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An A+ Couple

An A+ Couple 1800 1200 adam Michaels

Madeline and Eric met in August 2015 while both attending the special master’s program at Georgetown University. On the first day of orientation, several fellow SMP’ers found out they were living in the same apartment complex. A fellow classmate suggested that the group meet up and walk to the Georgetown bus together before the first day of orientation. Eric just so happened to sit next to Madeline on the bus ride to Georgetown that morning… and the rest is history! 😉

Madeline fell in love with Eric’s kind-hearted nature and generosity, and found his endless perfectionism to be endearing. Eric, on the other hand, fell in love with Madeline’s intelligence and great looks, but moreover adored her competitive spirit. Although they suffered through a rigorous academic course load that year, they also made sure to properly celebrate every exam with new friends and all in all, made countless memories together.

In the midst of a global pandemic, Eric knew that he wanted to propose before starting the next phase of their careers. He planned a bike ride that ended at gravelly point (a park that the couple went to on one of their first dates) and had enlisted friends from their time together at Georgetown to set up a picnic under a beautiful blooming tree. He got down on his knee under the blossoms, and she said yes!

Madeline and Eric celebrated their big day at Gurney’s Star Island Resort in Montauk, NY. The ceremony took place on the Villa Lawn, with a beautiful ocean view and music from Around Town Entertainment’s pianist. Madeline looked radiant as she walked down the aisle to Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect,” Eric stood at the end of the aisle with the biggest smile on his face! After the couple exchanged their vows, their friends and family erupted into applause as they happily walked back up the aisle to a joyful rendition of “All You Need is Love” by The Beatles. 

Ready to begin the party, everyone gathered on the lawn for cocktail hour! Drinks were poured and toasts were made as Around Town’s Jazz trio played everyone’s favorite jazz hits. The perfect way to get the party started!

When it came time for the reception, everyone was greeted in the Waterfront Ballroom by The Authority Band. The energy was high from the start, as the bridal party entered the ballroom to Ke$ha and Pitbull’s “Timber,” each member of the party getting a chance to show off their wonderful dance moves! Madeline and Eric made their beautiful entrance to “Higher Love” by Whitney Houston, receiving thunderous applause from their guests.

The happy couple then began their first dance to John Legend’s “Conversations in the Dark.” Madeline and Eric danced so gracefully together, they were so in sync, and very clearly in love! After the slow dances concluded, it was time to get everyone on their feet to party! The Authority Band rocked the night away with hits like “Never Felt a Love Like This” by “Galantis” and a crowd favorite, the Isley Brothers’ “Shout,” which had everyone dancing the night away.

Thanks, Madeline and Eric for having the Authority Band help you celebrate your big day!

wedding photography

Get someone who looks at you like David looks at pizza

Get someone who looks at you like David looks at pizza 1024 683 adam Michaels

David and Maria met during their freshman year at Cornell at a face-painting booth. He had a unicorn on his forehead, she had a full zebra face. For 6 months afterward, David pursued an oblivious Maria, who was convinced they were just really great friends. Inseparable, they watched Rocket Power and devoured pizzas together, and finally, after some flirtatious banter and a couple of beers, she agreed to go out with him in November of 2010. Over the years, they’ve explored Ithaca, Las Vegas, Burlington, New York City, and Oregon – both together and apart. They’ve shared a mutual love of soup dumplings, ramen, pizza, well…any food really! They also share a love of the mountains! Maria jets off with her backpack every summer, and David gets giddy every ski season.

Maria and David celebrated their big day at the Ausable Club in Keene Valley, NY. The festivities were kicked off with a beautiful ceremony that was accompanied by Around Town Entertainment’s pianist! Maria looked breathtaking as she walked down the aisle to Tom Petty’s “Wildflowers,” a view of the beautiful Adirondack Mountains behind her. After Maria and David said their “I Do’s,” their friends and family applauded as the happy couple gleefully walked back up the aisle as the pianist played a beautiful rendition of “For Once in My Life” by Stevie Wonder. 

