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February 2021

One Way

One Way 150 150 adam Michaels

One Way

Gil packed up his life into one large suitcase and boarded a one-way flight to Hong Kong. During the first month of his arrival, he was taking a course to get certified to teach English, along with many other people from several different countries. One of those people was Rachel – a blonde, smart, pretty Croatian girl. When they first introduced themselves to each other, it didn’t feel like the first time. The moment their hands touched in a shake, there was a breathtaking feeling of electrifying familiarity. Like long-lost souls, they felt finally reconnected. By chance or fate, they happened to get placed in neighboring hotel rooms and ended up hanging in the same circle of new friends.

Over the course of the month, they gravitated toward each other – sitting together on transportation, living together in Thailand, countless days of long-distance, visiting each other’s home countries, and relearning everything about one another in their lifetime.

After over a year of long-distance dating, Gil was finally able to come back home to America and meet up with Rachel. Since his family is from South Carolina, they planned to do a road trip so that Gil could see his parents. From there, they suggested driving to the next day to go on a hike she’s been dying to do.

However, once they arrived in Asheville, they learned that the hike was closed. Instead, they drove through the Blue Ridge Parkway, stopping at lookouts to take in the view of the rolling mountains. Once they reached the last lookout, Gil put his arm around Rachel as they faced the beautiful landscape and began telling her how much he loved her. He held her a little tighter before turning to look her in the eyes. As he said “Rachel, I love you” again, she heard the seriousness masking the nerves in his voice, and she could feel her heart skip a beat. He then got down on one knee and pulled out a box, asking if she would marry him. In total shock, she immediately knew the answer to his question – one wholehearted “YES.”

They decided to marry at Rachel’s parents home in Rye, NY at the Westchester Country Club. Around Town Entertainment was chosen as the music entertainment for the day. Around Town Entertainment has played here a few times and the wedding band always has an amazing time there. It’s not surprising that Westchester Country Club is one of the most elegant and beautiful spots to perform in all of Westchester County.

The bride and groom started the wedding day with a beautiful ceremony and cocktails outdoors on the terrace. The views of the golf course were even more outstanding! Under a pretty bandshell and lovely awning, a pianist and saxist played covers of Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars as guests enjoyed watching Gil and Rachel officially become husband and wife. It was truly a spectacular moment! After that, guests enjoyed fancy cocktails while a jazz trio from Around Town Entertainment provided the music in the background that created a truly special backdrop for the day.

The celebrations moved to the gorgeous Biltmore Room for the main reception. Guests were greeted with a musical performance by The Authority Band from Around Town Entertainment as they entered the room. Decorated in peach tones with beautiful crystal chandeliers, this stunning room even has a terrace with a permanent awning opening onto the Terrazzo and Band shell. Wow! 

The bride and groom had their first dance to Ed Sherran’s “Perfect.” Later in the night, the crowd of 300 in attendance packed the dance floor as The Authority Band delighted the crowd with an unforgettable performance. When the wedding band played “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”  and “Signed Sealed Delivered”  the band had everyone excited and screaming as they played one favorite song after the next.  The wedding was everything we expected and more. The bride and groom’s friends and family had a great time and danced throughout the whole night! 

Thank you Gil and Rachel for inviting us out to make your dream wedding a reality!

A Stroll Through Whitby Castle

A Stroll Through Whitby Castle 150 150 adam Michaels

A Stroll Through Whitby Castle

Alyssa and Clifford met on Hinge. After a horrible last date, Alyssa matched with Clifford. He was too cute to pass up, so she messaged him first. After chatting back and forth for a bit that night, they decided to have a FaceTime date. They planned on a FaceTime date the next day after work. 

After their FaceTime date, Clifford asked her out and they decided to go on a last-minute online date. During the date, they had so much fun they kept adding activities to the date. What started as a quick bite to eat in the Lower East Side turned into a walk, a few games of arcades, a movie, and talking for hours. A few years later, they bought a house together and then the topic of marriage started to come up more and more. 

Every time they talked about it though Clifford mentioned the new house costs and wanting to wait to be able to buy Alyssa’s dream ring. Needless to say, Clifford had her convinced that a proposal was not coming anytime soon. So when he planned a trip to Upstate New York for her birthday weekend she didn’t think much of it. 

A part of her wondered, but the logical side of her knew it wasn’t happening. She didn’t even suspect anything the day when he insisted that they dress up to take a walk through Yaddo Gardens. He claimed he wanted to be dressed up because it was his first time at the Yaddo Gardens and wanted good pictures.

After a few hours of limping around the gardens in shoes that were giving her horrible blisters, Clifford started explaining how he’d been lying to her for months and that he was actually ready to get engaged! After a beautiful speech about their love, he knelt down and asked her to marry him. He had hired a photographer to capture the whole thing and to take an engagement photo session afterward. They had so much fun floating around the grounds of the Yaddo Gardens taking photos. It felt like a dream!

