were ready to go! It took no time at all for them to start dancing. And this was before the bridal party was introduced into the room!
The bride chose “All You Need Is Love” from the Beatles for her bridal party entrance song and “Power Of Love” by Huey Lewis for the bride and groom entrance.
After a well choreographed dance routine, the crowd went crazy as the traditional Hora music started.
It seems that that was the real spark that ignited the night’s energy. The dance floor remained full for the rest of the evening as guests danced to their favorites and the specific choices from the bride and groom.

When choosing her New York City Wedding Band, the bride had to make sure we could play some of her favorite wedding music. Around Town Entertainment promised to learn their favorite songs, such as “Killer Queen” by Queen, “Grace Kelly” by MIKA and “I Believe In A Thing Called Love” by the Darkness. The groom even got up to join the band and played the guitar for his favorite song by the Darkness. He was an amazing fit with our New York City Wedding band from Around Town Entertainment!
The band also prepared a special song, “That Thing You Do” from the movie “That Thing You Do” for the maid of honor to sing and dedicate a song to the bride and groom. What a great song for the occasion and the perfect song for a New York City Wedding Band to play!

The Essex House in New York City is the perfect venue when looking for classic sophistication in New York City.
Cecilia DeAngelis coordinated the perfect event! Cecilia is clearly a person who is passionate about each event and wanting to make sure her clients are thrilled, and she could not have done a more amazing job!
She was there with her team before, during and after the event to make sure every aspect of this event was on point. Cecilia is a true gem for any bride and groom to work with, and for any New York City Wedding Band as well! Jason Kwinter from the Essex House was there as part of her team to add even more support to the overall success of the event.
What a thrill to work with such professionals!

Around Town Entertainment was thrilled and honored to be chosen as the New York City Wedding Band for this spectacular event!

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Beautiful wedding at Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Beautiful wedding at Brooklyn Botanical Gardens 150 150 adam Michaels

Saturday, April 12, 2014, Around Town Entertainment provided a night of entertainmentfor the wedding of Fawn Jiang and Brendan McGinty.
The stunning setting in the Magnolia Gardens of the Brooklyn Botanical Garden couldn’t have been more perfect for the couple’s ceremony.

The trees drenched in color, enhanced by the day’s perfect sun, framed the isle that the bride walked down to meet her groom. Choosing the song “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz for the processional and then serenaded by her two bridesmaids to “I Choose You” by Sara Bareilles, the mood was just right.

After the ceremony, the guests then moved to the fountain outside the Palm House to enjoy their cocktail hour.
The jazz trio from Around Town Entertainment created the cool and sophisticated vibe as the sun began to set.
As the guests moved into the reception, it was clear the party was on! The band brought in the bridal party to Kesha’s “Timber” and then the bride and groom with “Happy” by Pharrell.
The guests soon joined in and the band played to a full dance floor.

Playing “Lights” by Ellie Goulding was the perfect choice as the families and College Alumni took their group photos.
The night was filled with joy and the crowd literally shouted for one of their favorite songs.
Everyone sang along to the song “Living on a Prayer” and “Don’t Stop Believin,” the bride’s favorite.
The guests would not accept that the night was ending and were screaming for more music!  “One more song, one more song” they yelled!
The band was thrilled to play an encore and the crowd continued to scream.
What an exhilarating night for all who attended.
Working with Heather and the amazing staff at Brooklyn Botanical Gardens couldn’t have been better!
What a well orchestrated event by Heather and her team! The night was flawless!
This truly was the perfect event for Fawn and Brendan.
Around Town Entertainment was honored to be chosen to be part of this wedding.
Live Music and Entertainment for all events

A great weekend for the Around Town Band!

A great weekend for the Around Town Band! 150 150 adam Michaels

What a great weekend for the Around Town Band from Around Town Entertainment!
First, the band performed on Friday night, April 4th, 2014, for a full house at The Red Lion in the West Village in New York City.
So many people came to hear the Around Town Band! Our regulars came to enjoy a great night of music and dancing!
We also had so many amazing new wedding clients who came to hear their favorite New York wedding music.
The crowd danced all night and wanted more music when done!
The New York wedding band played all high energy dance music for weddings in New York City at the Red Lion.
We always love the opportunity to play at this club where we can introduce new top 40 songs while giving our new and potential clients the chance to explore their New York wedding music.
Everyone had a blast at the Red Lion including the Around Town Band from Around Town Entertainment!
We always love playing this club and
wedding music in New York!

On Saturday, April 5th, the Around Town Band from Around Town Entertainment had the pleasure of being part of the wedding celebration for Rachel Rattner and Dan Lorig!
The wedding took place at the beautiful Metropolitan Club in New York City.
What an incredible couple and such a loving family to help them celebrate!
The couple chose their favorite New York wedding music and the Around Town Band learned all their requests!
The crowd rushed the dance floor on the very first song, continued with a high energy version of the traditional Hora and rocked to a wide variety of dance music in New York!

The band loved watching the families come together, and how excited they were to dance!
The crowd of all ages danced all night long!
Around Town Entertainment and the Around Town Band are honored to have provided

New York wedding music for such a beautiful couple!

We wish Rachel and Daniel a lifetime of happiness!