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August 2022

Perfect Teeth, And A Perfect Match!

Perfect Teeth, And A Perfect Match! 1000 1500 adam Michael

There are always great stories from our wonderful clients of how they met: some couples met at school, some on the playground, and some even met at the grocery store. All of them are, of course, such incredible feats of fate alone, that they remind us that love is truly possible anywhere! But there is something extraordinary about the couples that met, and thrived, in the workplace! For Lauren and Ezra, who just tied the knot yesterday, this is their every day experience! Lauren and Ezra met while working as orthodontists, and not only do they have perfect teeth, but they also have a perfect match! (In each other, of course!)

While we didn’t play the music at the ceremony, we did, however, get to play in the lobby just outside, as guests arrived! The Estates at Florentine Gardens is a gorgeous spot, and by the time that the ceremony drew to a close, and it was official, Lauren and Ezra exited the ceremony as husband and wife! The party made its way to the cocktail room, where they were treated like royalty! With chandeliers, pristine high ceilings, and a menu to die for, the Estates pampered our party while we provided the linchpin–the entertainment! Our cocktail band, Nathaniel, Pablo, and Michael, had a great time serenading the group as they wined and dined. By the time it was time to move onto the next course, the party was already almost full–but we had the perfect method of burning some major calories… dancing, of course!

Though we had been privy to some amazing sights already, they were nothing compared to the ballroom. It was absolutely flooring; with tons of windows, warm lighting, and you guessed it… more chandeliers! To kick off the evening’s festivities, the party wowed by entering to “We Found Love”, performed beautifully by our very own Katrina! Shortly thereafter, it was time for the first dance! The DJ whipped up “Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing”, by Aerosmith. With not a dry eye in the house, it was time to get those dancing shoes on, as the traditional dance section of the night began! Adam and the rest of our Around Town Band started it off with the one-two punch of “Hava Nagila” and “Masiach”, before the DJ took over! The party definitely made some serious room for dinner in their stomachs after that–but it was time for a short break…

…as the parent/child dances began! Lauren and her Dad danced to “I Loved Her First”, performed expertly by Adam, and Ezra and his father danced to “Mother” by Sugarland! From there, it was time for a sweet treat–so the cake cutting began! The party got an extra sweet treat when Jamie sang “This Will Be” as the slices were done! From there, the party was ready for some more dancing, and we were ready for some more performing! There were plenty of highlights of the night, including GTO’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire” and “Uptown Funk”, and Katrina’s “Levitating”! What a great time!

Christmas In August

Christmas In August 922 700 adam Michael

Just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the hustle and bustle of the big apple, Island Park has proven time and time again to be a picture-esque corner of the New York. The beaches are gorgeous, the community is sweet, and best of all, we got to spend some time there this past weekend for Jacqueline and Craig’s wedding!

Although we did not get to play for the ceremony, we got to handle the fun part–the party, obviously! So, upon arrival to the Loft, the party was greeted by the beautiful high ceilings and incredible chandeliers. (I mean, what says “it’s party time” better than a chandelier?) Of course, every party needs some fancy pregame–so that meant everyone was ready for some cocktails! With our jazz trio, Jack, Thomas, and Bill, the party enjoyed some gentle jazzy tunes, and plenty of delicious drinks! Everyone engaged in small talk, moved and grooved, and settled into the space. As the final jazz note was played, and the cocktail hour ended, everyone knew what that meant… it was time for the reception of a lifetime!

Even in the summer heat, the party was nearing a searing point! The party found their seats and familiarized themselves with their tablemates. And that could only mean one thing–it was time to kick off the festivities with the first dance! In their debut dance as husband and wife, Jacqueline and Craig spun around the dance floor to “Crazy Love”, in an expert rendition by Lisala! From there, with no dry eye in the house, it was time for the Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dances! Jacqueline and her Father danced to “When You Need Me”, sung by Walter, and Craig and his Mother danced to “My Wish” sung by Lisala!

