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Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Band

Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Band 1200 900 adam Michaels

Live music is the best way of creating a special atmosphere and getting your guests on the dancefloor. While some wedding bands can be very expensive indeed, you can still get great live music on a smaller budget. We’ve put together some ideas on how get yourself a talented and reliable wedding band without breaking the bank.

  1. Book a local band

Wedding and party bands can charge quite a lot to travel, and the costs soon add up – especially if they’re traveling so far that they need to stay overnight, when you’ll be paying hotel costs as well as a certain amount per mile. To save money by hiring a band in your area, try our search tool on the Function Central website – you can search by act and genre as well as region.

  1. Have a winter wedding

Whilst wedding bands tend to be solidly booked during the summer months, many a muso will spend their winter penniless by the fireside supping on broth! In order to fill the quieter months, many bands offer great discounts between October and March, to ensure the bookings keep coming in. If you’re unable to hold your wedding in the winter, bands often offer discounts on Sundays to Thursdays throughout the year.

  1. Hire a band with fewer members

Wedding bands come in all shapes and sizes – from premium bands with bolt-on horn sections and several backing singers to three-piece rock bands, acoustic duos and even soloists with backing tracks. If you’re looking to save money without losing danceability, try hiring a band with fewer members, or look at flexible bands who can add or remove members to suit your venue and budget.

  1. Save money on early arrival and late finish fees

Venues often ask bands to set up early on in the day, but the reality is that most bands will charge more for arrivals before 5 or 6pm. In our experience, this is unnecessary – if you can arrange a brief window after your meal/speeches for the band to gain access to their performance area, they’ll be able to set up quickly and discreetly and keep noise levels to a minimum.

Likewise most bands charge a premium for finishes later than midnight – don’t get caught out!

  1. Beware of false economies

Illness or an unexpected event, such as a family emergency, can sometimes mean that the wedding band you’ve booked might not make it to your reception. If you book through an agency, you’re guaranteed a great band on the day, since they’ll have instant access to replacement bands and musicians at the last minute, and at no extra charge.

You’ll also get an experienced party band who know exactly what to play and how to get everyone on the dancefloor. You might think you’ve got yourself a bargain by booking a band directly rather than through an agency, but you might not actually be saving anything. If you do decide to book direct, make sure you compare their rates to agency rates. Bands who work through agencies often offer cheaper rates anyway, in return for more bookings.

We hope this is helpful! If you’d like to find out more, or get a quote for a wedding or party band in your area, get in touch!

11 Questions You Should Ask Cocktail Hour Musicians

11 Questions You Should Ask Cocktail Hour Musicians 1200 675 adam Michaels

The right music sets the scene for the wedding ceremony, which is why ensuring you hire the best wedding ceremony musician is so key. So how do you know if the string quartet, violinist, harpist, or pianist will be the one? Ask the right questions. From confirming they have availability on your wedding date to song selection and equipment consideration, below, learn the most important questions to ask a musician before hiring them for your wedding ceremony.

How long have you been a wedding cocktail musician?

It’s a fair question to ask your musicians to speak to their level of experience. You do not want to hire musicians that have not had adequate experience performing a wedding ceremony. You only have one chance to get it right and you don’t want musicians learning at your expense.

Do you have testimonials you can share?

That said, don’t just take their word for it. We recommend asking musicians if they can share testimonials, reviews, or references from previous clients. You can also do this on your own by reading reviews on websites like WeddingWire. He adds that you can also ask if they can connect you with other wedding professionals such as wedding planners who can vouch for their experience and recommend them as a wedding ceremony musician. And, of course, ask if you can hear a private or public performance to hear for yourself.

What songs do you typically play at a wedding ceremony?

You should ask for a list of selections they have available to play at a wedding ceremony, This can give you a jumping-off point to see what types of songs they typically play.

Are you willing to learn additional songs for my ceremony?

If you have other songs in mind for your wedding ceremony beyond the list of instrumental wedding songs they shared, be sure to ask if they are willing to arrange special requests for songs to walk down the aisle to, as well as the processional and recessional. For instance, we see  that these days it’s popular to do classical arrangements of contemporary pop songs. And if so, we emphasize that it’s important that the wedding ceremony musician allows you to approve all the final selections, so ask about that as well.

For example, a string quartet should be two violins, cello, and violin, not a trio of two violins and cello. There’s nothing wrong with hiring a trio. You just want to know that you’re getting what you’re paying for.

Have you performed with the same musicians before?

For musician groups, it’s very important that they are accustomed to performing together and do so regularly. That is much better than having them call pick-up musicians they’ve never performed with before.

What will the wedding ceremony musicians be wearing?

A wedding musician’s attire can either blend in beautifully with the wedding’s style and aesthetic or stick out like a sore thumb. To prevent the latter from happening, We advise asking the wedding ceremony musicians what wardrobe they’ll be performing in.

Wedding Ceremony Musician Questions About Equipment And Weather Considerations

Wedding ceremony musicians often travel with a lot of equipment necessary for their performance. Be sure to go over questions about all their equipment needs and any weather considerations to keep in mind.


What equipment will you bring? Do I need to provide anything additional?

Many ceremonies in larger spaces require amplification. Some wedding ceremony musicians will provide a sound system for amplification but others may not and you will need to plan accordingly. So be sure to ask this question so you’re prepared.

Are you willing to perform outside? If so, are there any restrictions?

This question is particularly important if you’re having your wedding ceremony outside. Ask about requirements or restrictions for doing so. For example, some string groups will not play in direct sunlight or cold weather due to the harm it would inflict on their instrument. With all these questions to ask a wedding ceremony musician, by the end of the conversation, you’ll be better informed to make the best decision for your wedding ceremony.

