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From “Will You” to “Williams”!

From “Will You” to “Williams”! 1650 964 adam Michaels

Here at Around Town Entertainment, we have a particular soft spot for true loves that came to be far, far before they even realized it themselves–and that was surely the case for Gerard and Allison! Their story begins a long, long time ago in the Pre-K class of St. Gabriel’s School – where they saw each other in the hallway often! It wasn’t until they began performing in school plays and served as altar servers in sixth grade that our spark might have started to flame… until they officially started dating in November of 2015. Cut to a short few years later… and they’re engaged!

The weekend started off without a hitch, with rosy warm weather, and clear skies. The View at the Battery was a perfect spot! With the ceremony off site, the party arrived to the restaurant ready for some drinks! Our cocktail quartet, featuring piano, bass, guitar, and a cello had a wonderful time underscoring the post-ceremony conversation with smooth, jazzy tunes. By the end of the cocktail hour, the entire party was ready for some dancing and dining!

With cocktail hour at an end, the party took their seats. The classic NYC architecture was gorgeous overhead, as the bridal party entered the room to “Forever!”!  Before everyone else got the chance to cut a rug, it was time for the first dance. It was a lovely choice, “You Are The Reason”, as Allison and Gerard took their first turn as husband and wife! Of course, there wasn’t a single dry eye in the house!

With tears sufficiently shed, the party needed a boost–perhaps best served in the form of a sugar rush? As everyone made their way to the cake, Tim treated them to “I Can’t Help Myself“. And boy, was the cake worth it! With a delicious break over, everyone else was ready to cut a rug. And a rug was indeed cut! There were so many highlights of the night, but the party particularly loved Amanda’s stellar performance of “Single Ladies”, as the bouquet was tossed! With the wedding tradition over and done, the night took off, and there was plenty more dancing!

By the time that the clock struck just before midnight, the party still had plenty of dancing to do… and the good news was, the party was not done! With our DJ ready for his turn, the party continued the ball rolling into a final set of dancing that was nonstop–and certainly not to be forgotten! As their guests enjoyed the rest of the dance set, Gerard and Allison enjoyed their first night as an officially wed couple. Congratulations!

Wedding Venue

‘Bourne’ To Be Yours!

‘Bourne’ To Be Yours! 1000 600 adam Michaels

Here at ATE, we are absolutely at no lack of gorgeous locations on our travels around the Northeastern corner of the United States. There are obvious contributing factors to a perfect locale, but the highlights include plenty of greenery, the occastional glimpse of a wave or two, and architecture that is so classic and romantic, it must have always been a spot for a good wedding! When we feel that we’ve hit the lottery most is when we see all three of these in one spot. And Bourne Mansion, where we got to spend some time this weekend with Laura and Tory as they got married, is no different!

Once it was made official at their off-site ceremony, the day called for some partying. So, upon arrival, the whole party was immediately ready for some cocktails! With our jazz trio, the party enjoyed some gentle jazzy tunes, and plenty of delicious drinks! Everyone engaged in small talk, enjoyed the visual feast just outside of the gorgeous windows, and discussed the stunning ceremony! As the cocktail hour ended, the party was ready for something more serious… both in the way of foodand dancing!

Even if the weather were nice and mild, it was definitely time to heat things up! In the ballroom, the party settled in for the reception, and the night was kicked off! After everyone took their seats, the bridal party entered to “Make My Dreams Come True”! With the surge of excitement just beginning, it was time for the main entrance of the night: the newlyweds! Laura and Tory entered their reception as the stars of the show, and to the new Harry Styles mega-hit, “Music For A Sushi Restaurant”! In their debut dance as husband and wife, Laura and Tory spun around the dance floor to “A Sunday Kind of Love”, with not a single dry eye in the house! The party briefly donned their dancing shoes to cut a rug to “Tarantella Napoletana”, and from there, it was time for the Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dances! Laura and her father danced to “Too Marvelous for Words”, and Tory and his Mother danced to “Time In A Bottle”! With plenty of drinks had, and food consumed to refuel, it was time for something even more exciting…

… and the dance floor was waiting! The entire party cut a rug to beloved hits, from the pop of today and yesterday, and everything in between! There were plenty of highlights, but the party especially loved “This Will Be,” “Love Man,” and “Signed, Sealed, Delivered,” as well as “More!” After such a blast of a reception, hardly anyone wanted to go home, but with such amazing memories made, it would surely be a night that they would not soon forget! Congratulations, Laura and Tory!