Afterward, Clifford told her that he had her favorite ring made and that they were going to get married at Whitby Castle in Rye, New York to which she replied, “Stop teasing me. You know that’s my dream wedding”. 

Together they put so much thought into every little detail for their wedding day. Even down to being able to get the Around Town Band from Around Town Entertainment to perform for their very special day. What a treat! 

Alyssa and Clifford had almost 300 guests at the Whitby Castle, a striking resemblance to the original Whitby Abbey in England. The ceremony took place on the lawn and plenty of room for dancing while guests enjoyed the marriage of the bride and groom while a guitarist from  Around Town Entertainment performed an acoustic version of “Uptown Girl” Billy Joel. After Alyssa and Clifford exchanged your vows underneath the simple arch in front of the castle, guests retreated for cocktails on the outdoor patio, which offered gorgeous views of Milton Harbor. A jazz trio Around Town Entertainment entertained guests as they sipped on drinks and mingled.

From there, celebrations moved inside the castle, where a grandiose ballroom greeted guests as they entered the room. The ballroom featured a classic and contemporary decor, adding a magnificent glow and complemented the seasonal theme for the intimate gatherings. 

The Around Town Band took the stage and began the night with a powerful cover of “Everyday” Buddy Holly to introduce the bride and groom. Friends and family started dancing immediately and they wouldn’t stop until the night was over! The rest of the evening included highlights of the wedding band performing covers of Alyssa and Clifford’s favorite songs from Prince to The Strokes before the end of the night. 

So when we say it was a DREAM wedding from start to finish we really mean it! If you are planning a wedding you better go check this place out! Thank you to Alyssa and Clifford for making us be part of your special night!!

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Back to the Roaring ’20s

Back to the Roaring ’20s 150 150 adam Michaels

Back to the Roaring '20s

Joanne and Brian started out as cello partners in college. From chocolate croissants and holding hands for the first time in the movie theater to their first kiss in the snow, there was no one they would rather spend life with than each other.

One evening after leaving the cello class, Joanne went home to curl up in pajamas and rest. In the afternoon Brian told her he was going to go grocery shopping and about 20 minutes later she received a call from him. He had left the shopping list in his notebook! 

Getting up to find the list, Joanne found a white envelope labeled with names and numbers instead. Opening the note, she quickly discovered she was going on a scavenger hunt around Brooklyn. Written in rhymes and stamped with blue flowers, the hunt led her to their favorite museum, a sculpture garden, their favorite fishing spot, and lastly, Brian’s family home.

When they arrived at Brian’s a beautiful white dress, shoes, and pearl earrings awaited her. After changing, Brian led her outside for a walk, where they reminisced about their first date skiing, hiking together, and all the adventures they had been on.

After a few minutes of walking, they came to a beautiful picnic area, complete with rugs, chairs, cheesecake, and champagne. It was here where Brian got down on one knee. As Joanne turned around, she teared up and gave Brian the biggest hug and the biggest “Yes!” 

Around Town Entertainment provided the music for their wedding at 501 Union in Brooklyn, NY. The place is lovely, with a huge space and a lot of history. The building dates back to 1916 and once served as a classic car restoration shop. It was transformed into an event space in 2013 and now provides a unique backdrop for some of Brooklyn’s most stylish weddings. The building is located in Gowanus Brooklyn – a quaint community by the Gowanus Canal that is great for capturing the look of an urban wedding. 

They had their ceremony in the courtyard and cocktails in the lounge to begin the day. The beautiful ceremony space was open-air, with nice greenery and lights hanging from the back wall while a guitarist and pianist from Around Town Entertainment played classical music. The cocktail lounge was also gorgeous and the lighting was as great as guests listened to a jazz trio perform cover songs of 90s pop and alternative music like Oasis and Goo Goo Dolls so that was definitely a unique moment.

The skylight in the main room was gorgeous and the layout was perfect.  The bride and groom had about 80 guests in the space. The room’s sunroof was just magical as guests danced all night while the award-winning Around Town Band performed various songs by artists from Kelly Clarkson to Cyndi Lauper, the bride’s favorites!

All in all, we loved the chic 1920s vibe. It has a much different feel than any other venues we have played at. The bride and groom had a blast and their guests loved the music!  

Best wishes Joanne and Brian!

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Love at First Sight

Love at First Sight 150 150 adam Michaels

Love at First Sight

When Nicholas and Nazlie were children, they met in first grade. They were always childhood friends growing up, moving through life from the same elementary school to the same high school, to the same university.

Their love for music brought them together for their “first date” in 2011 as freshmen in college. A good live electronic music festival, popcorn, and soda were all they needed to start dating. 

Over the years, Nicholas had considered himself a “master of surprises.” No matter how small, or large, he always found a way to catch Nazlie off guard. Nicholas first asked Nazlie to be his girlfriend in the parking lot outside a university dorm building with a simple, “Do you want to make this official, and be my girlfriend?”