How do you work with couples to come up with a playlist?

Ask your wedding band how they can help you put together a great list of songs that will reflect your taste in music and get your guests out on that dance floor! Do they have a strategy for determining which songs will be best for your event? Will they allow you to choose some “must play” songs and some “do NOT play” songs? Will they take requests from you or your guests on the wedding day?


Have you worked at my wedding venue or with my other wedding vendors in the past?

While it’s certainly not a deal breaker if the answer is “no,” experience with your venue is always a plus! If your wedding  band isn’t familiar with the space, we recommend scheduling a walkthrough together. Even a quick site visit will help them get acquainted with the layout, acoustics, and any idiosyncrasies they may want to be aware of ahead of time.

What are some of your favorite first dance songs?

The answer to this question can give you a great sense of whether their music preferences and overall style align with what you’re looking for. If you’re envisioning a night filled with old classics and your wedding band suggests a bunch of Top 10 hits, for example, that may be an indication that it’s not the best match. This may not be a deal breaker, though—just because a wedding band specializes in a particular type of music, they can likely be flexible and work with your tastes, too. 

How many breaks do you require, and for how long?

Live bands will generally require at least one break during the night. It’s best to know when, and for how long, they plan to be off the floor so you can mix in some other entertainment (like a fun late-night snack) to keep the party going.

Do you have liability insurance?

This may seem like an inside baseball question, but it’s an important one. Liability insurance protects both your music pro and your venue in case of a mishap, such as damage to the property or an injury caused by your band’s equipment. Many venues require vendors to have insurance to work within their space, so don’t forget to ask this one! 

What is your rate?

Before diving into more specific questions, you’ll want to ensure they’re in your price range. You’ll want to find out if they charge by the hour or if they want a flat fee. We recommend you to be specific. Be sure to be clear on their hours; meaning if they play for both your ceremony and cocktail hour, will they need a break where you’ll need to source additional music?

Top R&B Wedding First Dance Songs

Top R&B Wedding First Dance Songs 1200 600 adam Michaels

While trying to figure out a first dance song for your wedding, it can help to narrow down options by genre first. Simply choosing your preferred style of music is recommended, but if you and your future spouse have differing taste or you truly enjoy a variety of sounds, you may want to consider R&B.

Fans of the smooth rhythm-and-blues genre love the soulful sound and often sensual beats. Romance is often a lyrical theme for these tunes, meaning there’s quite a variety to choose from that would make for wonderful love songs, and therefore wedding-song options. Here’s some of our favorites we like to play out:

Brian McKnight – “Back at One”

This is another one of those Brian McKnight songs that’s considered melodramatic out in the real world, but within the setting of a wedding party, it fits in as naturally as a bouquet of flowers. This should be played during a slow dance at a wedding reception.

Halo By Beyonce

Beyoncé originally wrote this song about her husband and so the lyrics are filled with love and emotion. The stunning melody will elicit emotional responses in everyone who attends your big day.

All Night Long By Lionel Ritchie

A great song to finish the day of celebrations and a way of ending the party on a high. This Lionel Ritchie song will get everyone back on the dance floor for one final dance and is a great way of getting those hips moving and toes tapping.

“I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston

This is a beautiful daddy dance song that will make the most unexpected impact on you and on your guests during your wedding reception. You won’t forget it anytime soon, and it will make a great addition to your father daughter dance. You will love it so much, and your guests will be sure to enjoy the beauty of this song.

“Love On Top” By Beyoncé

“Love On Top” is an amazing combination of R&B and funk influences. Her main vocals, as usual, are full of spirit, and the backing voices keep your ear tailored to each adaptive role. It’s a banger with many feel-good vibes, and the artist’s vocal range seems to have no bounds with so many different sonics. Despite her powerful voice, the instrumental provides a slow and warm backdrop.

“All My Life” By K-Ci And JoJo

This late-’90s love song has become a prom and wedding staple. The voices of brothers K-Ci and JoJo Hailey hit all the right notes as they convey their gratefulness for discovering the love of their lives.

“No One” By Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys is unconcerned about what other people think in this uplifting love song. Nothing can stand in the way of her undying love for her handsome man; she sings passionately. Can we blame her when it comes to matters of the heart? Her personal life inspired her to write one of the best R&B love songs of all time.

“Adorn” by Miguel

With an opening salvo like “these lips can’t wait to taste your skin,” things get steamy quick on Miguel’s 2012 sex-soaked R&B love song. Armed with a deadly falsetto, the crooner melds the sweetness of a young Marvin Gaye with the swag of in-the-club-like-yeah Usher—it’s damn near irresistible.—

“Climax” by Usher

One thing you can count on with Usher is consistency: Two decades into his career, the slick singer is still releasing songs as titillating as, say, “Bad Girl.” “Climax” dropped on Valentine’s Day 2012, and it’s as surefire a soundtrack for horizontal listening as his previous hits; according to Diplo, Usher proposed the idea of “tak[ing] the strip club to the stadium” with its production. And with that dead-sexy falsetto and wax-melting grooves, you can hear it.

Here and Now – Luther Vandross

This beautiful song with tender lyrics it describes a promise of loving each other faithfully for the rest of their lives. Love, in this song, is the sole reason why life is such a beautiful thing. Nothing in the world can take this love away.

So Much in Love – All 4 One

This soulfully mesmerizing song is about a lover who wishes to walk down the aisle and exchange the wedding vows with his lady. To him, after that special moment, they will be together till the end of their lives.