A Wedding Fit For Royals!

A Wedding Fit For Royals!

A Wedding Fit For Royals! 1024 714 adam Michaels

Obviously, everyone deserves to feel like royalty the day of their wedding. But sometimes, you have a wedding in a castle, like Meredith and Diogo… and we got to tag along for the ride!

For starters, we passed the gorgeous scenery: big tall trees, a vast lake, and lots of classic architecture. As we made our way inside to set up, we couldn’t believe how breathtaking it all was! When the time finally came and Meredith walked down the aisle, our ATE pianist, serenaded the party to several different tunes, including “If I Ain’t Got You”, “Make You Feel My Love”, and “This Will Be”! By the time that it was official, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house, and the party was ready for some cocktails!

As the party mingled and mixed, our jazz cocktail trio treated the group to some jazzy tunes! Together the Around Town Band’s jazz trio had a blast entertaining the group as they warmed up for the main event… the reception, of course! After the entire attending party settled in, the bridal party made their grand entrance to “Good to Be Alive (Hallelujah)!” Once they had taken their seats, the Around Town Band’s lead female vocalist sang “Love On Top” to mark the arrival of the newlyweds! Shortly thereafter, it was time for Meredith and Diogo’s first dance, the perfectly fitting “I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You!” From there, the sentimental punches kept rolling, as the party pivoted to the parent/child dances!

From “My Girl” for Meredith and her father to “Rock Around the Clock” for Diogo and his mother, the party was ready to get their turn at cutting a rug. But first, they had to do some refueling… and that meant that it was time for some cake! As they made their way over, the Around Town Band treated us to another sweet, “Sugar”! The perfect dessert anthem, of course!

Once the course was finished, the dance floor was officially open, and that meant that it was time to dance! There were tons of hits that night, but the crowd was especially a fan of “Honey, I’m Good” and “Shout”, as well as tons of Brunos Mars, Rhianna, Adele, and more! By the time that the night drew to a close, no one wanted to go home! Diogo and Meredith are husband and wife at last–and we had so much fun celebrating with them!

Venue Spotlight: Le Chateau

Venue Spotlight: Le Chateau 150 150 adam Michaels

Le Château sits on a tall rolling hill in South Salem, New York. The ballrooms fill with golden natural sunlight which casts an elegant glow onto any amazing event that’s hosted. The venue went through a $10M renovation, which has only further played homage to the stunning views that surround it. The building boasts a roaring history which can be found in all the beautiful ornate details such as the hand detailed woodwork, grand staircases, massive stone fireplaces, and American chestnut. What a beautiful combination of current elegance and a nod to a stunning past with many celebrations throughout the years, many of which we’ve played at! We’re honored to be a longstanding recommended live music vendor of choir by Le Château!

Don’t just take our word for it! Here are some pretty rockin’ reviews from couples who partied at Le Château!

  • The entire staff of Le Chateau; especially our Maitre d’ Debbie, gave us the most perfect wedding we could ever hoped for. We visited a number of venues in making our decision. Had we known then, what we know now; Le Chateau would have been our only choice! God bless everyone at Le Chateau; we cannot thank you enough!!
  • People were so impressed by the gorgeously landscaped grounds, the DELICIOUS food, the attention to detail of all of the staff, and how quickly and thoroughly the runners/bartenders/staff catered to all guest needs. I knew Le Chateau always had my back and truly felt supported 🙂 I will miss speaking with them so regularly! Many of our guests have relayed that our wedding was the best they had ever been to. If that doesn’t say it then I don’t know what will!!! Everyone we came in contact with throughout wedding planning with Le Chateau was fabulous and extremely helpful. They truly helped make our dream wedding a reality!
  • The simplistic beauty of the ceremony garden, the stone staircases around the property, the grand ballroom with statement-level chandeliers. The views, the sunset. The property itself is enough to get married there. The food — Our guests haven’t stopped talking about it. The quality and attention to detail. Home run!
  • Le Chateau made my wedding dreams come true! The venue is beautiful, the team is spectacular, the food is amazing, and everything was perfectly executed throughout the entire day. I also know everyone says this, but all we heard from our guests was how fantastic the food was and I can only hope that I get invited to a wedding there so that I have time to try more of it! If they have availability, I would NOT hesitate at all to host your wedding here… it was a dream come true!