With all of the sad songs out of the way, the party was ready for their turn to cut a rug–and there was plenty of time to do it, too! Of course, the entire party enjoyed beloved hits such as “American Girl”, “Man! I Feel Like A Woman”,  and other classics, but that wasn’t the main scene stealer of the night. It was when the unmistakable beginning notes of “All I Want for Christmas Is You” that the party went nuts–especially those in on the joke! (And here at ATE, we’re ready for some colder weather… so Christmas music it is!) With such a vibrant and fun crowd, we almost didn’t want to stop playing! But our Christmas in August crowd (Christmas in July is old news!) had to make sure they rested up, especially after such an incredible day!

Venue Spotlight: The Garrison

Venue Spotlight: The Garrison 1000 583 adam Michael

The Hudson Valley is a stunning wedding backdrop for all times of the year! The Autumn leaves and all the rolling hills of greenery. This venue spotlight features The Garrison, at which we are a highly recommended entertainment vendor! It’s not your typical wedding venue. It features one of the most beautiful views in the Hudson Valley, perfect if you are looking to have an outdoor ceremony with a gorgeous backdrop. Dozens upon dozens and dozens of our couples have had their beautiful weddings at The Garrison, so being the live wedding band of choice at the Garrison has us over the moon!

Not only does The Garrison have some of the most AMAZING food, they even customize their menu to your liking with many additional options have your guests in awe! You can even have specialty cocktails made for the big day!

The staff at the Garrison are the bee’s knees! They keep everything in tip-top shape and on track on your special day! They are amazing at making sure everything is taken care of for you, so you’re only busy having fun and celebrating! You’ll rest easy knowing you’re in the best hands and they’ll take care of you, your guests, and all your special vendors.

The Garrison also has some amazing extra perks to help you celebrate! Their Inn is perfect for an overnight stay for you and your wedding party! Their spa is luxurious, and what better way to welcome your guests than a friendly competitive round of golf when they arrive?

Don’t just take our word for it! The Garrison was awarded into The Knot’s Best of Weddings Hall of Fame!

Here’s a highlight of some of our couples who were married at “The Garrison’s” favorite songs!

  • In November of 2019, Elizabeth and Jacob rocked to the Authority Band’s rendition of “I Want It That Way” by the Backstreet Boys as they were introduced as husband and wife for the first time!
  • In February of 2021, Nicholas and Nazile absolutely loved the After Party’s special cover of their favorite song “You Make Loving Fun” by Fleetwood Mac for their first dance!
  • In January of 2021, Krysten and Michael jammed to all their favorite Rod Stewart and George Strait songs (and others, of course) played by the After Party Band!
  • In August 2014, Annie and Mike danced to John Legend’s “All of Me” for their first dance played by the Around Town Band!

It’s been an honor through the years, to be considered the live wedding band of choice and one of NY’s finest wedding venues! We hope to see you soon and dance with you at the Garrison!

Ala Bridgerton: Three Ceremony Entrance Songs That Will Give Your Wedding Some Extra Polish

Ala Bridgerton: Three Ceremony Entrance Songs That Will Give Your Wedding Some Extra Polish 1310 558 adam Michael

Bridgerton has done us all several different services; from the visual feast that is the gorgeous sets and costumes, to the reach-out-and-smell-them floral arrangements, to introducing us to a gorgeous cast, we’ve got plenty to thank her for. But for us, the musicians of Around Town Entertainment, there is a particularly big contender for her most amazing contribution: the music arrangements! After some spicy (ahem, very spicy) montage moments introduced us to the power of T Swizzle set to strings, we’ve truly never been the same! Of course, setting pop music to a different set of instruments was not patented by the glitzy, glamorous period piece, but it was certainly popularized by it, of late! So many of our clients love the sound of the pop instrumental, but there are so many things to consider: which song? Which instruments? Which kind of music? But as your resident music enthusiasts and experts, we’re here to help. Don’t forget, at the end of the day, your ceremony entrance song’s purpose is to do just what the name implies: mark the entrance of the ceremony! There’s no right or wrong answer, and every song is great in its own way. But, if you’re looking for some new options, here is a list of three often overlooked popular music that sounds perfect for a ceremony entrance! 