With so many genres of music to choose from and with new R$B songs being released every day, it can be difficult to whittle down your playlist for your wedding day so use this guide to your advantage. If you need more ideas, contact us today!

Best Modern Rock Wedding Reception Songs For 2023

Best Modern Rock Wedding Reception Songs For 2023 600 399 adam Michaels

Although your wedding ceremony will be a big moment for you and your partner, the music selection is what most of your guests are looking forward to. The music is what takes a party from mediocre to unforgettable.

For a truly fun time at your wedding reception, you will need some great rock wedding songs, the kind that will get your guests in the mood and on to the dance floor. Take your music playlist to the next level and tune things up a notch for the enjoyment of all.

With songs from rock bands such as Yellowcard, Oasis, The Killers, and several others, you won’t run out of great rock songs to dance to. You will have your friends and family tapping their feet, moving and grooving the second the music comes on. If you’re looking for music to make a grand entrance as well, you are in the right place. Most of these songs are great numbers to set the tone for your entire wedding reception.

“Come to Me” by Goo Goo Dolls

if you’re a fan of rock music and want to make your wedding’s first dance truly unforgettable, “Come to Me” by Goo Goo Dolls is an excellent choice. This beautifully crafted rock ballad features a slow, melodic tempo and heartfelt lyrics that express the depth of true love.

The song’s joyful, fun-loving spirit is infectious and is sure to create a memorable moment for the newlyweds and their guests. With Johnny Rzeznik’s distinctive vocals and the band’s signature guitar sound, this song creates a romantic and intimate atmosphere that is perfect for the special moment.

“Everlong (Acoustic Version)” by Foo Fighters

“Everlong (Acoustic Version)” by Foo Fighters is a beautiful and romantic rock song that would be a perfect choice for a wedding first dance. This acoustic version of the Foo Fighters’ hit song features a stripped-down arrangement that highlights the raw emotion and sincerity of Dave Grohl’s vocals. The slow, melodic tempo and tender lyrics about the enduring power of love create a truly intimate and unforgettable atmosphere.

“Heaven” by Bryan Adams

If you’re a die-hard fan of Bryan Adams or simply appreciate the beauty of this timeless ballad, “Heaven” is a fantastic choice for a rock song for a wedding first dance.

The song’s essence of true love and the feeling of being in your world with your partner are beautifully captured by Bryan Adams’ powerful vocals and iconic guitar riffs.

“Friday I’m in Love” by The Cure

Choosing “Friday I’m in Love” as a wedding’s first dance song is also a unique and unconventional choice that will make the moment even more special. It’s a departure from the usual slow ballads or romantic songs that couples often choose for their first dance.

“Faithfully” by Journey

“Faithfully” by Journey, released in 1983 as part of their album “Frontiers,” has become an enduring favorite for wedding first dances. This classic rock ballad, penned by Jonathan Cain, showcases the band’s powerful vocals and heartfelt lyrics, which poignantly express the devotion and commitment that come with true love. As couples sway to the music, the tender lines “I’m forever yours, faithfully” serve as a poignant reminder of the promises they’ve made to one another.

(Everything I Do) I Do It For You” — by Bryan Adams

This 1991 rock ballad not only was featured in the soundtrack for Prince of Thieves, but it also won Canadian rocker Bryan Adams a Grammy. Are the lyrics, which speak of a love worth dying for, a little bit cheesy? Yes, but in the very best way. This romantic song is the perfect candidate for a memorable first dance with your spouse.

I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” — by Aerosmith

This No. 1 Hot 100 hit was written for the 1998 sci-fi film “Armageddon,” which, ironically, starred lead singer Steven Tyler’s daughter, Liv Tyler. While Aerosmith wasn’t songwriter Diane Warren’s first choice to perform the song, it became Aerosmith’s biggest hit in the U.S. and across the globe. If you like a classic love song interlaced with a rock style, this one’s for you.

Have I Told You Lately That I Love You” — by Rod Stewart

If you’re looking for a track that’s a little more laid back, then this love song from U.K. rocker Rod Stewart is the way to go. His cover of Van Morrison’s song became a Top 10 hit in 1993. If you’re a fan of Stewart’s raspy vocals, this sentimental ballad is ideal for your ceremony or reception.

Ocean Avenue – Yellowcard

This song set all my sk8r boi romance expectations. This song had a huge moment. This brings me back to high school skipping lunch and sitting in the lunch room with my headphones in. 

Sugar, We’re Going Down – Fall Out Boy

“A LOADED GOD COMPLEX. COCK IT AND PULL IT,” we all screamed like we understood what that meant. You’ll get the same enthusiasm when your wedding band drops this tune at your wedding. If you want people to get rowdy, play old Fall Out Boy songs. 

The Reason – Hoobastank

Even though they have the worst band name ever, they still managed to pen this classic pop/rock ballad back in 2003. Drenched in nostalgia and perfect lyrics for a wedding, it’s a unique and fitting first dance choice.

Tonight, Tonight – Smashing Pumpkins

This song is timeless and it treads the line perfectly between a ballad and a grungy rock tune. This an awesome first dance song idea for the rockier brides, without the worry of alienating your guests.

Medicine – The 1975

There is something therapeutic about ‘Medicine’. For many, falling in love with the ideal partner can be the cure to all their woes! If you feel this way, The 1975 have you covered.