Here’s a highlight of some of our couples who were married at “Le Château’s” favorite songs!

It’s been an honor through the years, to be considered the live wedding band of choice and one of NY’s finest wedding venues! We hope to see you soon and dance with you at Le Château!


And the rest was history!

And the rest was history! 1200 800 adam Michaels

It all started in 8th grade history class… well, for Chris.

It may have taken Jane another 5 years to notice him, but it all fell into place one fateful day. Alongside Jane’s best friend- and now bridesmaid- Gracie, Chris made his way through DHHS with his fresh Justin Bieber-esque haircut. As Gracie took off to greet Jane on their first day of Senior year, Chris followed quickly behind, knowing this was his chance to finally catch her eye. So after Jane and Gracie embraced, he turned to Jane and awkwardly asked,

“So where’s my hug?!”

It is still to be determined if Jane hugged him out of pity or love at first sight, but Chris is convinced its the latter 🙂 Fast-forward through a year of free periods spent comparing their favorite country music songs, being each other’s biggest cheerleaders during football/ volleyball/ lacrosse games, tutoring each other in math and Spanish, and prom, Chris and Jane found themselves smitten…and Elon bound!

Leaving small town Madison as two 18-year-olds, they knew they had something special. But over four years, it grew into something they never could have imagined. Chris and Jane experienced the typical trials and tribulations during that transition to adulthood, but they always came back to and leaned on each other, falling in love through that process. In May 2017, they graduated Elon side-by-side and the countdown began…

Jane and Chris knew they were meant to last forever. As they both embarked on their post-graduate lives, they waited to cement that “forever,” excited to watch each other flourish in their career paths first.

After supporting each other through horrible first jobs and countless hours of studying, Chris found himself mid-pandemic, mid-Sip of Sunshine beer, mid-1976 Miami Dolphin’s reruns on TV, and somehow decided this was the perfect time to ask Mr. Concannon for his daughter’s hand in marriage. Having received the most important blessing, on June 6th, 2020, Jane lived the moment she had always dreamed about…a proposal in her hometown, at the beach, with a picture-perfect sunset as the backdrop… and Chris down on one knee.

From the very start, the one value Jane and Chris always shared most is their love for their family and friends. That is why they couldn’t wait to finally celebrate and tie the knot with Around Town Entertainment’s Altitude Band at the BEAUTIFUL Pine Orchard Yacht and Country Club.

Everything was meticulously planned by Sarah Parlos of “One Fine Day Planning” and went off without a hitch! The couple hosted a cocktail hour with MANY yummy and delicious treats, where the guests were serenaded by the Around Town Band’s jazz trio featuring a bass, guitar, and piano! The trio perfectly underscored all the delicious hors d’oeuvre and bubbly drinks as the celebration kicked off. All the guests started to tap their toes along with many of the jazz classics the group played, getting excited to dance it out for the reception! 

As everyone entered the reception room, the Altitude Band played the most perfect song to get the party started: “Timber” by Kesha & Pitbull. The bridal party skipped into the room jamming it out to the most requested wedding band in Connecticut, the Altitude Band. Chris and Chris had their first dance as husband and wife to “Lifetime” by Justin Bieber and the dance party kicked off!

The Altitude Band played many of Chris and Jane’s favorite songs throughout the night such as, “Always and Forever” by Heatwave, “Speechless” by Dan & Shay, “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen.

 It was truly a night to remember and we’re so happy to have been part of Chris and Jane’s special day extra memorable!


What A Summer!