1.) Home, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes 

Vibes: Bright, sunny weddings, surrounded by greenery

While beautiful, this folksy tune is actually not an original ATE grab! This spectacular, heartfelt tune was actually set to strings and played in a wedding—Cam and Mitchell, from Modern Family! The song’s warm, catchy feeling, with strings lifting the wings of the song, possesses a new life. While typically upbeat and quirky, the song becomes nothing short of a romantic, energized anthem of love. Not to mention, while you’re walking down the aisle, you’ll have an extra pep in your step! 

2.) Lover, Taylor Swift 

Vibes: Beachy weddings, with salty air and lots of waves

The queen returns to take another grab at most underrated alternative arrangement! And, alright, alright, we know… Lover is so obviously a first dance obvious choice, of course. (I mean, she’s got a first dance version and everything… hello!) But, like a tiramisu, the full arrangement has so many delicious layers, and how can one resist Taylor’s voice, of course! But, when set to guitar, has a simplicity to it that only strengthens the song’s spirit: a classic-feeling, super sweet profession of love. For a piece that feels both soft and simple, while not distracting from the entrance, this is a specifically great choice! 

3.) I Feel The Earth Move, Carole King

Vibes: Earthy, outdoor weddings, with clear views of the sky 

Carole King is the reigning champion for wedding songs, it would seem. But this one seems to be often omitted? With a groovy energy behind it, this song is a surefire way to guarantee that your party knows: this ceremony is just the beginning of the celebration we’re going to be partaking in later! And the best part is… any instrument can still retain that energy! While a piano is the logical instrumental choice, guitar also gives the life to the song that it deserves. If you want your ceremony to feel like a party, look no further!

The Love Club for Lawn Club!

The Love Club for Lawn Club! 1334 852 adam Michael

People often ask us, “What are your favorite states to travel to for your wedding events?” (with the knowledge that we are constantly climbing up and down the Northeast), and we don’t often know how to respond. How do you choose a favorite?! Sure, staying back in the NYC area is convenient, but there’s also the thrilling adventure of a long drive to any of our neighboring states, or even into the dangerous unknown of… Upstate New York. (#roadtrip, anyone?) All that said, getting to venture into the frozen North (an obvious joke, considering how blistering this summer heat has been…) is always something well-welcomed, especially when we get to travel to Connecticut! Its classic beauty, paired with gorgeous landscape views, always makes for a lovely time. And we certainly got to partake in that this weekend when we celebrated Margaret and Stefan’s wedding!

Although we did not partake in the actual ceremony itself, we got the chance to spend some time with the party as they arrived to Lawn Club, especially at the start of the evening: cocktails! Our cocktail band, featuring Justin, Bill, and Thomas, had a blast playing some jazzy tunes underneath the pre-reception conversation. As the hour reached its end, the party was sufficiently prepped to live up to its name and party!

Everyone settled in, the band was prepped and that meant that there was only one thing to do: get down to the reception business! Margaret and Stefan stepped up to the dance floor to get the party started with a tearjerker: their first dance! “As” was the soundtrack to their first official turn around the floor as husband and wife, performed beautifully by Brian! Afterwards, the party rolled with the emotional punches as the night turned to the next tug at the heartstrings: the father/daughter and mother/son dances! Margaret and her father danced to “Unforgettable”, a legendary duet between Brian and Elsa, and Stefan and his mother danced to “Your Song”, a stellar performance served up by our very own Lisala. Speaking of Lisala serving… the next serve was that of a the cake cutting anthem, “Half of the Way”, which Lisala also treated us to!

With the festivities only just beginning, the time drew near for the party to give the dance floor a spin, and that they did! The party danced the night away, with so many incredible songs, but some visible crowd favorites included “Take Me Home Tonight”, “Whenever I Call You ‘Friend'”, “Everywhere”, and “The Way You Make Me Feel”! Our vocalists, Brian, Elsa, and Lisala, kept the night moving and grooving, with the gentle hands, of course, of our band: Alex, Bill, Greg, Justin, Max, Thomas, and Hommy! By the time that the final note was played, and everyone made their way to their beds, we weren’t ready for the night to end! Congratulations, Margaret and Stefan!