The Most Requested Songs For Your Mother-Daughter Dance in 2023

The Most Requested Songs For Your Mother-Daughter Dance in 2023 900 600 adam Michaels

She has been there through many of life’s milestones. She was the first face you saw when you opened your tiny eyes, encouraged you to take the training wheels off your bike, made you soup when you were sick, and then taught you how to make it yourself. 

Through the whole wedding planning process, she has been there every step of the way from asking for guidance to beaming when you found the dress. One way is finding special mother-daughter dance songs to let both of you take the spotlight on your wedding day.

The bond between a mother and daughter is one of the strongest. Mothers are hard workers, sincere, and, most notably, the ultimate role models. Your wedding day will be just as beautiful and emotional for you as it will be for your mother, who is watching her little girl grow up and get married before her eyes. But finding amazing mother-daughter songs to help tell the story especially can be quite difficult. 

It’s up to the bride and mother how much attention they wish to have with mother-daughter songs. Every couple’s music tastes are different. 

When selecting a song to dedicate to your mom, we recommend selecting a song with a special meaning for both of you. Our curated list of mother-daughter songs should help jog your memory or even find a new symbol of your bond.

These songs shouldn’t only be played on special occasions like weddings or Mother’s Day, but they should be played frequently to let your loved ones know exactly how much we appreciate them. 

If you’re just especially close with your mom, you may want to consider dedicating a song to her at your wedding reception. What’s more, dancing with your mom at your wedding—whether it’s for a first dance or an entirely separate number—is a fun and memorable way to capture your unbreakable bond. 

First, you’ll need to pick a mother-daughter dance song that is special, sentimental, and meaningful for both of you. To help get your creative juice

Once you’ve narrowed down your favorite(s) mother-daughter dance songs, contact our wedding band so that we can incorporate your song requests into our band’s set list in time for the big day.

“I Hope You Dance,” Lee Ann Womack

This Lee Ann Womack song—which has since become an iconic country-pop smash hit—has remained a wedding playlist staple since its 2000 release. The song perfectly conveys a mother’s wishes for her child by encouraging them to take risks, embrace love and live life to the fullest.

“Because You Loved Me” by Celine Dion

This song beautifully describes a mom who supports her daughter through good times and bad (and your wedding-planning journey!). If these lyrics ring true to your relationship with Mom, this Celine Dion classic is an ideal choice as a mother-daughter wedding song.

“I Turn To You,” Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera boosted “I Turn To You” to fame following her 2002 rendition of the emotional ballad. Its stunning lyrics, which depict mothers as a loving and rock-solid support system, make it a must-play at your wedding.

“Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac

As a song about the ups and downs of life, and the changes that we all go through as we age, there’s nothing like this hit from Fleetwood Mac to perfectly describe the transformation mother-daughter relationships go through over the years. Stevie Nicks wrote this song to talk about the challenges she was going through in her personal life back in 1974.

“Isn’t She Lovely” by Stevie Wonder

“Isn’t she lovely?”— a lyric that could perfectly describe both a mother and her daughter. Although Stevie Wonder wrote this to celebrate the birth of his first child, it is a great song that celebrates both mothers and daughters for their inner and outer beauty.

“In My Life,” The Beatles

Music has to power to evoke emotion and offers us a place to reflect on our lives. “In My Life” does this beautifully and simply. The Beatles create this type of musical magic in a seemingly effortless way. The song simultaneously takes you back to your past while making you think about today. It inspires you to think about those you have loved as well as those you love today.

“Mama’s Song” By Carrie Underwood

This wonderful song by Carrie Underwood is something worth listening to. It expresses the mother-daughter love quite accurately in so many words. You will love the emotional lyrics of Mama’s song: “He makes promises he keeps and he’s never gonna leave, so don’t you worry about me, momma!” It’s a must-one for your list of mother-daughter dance songs.

Rockabye’ by Clean Bandit

This is a song about a hardworking mother who ensures that her daughter gets everything that she wants. She doesn’t want her daughter’s life to be hers and takes up all the hardships to make sure that her daughter lives a happy life. The song portrays the selfless love of a mother towards her daughter.

‘I Got You’ by Ciara

The mother wants to tell her daughter that many bad things could happen to her in her life, but her mother will always be there to protect her. In this process, she may have to face many hardships herself, but she will bear it all and stand strong for her child for her daughter.

The Sweetest Wedding Cake Cutting Songs of All Time

The Sweetest Wedding Cake Cutting Songs of All Time 900 1223 adam Michaels

Cutting the cake with your new husband or wife is a truly celebratory part of your special day, with cheering, clapping, and smiles – and it deserves an amazing song to reflect this! 

Many couples choose to play a cake-cutting song while they slice the cake together since it can help draw guests’ attention to the dance floor (and keep the party going with some lively energy). Your wedding band can also announce before the cake-cutting begins.

Before we divulge into our most requested wedding cake-cutting songs of all time, let’s answer some common questions about this prestigious cake-cutting ceremony. What is the significance of cake cutting at a wedding? Believe it or not, there’s symbolism associated with cutting the first slice of cake at your wedding. Some believe the couple holding the knife together is a sign of their union and dual responsibility for marriage, while others believe that passing out slices of the cake represents fertility and good health.

The choice of cake-cutting songs can tell a lot about you. You might want to make it more personal by choosing a very special song. The one that was playing on your first date, or simply the piece you both enjoy. Your cake-cutting song should be lighthearted, a little bit romantic, and upbeat to reflect the happy moment that everyone’s been waiting for dessert. If you can find a song that somehow ties in a reference to “sweet” or “sugar,” that’s even better, but it’s not necessary.