What A Summer! 650 433 adam Michaels

Here at ATE, we have been absolutely floored by such a lovely summer of events! Even if the weather was particularly intense at times, (I mean, a heat index of over 100 degrees?! Wild times!) we had several memories made that will last us a lifetime. As we near the end of the summer, we’d love to review a handful of our favorite moments.

1.) Positively Greek

When Andrew and Allie wed on July 24th, not only did we get to tag along–but we also got to bring some of our friends, the Greek band! While they tagged along, we worked together as a team to combine the sound of the Mediterranean with some good old fashioned Pop, Rock, and everything in between! The Greek band played tons of Greek favorites, including “Orea Pou Ine I Nifi Mas” (Boundaries Where Our Bride Is), “Ta Rialia” (The Money), “H Vraka” (Wreckage), and more! By the time that they left for the evening, we could still hear their beautiful music on the wind! Certainly an exciting moment that we would be remiss not to include!

2.) Shaking Things Up a Bit! 

Listen, we’re wedding people–it’s what we do! But when we get the rare opportunity to shake things up a little bit, we do enjoy the occasional different event! This summer, we’ve gotten the super exciting chance to do a couple of different celebrations! From anniversaries to birthday parties, we certainly had a blast trying new things. (Plus, there’s usually still a super delicious type of desert involved, so who are we to complain?) One of those super fun parties was Julia’s 60th birthday! Our After Party band had so much fun playing plenty of R&B, Soul, Hip-Hop, and more!

3.) Sweet Serenades

Of course, as musicians, we love performing and entertaining at plenty of events. (Obviously… we aren’t just being hired for our sparkling personalities!)  But there’s nothing we love more than the joy on the parties’ faces when there’s a surprise performance… especially when they know the performer so well! Sneaky performances planned by a member of the family (or even newly wed couple) always add an extra level of pizazz! This summer, we had quite a few of these! One of our favorites definitely had to be Andrew’s performance of “It’s Growing” during his reception this summer! Not only was it a beautiful moment, but his bride, Lauren, had absolutely no idea!

4.) Christmas In… August

All summer long, we’ve been absolutely wow’ed by some incredible creative choices during events. From requesting songs from the early 2000’s (Every time we are asked to play “This Is What Dreams Are Made Of”, we are so excited to oblige.) to an evening almost entirely comprised of dance anthems, there’s never a dull moment when newlyweds listen to their hearts for their receptions! To make their post-nuptial party feel even more homey, Jacqueline and Craig requested a little used summer hit–Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas”! Not only did it bring down the house, but it was a nice reminder that while summer may nearly be over, we have some exciting seasons just around the corner!

Of course, while they may not be mentioned here, every event this summer has been a blast–and we are super thankful that you continue to choose ATE! We are looking forward to a jam packed autumn and winter, which is just around the corner!

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Perfect Teeth, And A Perfect Match!

Perfect Teeth, And A Perfect Match! 1000 1500 adam Michaels

There are always great stories from our wonderful clients of how they met: some couples met at school, some on the playground, and some even met at the grocery store. All of them are, of course, such incredible feats of fate alone, that they remind us that love is truly possible anywhere! But there is something extraordinary about the couples that met, and thrived, in the workplace! For Lauren and Ezra, who just tied the knot yesterday, this is their every day experience! Lauren and Ezra met while working as orthodontists, and not only do they have perfect teeth, but they also have a perfect match! (In each other, of course!)

While we didn’t play the music at the ceremony, we did, however, get to play in the lobby just outside, as guests arrived! The Estates at Florentine Gardens is a gorgeous spot, and by the time that the ceremony drew to a close, and it was official, Lauren and Ezra exited the ceremony as husband and wife! The party made its way to the cocktail room, where they were treated like royalty! With chandeliers, pristine high ceilings, and a menu to die for, the Estates pampered our party while we provided the linchpin–the entertainment! Our cocktail trio had a great time serenading the group as they wined and dined. By the time it was time to move onto the next course, the party was already almost full–but we had the perfect method of burning some major calories… dancing, of course!