Ready to celebrate such a momentous occasion, everyone walked over to the club’s circle lawn for cocktail hour! While enjoying drinks and appetizers, guests were tapping their toes as Around Town Entertainment’s Jazz Trio played everyone’s favorite jazz standards to set the mood! The spectacular views of the mountains, the drinks, the beautiful music! It was truly amazing to experience and the party hadn’t even started!

When it came time for the reception, everyone was greeted in the reception tent by Around Town’s Authority Band! The band rocked and everyone felt the energy of the dancing that was in store! Maria and David shared their first dance to “Coming Home” by Leon Bridges where the newlyweds got to show off their excellent dance moves and undeniable chemistry. Maria and her father shared a lovely moment during the father/daughter dance, as the Authority Band played Sam Cooke’s “Nothing Can Change This Love,” it was clear that Maria’s father was proud of the woman that she had become. David and his mom charmed everyone as they danced to “The Wonder of You” by The Villagers. Of COURSE, Maria and David picked a delicious many because, well, what better way to celebrate their love than with their love of food! Only the best for their special day!

After these sentimental and memorable dances, the guests rushed to the dance floor as the Hora began to play, everyone sang along as they danced! When it came time for David and Maria to cut their wedding cake, the Authority Band played “When You’re Smiling,” which put a smile on everyone’s faces as the happy couple took the first slice from their beautifully decorated wedding cake. Maria, David, and their guests danced the night away as the Authority Band played pop and rock hits from the couple’s favorite artists including The Strokes and Harry Styles!

Thanks, Maria and David for having the Authority Band for your wedding celebration!

wedding photography

On top of the world!

On top of the world! 1200 800 adam Michaels

Steve and Britt met in Fall of 2015, on Hinge. Their love story began one Tuesday evening when they met for margaritas & tacos and ended the night at a dive bar drinking PBR’s and playing skeeball! It didn’t take them very long to figure out how much they had in common: two adventurers who grew up on the East Coast, both dog people, and the youngest of three! The two are also very close with each of their families and in turn, are over the moon OBSESSED with their nieces and nephews that are all around the same age. Steve, a hockey player, and Britt, a figure skater, both grew up spending summers in Nantucket and both attended boarding school. Soon they were inseparable, adventuring throughout the beautiful Bay Area together!

On one of their many adventures together, Steve proposed on the top of Mt. Niseko Annupuri in Japan! The couple had traveled to Niseko to ski, and as expected, Steve wanted to hike up to the very highest point possible on the mountain to ski down. It was an exceptionally foggy morning in the village, but as they hiked higher they emerged above the clouds and were overlooking the tip of Mt. Yotei volcano. It was there where Steve popped the question and Britt said “yes!” At that moment and in many ways, they felt on top of the world! 

Fast forward to the big day! Steve and Britt said “I do” at the beautiful Sconset Chapel in Nantucket! The two were able to celebrate their ceremony in the Chapel’s beautiful garden outside in the beautiful end-of-summer weather! Their guests arrived as a medley of Yiruma song was beautifully played by a string quartet, guitarist, and pianist. Steve’s eyes lit up as he saw Britt glide down the aisle with her father accompanied by a rendition of Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling In Love.” The ceremony concluded with a surprise performance by Britt’s father, Jeff, accompanied by a string trio, giving a heartfelt rendition of “Lord Bless You and Keep You.” There wasn’t a single dry eye in the pews as Mr. Haines sang his blessing to the newlyweds during the lighting of the unity candle! Mr. Haine’s voice blended beautifully with the string quartet that accompanied him. Britt and Steve were so moved by the performance, it was the perfect wedding present! The priest said, “you may kiss the bride” and all the friends and family there to celebrate Britt and Steve’s commitment to one another erupted into cheers! Britt and Steve practically skipped down the aisle as all the Around Town Entertainment instruments played a beautiful rendition of “Here Comes The Sun!” They had such a full and bright sound which only made everyone smile ad cheer more for the beautiful couple!