However, you and your other half may have different music tastes. Do not let it stop you! It can hardly be considered a problem. You can choose one song each. This way both partners would make their contribution to the celebration. You can even make a song selection even with a “private” (off to the side) cake cutting as this is more and more popular now.

That would be a great opportunity to upgrade your teamwork skills! Or you might even decide not to tell each other what music you have chosen. Make it a pleasant surprise on your wedding day. Have fun!

The wedding cake-cutting songs can be romantic, danceable, ballads, or even instrumentals. You can convey all your feelings to the world without saying a word. Also, songs for cake cutting can be full length and more than one if you have a different taste than your spouse. 

These songs work are the most requested from when you cut the cake, to feeding yourselves and sharing with the guests. See our collection above for the top cake-cutting songs that we can perform to fit your style.

“Sugar” | Maroon 5

It’s no surprise that this very popular Maroon 5 song would be placed on this list of cake-cutting song ideas. While the title of the song states the obvious, you should watch YouTube by clicking the link in the song title to see why it’s a big request at weddings. Sugar was the third song to drop from the album V at the beginning of 2015 and would stay in the Top 10 for over 20 weeks. 

 “This Will Be An Everlasting Love” | Natalie Cole

It’s still hard to believe that Natalie Cole left us so soon, but back in the spring of 1975 she would have a Number 1 song on the R&B chart and #6 on the Billboard Hot 100. You might remember this song featured in the romantic comedy starring John Cusack, Must Love Dogs. 

“I Got You Babe” | Sonny & Cher

Another very popular request for the cake cutting from the 60s here. The song was released back in the summer of 1965 and can be found on the album Look At Us and would top the Hot 100 for 3 weeks. Everyone will be looking at you as you cut the cake when this happy-go-lucky starts to play and you try to refrain from smearing frosting all over each other’s faces. For those couples who like the song but would prefer a different version, UB40 did a great cover back in the 80s along with Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders.

Sugar, Sugar – The Archies

A fun, upbeat song all about sweetness and love—what better song could you find for a wedding cake cutting than ‘Sugar, Sugar’ by the Archies? The peppy, romantic lyrics remind us how sweet love can be by comparing romance and love with sweet treats like candy, sugar, and honey and how love is enticing when you’re with somebody wonderful. “I just can’t believe the wonder of this feeling, too, and you got me wanting you.” Breathtaking!

Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I’m Yours) – Stevie Wonder

This song exclaims, “Here I am, signed, sealed, delivered—I’m yours!” And what more fitting song could you choose for your wedding celebration? The Motown soul song from Stevie Wonder, ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered,’ was released in 1970 as a single and spent six weeks at number one on the charts. The song talks about “mistakes” of the past, but when he realizes how amazing the woman is, he comes back and is committed. It’s ranked in The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time for a reason.

“This Kiss,” by Faith Hill

Does this song even need a caption?  Probably not, but here it goes anyway.  “This Kiss” is a perfect sonic encapsulation of all the joy and romantic giddiness of a newfound love (and yet it came out when Taylor Swift was still in grade school).  There are few pop-country tunes that are able to achieve such high levels of catchiness, or to give the replay button a workout like this song does.

The Most Requested Piano Wedding Songs for Your Walk Down the Aisle in 2023

The Most Requested Piano Wedding Songs for Your Walk Down the Aisle in 2023 2000 1045 adam Michaels

The piano is one of the most versatile and beautiful sounding instruments on the planet so it’s no wonder pianists are in such high demand for wedding ceremonies! They can play everything from Beethoven to Katy Perry and Mozart to Linkin Park, so whatever type of music you’re into, wedding songs for piano sound incredible!

You might be looking for a beautiful rendition of your favorite love song to be played as you walk down the aisle, pianists can do it all and will create an intimate and sophisticated feel to whichever part of your big day you choose. We play the most popular and best wedding songs for piano around, with classical pieces, popular favorites, modern pop and rock songs, and movie themes all making the list. 

Whichever songs you choose we play, you can guarantee they’ll sound magical!

In addition, you may also want to add a string quartet or trio to enhance the tone and experience for your guests, from the wedding ceremony to the processional to the recessional. If you’re stumped on what piano wedding songs to choose for your wedding day, we put together some classics for you that are most popular amongst our clients. Whether you’re having a traditional wedding or a unique celebration, these songs are staples for any wedding playlist. 

“A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri

“A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri is a timeless and beautiful piano wedding song that has become a favorite choice for couples as they walk down the aisle on their big day. With smooth-as-silk vocals and heartfelt lyrics, this popular song captures the essence of eternal love and commitment.

Whether performed on piano or as a duet, this beautiful song creates an enchanting atmosphere that celebrates the love shared between two people embarking on their journey together as husband and wife.

“Canon in D” by Johann Pachelbel

“Canon in D” by Johann Pachelbel is a beloved piece of timeless beauty, often associated with the romantic atmosphere of weddings. It’s intricate harmonies and melodic structure, initially composed for three violins and basso, display Pachelbel’s knack for multi-instrument composition.

“Your Song” by Elton John

Elton John’s “Your Song” is a timeless classic that holds a special place in the hearts of many couples. Released in 1970, it quickly became one of Elton John’s most beloved songs and remains a popular choice for weddings.

When choosing music for your wedding, consider adding “Your Song” to your playlist. Its sentimental lyrics evoke emotions that resonate with both brides and grooms-to-be, making it a perfect choice for creating memories that will last a lifetime.

“Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars

“Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars is a beloved wedding song that has captured the hearts of couples all around the world. Released in 2010, this catchy tune quickly climbed its way to the top of the charts, making it an instant hit for weddings everywhere.