Though we had been privy to some amazing sights already, they were nothing compared to the ballroom. It was absolutely flooring; with tons of windows, warm lighting, and you guessed it… more chandeliers! To kick off the evening’s festivities, the party wowed by entering to “We Found Love”, performed beautifully by our very own Katrina! Shortly thereafter, it was time for the first dance! The DJ whipped up “Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing”, by Aerosmith. With not a dry eye in the house, it was time to get those dancing shoes on, as the traditional dance section of the night began! The Around Town Band started it off with the one-two punch of “Hava Nagila” and “Masiach”, before the DJ took over! The party definitely made some serious room for dinner in their stomachs after that–but it was time for a short break…

…as the parent/child dances began! Lauren and her Dad danced to “I Loved Her First”,  and Ezra and his mother danced to “Mother” by Sugarland! From there, it was time for a sweet treat–so the cake cutting began! The party got an extra sweet treat when the band played “This Will Be” as the slices were done! From there, the party was ready for some more dancing, and we were ready for some more performing! There were plenty of highlights of the night including “We Didn’t Start the Fire,” “Uptown Funk”, and “Levitating”! What a great time!

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Christmas In August

Christmas In August 922 700 adam Michaels

Just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the hustle and bustle of the big apple, Island Park has proven time and time again to be a picture-esque corner of the New York. The beaches are gorgeous, the community is sweet, and best of all, we got to spend some time there this past weekend for Jacqueline and Craig’s wedding!

Although we did not get to play for the ceremony, we got to handle the fun part–the party, obviously! So, upon arrival to the Loft, the party was greeted by the beautiful high ceilings and incredible chandeliers. (I mean, what says “it’s party time” better than a chandelier?) Of course, every party needs some fancy pregame–so that meant everyone was ready for some cocktails! With our jazz trio, the party enjoyed some gentle jazzy tunes, and plenty of delicious drinks! Everyone engaged in small talk, moved and grooved, and settled into the space. As the final jazz note was played, and the cocktail hour ended, everyone knew what that meant… it was time for the reception of a lifetime!

Even in the summer heat, the party was nearing a searing point! The party found their seats and familiarized themselves with their tablemates. And that could only mean one thing–it was time to kick off the festivities with the first dance! In their debut dance as husband and wife, Jacqueline and Craig spun around the dance floor to “Crazy Love!” From there, with no dry eye in the house, it was time for the Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dances! Jacqueline and her Father danced to “When You Need Me”, and Craig and his Mother danced to “My Wish”!

With all of the sad songs out of the way, the party was ready for their turn to cut a rug–and there was plenty of time to do it, too! Of course, the entire party enjoyed beloved hits such as “American Girl”, “Man! I Feel Like A Woman”,  and other classics, but that wasn’t the main scene stealer of the night. It was when the unmistakable beginning notes of “All I Want for Christmas Is You” that the party went nuts–especially those in on the joke! (And here at ATE, we’re ready for some colder weather… so Christmas music it is!) With such a vibrant and fun crowd, we almost didn’t want to stop playing! But our Christmas in August crowd (Christmas in July is old news!) had to make sure they rested up, especially after such an incredible day!

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Venue Spotlight: The Garrison

Venue Spotlight: The Garrison 1000 583 adam Michaels

The Hudson Valley is a stunning wedding backdrop for all times of the year! The Autumn leaves and all the rolling hills of greenery. This venue spotlight features The Garrison, at which we are a highly recommended entertainment vendor! It’s not your typical wedding venue. It features one of the most beautiful views in the Hudson Valley, perfect if you are looking to have an outdoor ceremony with a gorgeous backdrop. Dozens upon dozens and dozens of our couples have had their beautiful weddings at The Garrison, so being the live wedding band of choice at the Garrison has us over the moon!

Not only does The Garrison have some of the most AMAZING food, they even customize their menu to your liking with many additional options have your guests in awe! You can even have specialty cocktails made for the big day!

The staff at the Garrison are the bee’s knees! They keep everything in tip-top shape and on track on your special day! They are amazing at making sure everything is taken care of for you, so you’re only busy having fun and celebrating! You’ll rest easy knowing you’re in the best hands and they’ll take care of you, your guests, and all your special vendors.