Around Town’s Jazz Trio welcomed guests to the cocktail hour on the beautiful Sankaty Head Golf Course. Britt and Steve’s guests enjoyed delicious drinks and the beautiful sunset, as their favorite jazz tunes played. As cocktail hour concluded, everyone was led into the reception tent by a bagpiper! The guests were escorted by the bagpiper into the tent where it was finally time to party! As everyone entered the tent, a slideshow of the happy couple played as Around Town’s band performed “Call it Dreaming” by Iron and Wine, a song that is particularly sentimental to Britt and Steve. After some wonderful by friends and family toasts, the band kicked off the dancing with Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons’ “Oh What a Night,” and what a night it was! 

Thank you Britt and Steve for letting Around Town Entertainment be part of your next big adventure together!


Finding Love in the Diviest of Dive Bars

Finding Love in the Diviest of Dive Bars 2000 1333 adam Michaels

“Hi Kenny! How’s your weekend going?” That was Jeanine’s smooth pick-up line sent on May 12, 2018 through Bumble after matching on the app. Being the gentleman that Kenny is, he asked Jeanine out for drinks in a convenient location at a bar called Ramona near her apartment in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. One drink led to two, and two led to three. After so many horrible NYC dates, Kenny was amazed that he was actually enjoying this one. They left Ramona and stumbled across to Brooklyn Safehouse, the diviest of dive bars in the heart of Greenpoint. When Jeanine ordered a whiskey on the rocks at the bar and signed them up for the pool table, Kenny thought to himself, “damn, this girl is pretty cool.” After all the drinks and laughs, they worked up an appetite. They found the only place still open at that time, and at around 3 AM on Saturday, May 19th they shared their very first romantic meal together at Taqueria La Nortena. Kenny was supposed to run the Brooklyn Half Marathon the following morning, so he politely dropped Jeanine off at her apartment after dinner before heading back to Manhattan; however, Kenny did not run the next day.

After their date, Kenny and Jeanine were both traveling a fair amount, but the intrigue remained, and they kept seeing each other when they were back in NYC. Kenny and Jeanine had one of those fun-filled Sundays in the city, hopping from bar to bar, and restaurant to restaurant, and in honor of the day, they capped it off with a whole bunch of ice cream from Davey’s in the East Village. Hunched over, they hobbled back over to Kenny’s apartment a couple of blocks away, laid down on the couch, and at that moment when they were bursting at the seams and felt like they could never eat food ever again, they fell in love.

Kenny proposed to Jeanine two years later in Prospect Park, near their apartment in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. After a year in Brooklyn, they moved to Denver, Colorado to embark on a new, exciting adventure together. 

The adventurous couple said their “I do’s” at Onteora Mountain House in Boiceville, NY, overlooking the beautiful Catskill Mountains. Kenny looked at Jeanine in awe as she walked down the aisle to Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s rendition of “Over The Rainbow’,” underscored by Around Town Entertainment’s pianist. The couple and their guests then adjourned to the House’s garden to enjoy a lovely cocktail hour, as the Around Town Entertainment jazz trio welcomed them in with their favorite jazz classics!

Then it was time to party! Kenny and Jeanine got the party started by entering to 311’s “Good Feeling” performed by Around Town’s Authority Band! The happy couple enjoyed their first dance as husband and wife to “May I Have This Dance?” by Francis and the Lights. Everyone was so happy to see Kenny and Jeanine share this lovely moment, and as the Authority Band played on, they too were excited and inspired to dance the night away!

The guests rushed onto the dance floor, singing and dancing along to the Hora to kick off an evening of celebration and congratulate the newlyweds! Everyone rocked out as the Authority Band played all of Kenny and Jeanine’s favorite hits including Blink182’s “All The Small Things!” The crowd’s favorite of the evening, “Shout” by Otis Day & The Knights, which had everyone on their feet, ready to dance the night away!

Thanks, Jeanine and Kenny for having Authority Band play all your favorites for your special day!