9 years later, a few days after the New Year they were in Malta enjoying the Christmas markets. His dream was to see what the city of Valletta looked like. When they arrived, the Old Town square was immaculate with a large Christmas tree and lights much to the joy of Nicholas. Nazlie was looking up at the buildings, when Nicholas asked, “Do you remember what I asked you 9 years ago?” She acknowledged, recalling the parking lot at the university. He then turned to face her and asked, “Do you want to make this official- will you marry me?” 

As he knelt on one knee, her surprise was so evident. She stared at him for almost one full minute before grabbing his hands saying, “Yes!” From there, they journeyed and grew together. They supported each other during their undergraduate years, doing their best to get good grades, enjoy music, pizza, and beer. They cheered each other on when Nicholas got his first full-time job, added a full-time MBA program to his plate, and made the jump to NYC to live with Nazlie where they held their wedding at The Garrison in Garrison, NY.

The Garrison has a ton of history and Around Town Entertainment was honored when Nicholas and Nazlie invited us to perform for their very special day. The scenic wedding venue featured an indoor-outdoor event space where guests enjoyed dancing to high-energy music and cozy views of the dramatic surrounding landscape of the Hudson Highlands. 

A cellist provided by Around Town Entertainment set the mood for the day with a classic performance at The Garrison’s pristine garden, with dramatic views of the lush surrounding mountains rolling into the Hudson River. It was an absolutely perfect location on a perfect day. As the bride stepped inside the ceremony site, the cellist played “Make Me Feel Your Love.” Once the first kiss between bride and groom was made, a cover of “Viva LaVida” Coldplay was performed bringing smiles to their friends and family.

Guests then retreated to The Windgate Ballroom for the reception. This larger, but equally elegant space featured French doors that open out onto a stone terrace perfect for this romantic celebration. Around Town Entertainment’s After Party Band was the main music act for the evening. 

The highlight of their performance was a cover of “You Make Loving Fun” by Fleetwood Mac during the bride and groom’s first dance.  The entire ballroom came to life after that and the rest of the night was truly epic! The After Party Band brought a high energy performance for the rest of the wedding. Everyone was raving about the music and we were so happy they had such a great time!

Best wishes to Nicholas and Nazlie!

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Miami Heat

Miami Heat 150 150 adam Michaels

Miami Heat

Allison and Patrick both first met when they were in high school through mutual friends. Both of their friends invited both of them to the movies to watch Seven Pounds. It turned out being a group thing and that’s where they both met. Both of them flirted here and there and once the movie was over, they went their separate ways. Patrick forgot to ask for her number but he realized that they had mutual friends on Facebook so he sent her a message there. After some back and forth, they stayed up many times on the phone until late getting to know each other. Five years later they are still going strong!

For Patrick’s spring break he suggested going to Miami, Florida to visit his best friends. The trip went by really fast and they were enjoying a last afternoon on the beach when Patrick walked up to tell Allison that he was going to go to the library to study. So he dropped her off at the house and left. A few hours later, Patrick told Allison that there was a music festival going on around South Beach and that he was going to come pick her up. At this point Allison was a little annoyed he had taken so long and spent most of the last day of vacation at the library. 

When they got to South Beach, there was no music festival going on. After walking around the beach for around 15 minutes, Patrick took her hand and led her to candles dug in the sand in the shape of a heart with two beach chairs and two wine glasses along with Allison’s favorite pink Prosecco. He told her to step into the heart and he got on one knee and asked if she would marry him and continue to explore life together for the rest of their lives! It was a beautiful, romantic proposal!

The couple chose the Guilford Yacht Club in Guilford, Connecticut to have their wedding. It was exactly what they were looking for- New England charm, on the marina, a hotel, and about 2-3 hours from their hometown. Not to mention, the venue’s beautifully manicured lawns, outdoor terrace, and decor provide an excellent backdrop for wedding day photos.

They enlisted Around Town Entertainment’s After Party Band to bring the wedding’s music entertainment to life. The bride and groom went for an elegant beach themed wedding and it was perfect for the wedding. An intimate and elegant cocktail hour outside started off the very important day as guests poured into the venue. As guests enjoyed the cocktails and views of Long Island Sound on the stunning great lawn, they were treated with an amazing performance from a jazz trio provided by Around Town Entertainment. 

After that, everyone headed back inside for the reception. The interior of the Yacht Club boasts beautiful hardwood floors and neutral tones. There were 200 guests anxiously waiting for the bride and groom to make their grand entrance. As they entered, the After Party Band played a cover of the couple’s favorite song, “Style” by Taylor Swift to the much enjoyment of the crowd as they smiled and cheered. The rest of the night was as perfect with intimate dances to classic pop songs from friends and family. Guests couldn’t stop talking about the outstanding performances by the wedding band all night! Every aspect of the wedding was amazing from start to finish! 

We will forever cherish the memories! Thank you Allison and Patrick!

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