The Garrison also has some amazing extra perks to help you celebrate! Their Inn is perfect for an overnight stay for you and your wedding party! Their spa is luxurious, and what better way to welcome your guests than a friendly competitive round of golf when they arrive?

Don’t just take our word for it! The Garrison was awarded into The Knot’s Best of Weddings Hall of Fame!

Here’s a highlight of some of our couples who were married at “The Garrison’s” favorite songs!

  • In November of 2019, Elizabeth and Jacob rocked to the Authority Band’s rendition of “I Want It That Way” by the Backstreet Boys as they were introduced as husband and wife for the first time!
  • In February of 2021, Nicholas and Nazile absolutely loved the After Party’s special cover of their favorite song “You Make Loving Fun” by Fleetwood Mac for their first dance!
  • In January of 2021, Krysten and Michael jammed to all their favorite Rod Stewart and George Strait songs (and others, of course) played by the After Party Band!
  • In August 2014, Annie and Mike danced to John Legend’s “All of Me” for their first dance played by the Around Town Band!

It’s been an honor through the years, to be considered the live wedding band of choice and one of NY’s finest wedding venues! We hope to see you soon and dance with you at the Garrison!

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Ala Bridgerton: Three Ceremony Entrance Songs That Will Give Your Wedding Some Extra Polish

Ala Bridgerton: Three Ceremony Entrance Songs That Will Give Your Wedding Some Extra Polish 1310 558 adam Michaels

Bridgerton has done us all several different services; from the visual feast that is the gorgeous sets and costumes, to the reach-out-and-smell-them floral arrangements, to introducing us to a gorgeous cast, we’ve got plenty to thank her for. But for us, the musicians of Around Town Entertainment, there is a particularly big contender for her most amazing contribution: the music arrangements! After some spicy (ahem, very spicy) montage moments introduced us to the power of T Swizzle set to strings, we’ve truly never been the same! Of course, setting pop music to a different set of instruments was not patented by the glitzy, glamorous period piece, but it was certainly popularized by it, of late! So many of our clients love the sound of the pop instrumental, but there are so many things to consider: which song? Which instruments? Which kind of music? But as your resident music enthusiasts and experts, we’re here to help. Don’t forget, at the end of the day, your ceremony entrance song’s purpose is to do just what the name implies: mark the entrance of the ceremony! There’s no right or wrong answer, and every song is great in its own way. But, if you’re looking for some new options, here is a list of three often overlooked popular music that sounds perfect for a ceremony entrance! 

1.) Home, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes 

Vibes: Bright, sunny weddings, surrounded by greenery

While beautiful, this folksy tune is actually not an original ATE grab! This spectacular, heartfelt tune was actually set to strings and played in a wedding—Cam and Mitchell, from Modern Family! The song’s warm, catchy feeling, with strings lifting the wings of the song, possesses a new life. While typically upbeat and quirky, the song becomes nothing short of a romantic, energized anthem of love. Not to mention, while you’re walking down the aisle, you’ll have an extra pep in your step! 

2.) Lover, Taylor Swift 

Vibes: Beachy weddings, with salty air and lots of waves

The queen returns to take another grab at most underrated alternative arrangement! And, alright, alright, we know… Lover is so obviously a first dance obvious choice, of course. (I mean, she’s got a first dance version and everything… hello!) But, like a tiramisu, the full arrangement has so many delicious layers, and how can one resist Taylor’s voice, of course! But, when set to guitar, has a simplicity to it that only strengthens the song’s spirit: a classic-feeling, super sweet profession of love. For a piece that feels both soft and simple, while not distracting from the entrance, this is a specifically great choice! 

3.) I Feel The Earth Move, Carole King

Vibes: Earthy, outdoor weddings, with clear views of the sky 

Carole King is the reigning champion for wedding songs, it would seem. But this one seems to be often omitted? With a groovy energy behind it, this song is a surefire way to guarantee that your party knows: this ceremony is just the beginning of the celebration we’re going to be partaking in later! And the best part is… any instrument can still retain that energy! While a piano is the logical instrumental choice, guitar also gives the life to the song that it deserves. If you want your ceremony to feel like a party, look no further!