The heartfelt lyrics combined with the song’s catchy melody make “Just the Way You Are” an ideal choice for various wedding moments. Whether you’re walking down the aisle or entering your reception as newlyweds, this song sets a loving and celebratory tone.

“Truly Madly Deeply” by Savage Garden

“Truly Madly Deeply” by Savage Garden is a timeless love song that has captured the hearts of couples all over the world. Released in March 1997, this ballad became an instant hit and remains one of Savage Garden’s most beloved tracks.

With its romantic and sentimental feel, “Truly Madly Deeply” has become a popular choice for weddings, making it a perfect addition to your list of top piano wedding songs. The song’s heartfelt lyrics and captivating melody create a moving and emotional experience that perfectly captures the love and commitment shared between two people on their special day.

“Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey

One of the top 47 piano wedding songs that will make your big day even more special is “Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey. This enduring song, written by Jonathan Cain, Steve Perry, and Neal Schon, has a unique structure that sticks in your mind.

It’s no wonder this song creates a lively atmosphere on the dance floor with loved ones. Consider adding “Don’t Stop Believin’” to your wedding playlist to create an unforgettable celebration filled with hope and perseverance.

“A Sky Full of Stars” by Coldplay

Coldplay’s “A Sky Full of Stars” is a song that brings a burst of joy and celebration to any wedding ceremony. With its uplifting lyrics and exhilarating piano-driven melody, this song creates an atmosphere of jubilation and hope.


As the song’s title suggests, “A Sky Full of Stars” is about experiencing love that’s as vast and beautiful as a star-filled sky. It’s a fantastic choice for a joyous moment during the reception or as an upbeat song to close out the evening, ensuring your wedding ends on a high note.


Choosing the perfect piano wedding songs can truly enhance your big day and create a magical atmosphere. Whether you prefer classical pieces or modern hits, there is a wide variety of options to suit every couple’s taste.

Remember that these songs can be customized to reflect your unique love story and personal style. So take some time to explore this list and find the melodies that resonate with you as a coup

Best Spanish Dance Songs for Your Wedding

Best Spanish Dance Songs for Your Wedding 1000 749 adam Michaels

Spanish wedding songs are well known for quite a few things, so it’s no surprise that romantic Spanish songs have remained as popular music choices for countless weddings across the world. The passion expressed in a Spanish love song is truly unmatched and has never felt more appropriate than being played during a day that celebrates the love of your relationship. 

Whether you’re of Spanish heritage or not, it’s no surprise if you’re a big fan of Spanish songs. That’s why some of the most popular songs for weddings fall under the category of Spanish music. Merengue, salsa, reggaeton, samba—the list goes on and on. To give all of your guests something to dance to, it’s always a good idea to check all of the boxes.

In recent years, Latin dancing and Latin dancing music have gained popularity beyond leaps and bounds! The media has brought this style of dancing to the forefront and the public has seen how beautiful the dances are and has fallen in love with the music associated with them. Latin music has become mainstream rather than a crossover.

Younger guests will love dancing to hits by new artists like Bad Bunny and Rosalia, while older generations will appreciate classic songs from Celia Cruz and Jose Luis Perales. And when you’re looking to play something that will bring everyone together, you can’t go wrong with fun sing-alongs from old-school legends like Selena and Elvis Crespo. 

From our personal experiences, we can tell you it’s the Latin dance songs that are best able to create that transcendent energy among people, especially at weddings. Some couples can’t imagine their wedding reception without playing popular Spanish songs instead of English ones.

So if you’re looking for the perfect songs for your wedding day and are hoping that it carries some eclectic Spanish flair, you’re in luck. There’s certainly no shortage of Spanish dance songs that beautifully capture the pure, boundless, and ever-lasting memory of a walk down the aisle or a dance between a father and his daughter.

We’ve come up with a handful of songs that we feel are the top romantic Spanish masterpieces of all time that we see clients request for us to play for the most important parts of their weddings. But this doesn’t scratch the surface of the extensive list of Spanish wedding songs because there is so much more we could put up here. If you know the best songs for the English translation of these beautiful ballads and duets, then you’d appreciate great rich cultural music

Suavemente – Elvis Crespo

This is arguably the greatest Spanish wedding dance of all time. It has a super energetic beat and vibe to it that makes it perfect for any wedding dance party.

This is the #1 most requested dance song for every Latin wedding and is almost always requested at non-Latin weddings as well.

Danza Kuduro – Don Omar & Lucenzo

Like “Suavemente”, this infectious dance monster is an extremely popular song at Latin weddings. This song is a guaranteed dance floor filler.

Despacito – Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee, Justin Bieber

This crossover smash hit was the biggest wedding dance song in 2017. You literally couldn’t go to a wedding that year (and even still) and not hear this song played at least twice. It has a medium-paced reggaetón beat which works super well on the dance floor. 

La Vida Es Un Carnaval – Celia Cruz

This classic Spanish song is still very popular with the older crowd at Latin Weddings. “La Vida Es Un Carnaval” is an all-time great Latin dance song.

You can never go wrong with playing this one.

Vivir Mi Vida – Marc Anthony

This track by Marc Anthony helped him win a Latin Grammy award back in 2013 when it was released. Fun Fact: This song is a cover version of a European song called “C’est La Vie” by Khaled

Experiencia Religiosa – Enrique Iglesias 

If you’re a huge fan of Enrique, you can’t miss out on this. Rating as one of the most popular Spanish wedding songs, it’s perfect for a soulful first dance. This song will take you into romantic depths unknown.

Hoy Tengo Ganas de Ti – Christina Aguilera & Alejandro Fernandez Christina and Alejandro 

Recreate this 1976 hit into a new-age masterpiece. This is one of the best Spanish father-daughter wedding songs. It’s romantic, yet decent and audience-friendly. Originally sung by Miguel Gallardo, the vocal prowess of these singers on this duet makes it one of a kind.

El Amor – Jose Luis Perales 

Ever found the true meaning of love? This classic piece is one of the most interesting wedding songs in Spanish. It explains love in the most basic yet complicated words. As a bond between mother and son or lovers, this is perfect for the mother-son dance and even the first dance.

Por Amarte Asi by Christian Castro ft. Ana Isabelle 

This is the ideal Spanish wedding music for a powerful entrance to your wedding. It is romantic, deep, calming, easy on the ears, and wedding appropriate. Christian and Ana combine their sonorous voices to build a vocal powerhouse. Walk down the aisle to this one, and your day remains unforgettable.

To sum it up, the best Latin dancing songs can bring excitement and joy to any party, gathering, or, better yet, Latin dance party!

Whether you’re a pro-Latin dancer or an amateur doesn’t matter. These songs will hopefully give you a starting part on what will keep your energy level up as you spin around on your all-important day. Each piece can offer you a good time listening or dancing with their authentically Latin beats!

The Best Wedding Planning Playlist

The Best Wedding Planning Playlist 2560 1707 adam Michaels

Most couples spend hours deciding on the perfect music for their wedding moments, from the bride’s entrance to the final song of the night. But when it comes time for the dancing, some tried-and-true tunes always get the dance floor jumping and people singing along.These are the most-requested wedding songs, the music that everyone knows and loves. 

A wedding dance floor isn’t the place for avant-garde niche favorites. It’s an opportunity to unite people across different ages and backgrounds with the biggest crowd-pleasers. And they’ll be sure to get everyone moving. 

A wedding playlist is a great way to create a personalized soundtrack for your wedding day that is unique to you as a couple so you can keep organized and have an idea of what will be played for the most important parts of the day.

Whether you’re making a list from scratch or hiring a DJ, it’s always fun to add a personal touch. From classic love songs to Top 40 hits, this is your chance to put together a list of songs that you’d love to be played on your big day!

This might sound obvious, but picking a song list with your fiancé is the most traditional way of choosing your music. Remember, this day is about the TWO of you so you want your music to reflect that. Make sure to sit down with your fiancé and see what songs he/she would like to be played. Talk about your first dance, what you want to be played during the mother/father dances, and so forth. Don’t forget to run the final set list with them, as well!

Ask for song requests from your wedding guests. You’ve probably either seen or heard of this method at either a wedding you’ve attended or on social media. Couples reach out to their guests to ask them what they’d like to hear at the wedding. Some couples even like to plan by adding a “Song Request” to their RSVPs, while others leave it completely up to the guests by leaving music request cards on the DJ booth or dinner tables.

You and your friends can get together, sip some drinks, and have a fun time throwing out song ideas by hosting a playlist-making party. Pretty self-explanatory, right? Not to mention, it’s a great way to get some bonding time with your bridesmaids. Take it as an opportunity to hang out and have fun! Have everyone come with 5-10 songs that they would love to hear played at the wedding. That way, if nothing else gets accomplished, you’ll at least have those 30-80 different options to choose from. Sounds like a win-win!

We’re in the age of technology so why not take full advantage of it? On music platforms such as Spotify, you can create collaborative playlists that allow family and friends to add to. Share it with as many or as few people as you wish and watch the music suggestions start flowing in.

Having a good mix of your favorite music, current popular music and classics will likely be the way to go! You want to cater to each of your guests as much as possible – and that could range from a 15-year-old junior bridesmaid to your grandpa!

If you’re making the set list on your own, make sure to include PLENTY of music. Depending on the length of the reception, think 3-5 hours worth. Don’t forget to include a few extra songs for each event just in case the cocktail hour or processional goes a little long or is delayed.

You probably don’t want your wedding day to be a downer. When creating your wedding playlist, it’s always wise to include a list of music that shouldn’t be played. This would include anything overly negative, lyrics that curse too much, violent themes, and controversial styles.

It’s a good idea to discuss it with your partner. There could be a song that seems innocent enough, but you or your spouse connect to a time in your life that you do not want to revisit on this particular day.

Hopefully, this guide will help lead you on your way to creating the ultimate wedding reception playlist that perfectly suits you and your fiancé. It’s going to take some time, but after you’ve finished, you won’t be able to contain your excitement to get out on the dance floor!

Need help crafting some of your must-have songs for your big day? We’ve selected the best wedding songs that we play to our clients to help you plan the wedding you’ve always dreamed of below! Around Town Entertainment can play these songs below!


I WILL SURVIVE – Gloria Gaynor

I WISH – Stevie Wonder

LADIES NIGHT – Kool & The Gang

LAST DANCE – Donna Summer

ICE CREAM – Sarah McLachlan

I HOPE YOU’LL DANCE – Lee Ann Womack

IF I COULD – Regina Belle

I KEEP ON FALLIN’ – Alicia Keys

COPPERLINE – James Taylor

CRUISIN – Smokey Robinson

DON’T KNOW WHY – Norah Jones



WHEN YOU WISH UPON A STAR – Disney’s Pinocchio

AT LAST – Etta James


BE MY BABY – The Ronettes

BEYOND THE SEA – Bobby Darin

BLUE MOON – The Marcels



CAN’T TAKE THAT AWAY (FROM ME) – Ella Fitzgerald

CHEEK TO CHEEK – Fred Astaire

FALLIN – Alicia Keys


HEARTS OF FIRE – Earth, Wind & Fire

I BELONG TO YOU – Lenny Kravitz

IN YOUR EYES – Peter Gabriel

JUST THE TWO OF US – Bill Withers



VOLARE – Bobby Rydell

WILD HORSES – The Rolling Stones

THIS WILL BE – Natalie Cole

TO BE REAL – Cheryl Lynn


PAPA WAS A ROLLIN’ STONE – The Temptations

PROUD MARY – Tina Turner

RESCUE ME – Aretha Franklin

RESPECT – Aretha Franklin

FAITH – George Michael


FREE FALLIN’ – Tom Petty

GET AWAY – Lenny Kravitz


GOOD LOVIN’ – The Rascals

  1. BRIGHTSIDE – The Killers


NO WOMAN, NO CRY – Bob Marley





A TRAIN – Duke Ellington


CALL ME – Tony Hatch

DESAFINADO – Antônio Carlos Jobim

THE GIRL FROM IPANEMA – Antônio Carlos Jobim


MORE – Riz Ortolani and Nino Oliviero

OUR DAY WILL COME – Ruby and the Romantics

SUNRISE, SUNSET – Jerry Bock and Sheldon Harnick

THAT’S AMORE – Harry Warren and Jack Brooks

Live Wedding Band: Tips for Your New York City Wedding in 2023

Live Wedding Band: Tips for Your New York City Wedding in 2023 1999 1125 adam Michaels

There’s no doubt about it, music entertainment can make or break a wedding. Whether you book a string quartet, a pianist or jazz ensemble with a talented singer, or a full band with a big band feel and horns, the music you choose for your wedding reception is the soundtrack for an entire gorgeous affair and something that you and your friends and family will cherish forever.

If you’re excited by the idea of having some element of live music, choosing the right band can make or break your wedding. Because there are so many pros and cons ranging from your geographic location to how deeply personal and meaningful this decision is, it’s hard to quantify how much more of an expense it is to have a live band. 

That being said, customizable music bands in New York City are, on average, anywhere from four to ten times more expensive than in any other area. Keep in mind that there are exceptions if you’re going for major talent that will attract tons of crowd interaction.

Start by asking yourself some basic questions. Specifically, what type of entertainment suits your taste, budget, space allowances and killer dance moves best? Simply put, a band or ensemble is generally more expensive as you’re hiring more talented people. The cost of a NYC wedding band was an average of $5,400 price difference compared to other areas outside. The cost of a live band varies based on the hours booked, the number of members, and the required equipment. Usually, bands are cheaper because they have fewer members, typically one or two.

How much of your overall wedding budget should be allocated to music on your wedding day is ultimately a very personal decision, and that budget often needs to stretch beyond the reception—if you’d like to have live music at various points during the event, you’ll need to factor that in. As a general rule of thumb, we advise our clients to set aside at least 20 percent of the budget for having a band or other live music. 

From acoustics to quiet hours and providing sufficient power, there are more than a few factors to keep in mind when considering what type of music to have at your wedding reception. The decision of whether to hire a band should start before you even choose your wedding venue in NYC. If having a live music element is important, then you have to consider the acoustics of the space and the unique atmosphere.

Reception venues with a lot of windows, mirrors, high ceilings, and smooth flooring can be incredibly challenging for acoustics, as sound bounces off hard surfaces, which can cause an echo-chamber effect. On the other hand, venues with a greater depth of materials absorb sound. Venues that have a mix of heavy curtains, wood floors, and carpet will typically have better acoustics. 

Then there are always those questions about how loud or late your celebration can go. Unless your wedding reception venue is out there on acres of land, or in a public venue with certain music licenses already in place, it’s likely the space has to abide by local noise ordinances for gatherings, whether that’s a curfew for “amplified sound,” which is often when a venue or hotel place policies and limitations, such as prohibiting the use of subwoofers. 

Other venue considerations that are easily overlooked include making sure that your reception venue has sufficient room to accommodate your preferred musical choice and equipment needs, as well as sufficient power requirements to accommodate the band. The larger the band, the more additional space and equipment the musicians may need, as well.  

There are also A/V needs such as staging, lighting, or backline equipment that may be required and can come with bills that total thousands of dollars, so it’s important to review the talent agreement in full and even get pricing for the requirements you’re responsible for before you sign on the dotted line. Any outdoor lighting or heating also requires a power source, so It’s an important detail to confirm with your wedding venue and the musical talent you’re looking to book. And it’s not only the physical floor space you need to consider, but it’s also vertical height. 

Oftentimes, the choice comes down to budget. If budget is the determining factor, we always urge our clients to consider a live wedding band. We also ask our clients to think through their vision for the music and the songs they’re considering for big moments, like their first dances or the special parent dances. If the vision includes hearing the song exactly as it sounds on the radio, then a wedding band might not be a great fit. If the vision includes a live band performing the song, and they’re open to the band’s version of the song, a band is the perfect choice.

In our experience, many couples already know exactly what they’re looking for when they begin the booking process. Live music makes the wedding and is a perfect fit for a variety of music. They interact with the crowd and keep the party going all night long. 

In the end, book the type of live music that aligns with professionalism, and experience, and speaks to the overall style of your reception. Make sure that it’s music you both love and want to have as the soundtrack for such a monumental celebration. This is your wedding, after all! 

If you need more guidance, don’t hesitate to contact us today!