When fate breaks your coffee machine

When fate breaks your coffee machine 900 599 adam Michaels

Fittingly, Lindsey and Brendan met in a classic New York setting — on the 31st floor of the old Time & Life building at 1271 Sixth Avenue. Brendan had recently started a new job there, working as an editor for GOLF Magazine. It was only a few weeks into the job that he first noticed Lindsey, who worked on the 32nd floor as an account manager for Sports Illustrated. It was love at first sight. He was so struck by the aura of Lindsey’s beauty that he couldn’t help but wonder ‘what would it take to get someone THAT far out of my league to talk to me?’ From there, fate took over.

Lindsey and Brendan were soon introduced by Sean Zak, a colleague (and now a close mutual friend) with who he shared a cubicle with at the time. Every few days, Lindsey would show up at the cubicle Sean and Brendan shared, empty Clemson coffee mug in hand, claiming the coffee machine on her floor was broken. Contrary to popular belief, the coffee machine on Lindsay’s floor really did break. Again, we did say fate took over. A half-hour later, they’d be deep in conversation (sorry, Sean, for the endless distractions). Needless to say, Brendan made sure the coffee machine on Lindsey’s floor never got fixed and Lindsay had never been so grateful for a broken appliance in her entire life.

From there, the two began what became a deep and meaningful friendship (brimming with mutual attraction, but also mitigated by apprehension because they were colleagues). Lindsay looked forward to work every day because she knew Brendan would be there. They quickly got to know each other through work happy hours, G chat conversations, and paper cups of after-hours wine at one of our desks. All they had in common quickly became apparent: a focus on God & family, a love for sports (“fan” doesn’t come close to describing Lindsey’s relationship with Clemson football), and fascination with New York City — not to mention a unique appreciation for the brands they were lucky enough to represent, Sports Illustrated & GOLF.

As their professional roles flourished and intertwined, the duo realized that their skills were almost perfectly complementary. This gave them the opportunity to make up plenty of excuses for meetings, check-ins, regroups, catch-ups…you name it. Work conversations turned into life conversations until Brendan got up the nerve to ask Lindsay on a proper date, and after a few of those, they figured out that this was the real deal.

In 2017, they both left Time Inc. for greener pastures — Brendan to Inc. Magazine and Lindsey to a boutique marketing agency with luxury real estate clients. That departure didn’t last long; after lots of deliberation and prayer, Lindsey and Brendan both returned to GOLF in summer 2018 (now under new ownership) where they have remained to this day, working alongside one another on LOTS of projects. For most couples, working that closely is simply not possible. But for Lindsey and Brendan? Nothing was more natural — and they don’t ever take that blessing for granted.

Brendan and Lindsay were engaged on May 11, 2019, at what has become one of our favorite places on earth — Sea Island. From Sandy Hook, NJ to Watch Hill, RI, Lindsey and Brendan are never far from a beach, which is why they chose to celebrate their wedding day at the casually gorgeous Bridgehampton Tennis & Surf Club! A beautiful venue for a beautiful couple!

The bridal party walked down the aisle to the ever so classic, Pachelbel’s Canon before the big moment! Lindsay started down the aisle looking at all the people who came to celebrate and support her and Brendan’s marriage, while the A-List Band’s guitarist accompanied a vocalist singing “Oceans” by Hillsong. After the couple said their “I do’s” they skipped down the aisle to Ray LaMontagne’s “You Are the Best Thing” in cinematic-adjacent style! It was time to party!

The Around Town Entertainment’s jazz trio welcomed the guests for the cocktail hour on the upper back deck of the Bridgehampton Tennis and Surf Club! The relaxing jazz, fine drinks, and beautiful view of the ocean were incomparable!

Then the room shifted into a dance floor, where guests danced the night away to the A-List Band with the view of the ocean as the night’s backdrop! As a nod to their NYC love story, Brendan and Lindsay were introduced as husband and wife to Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl,” and the party kicked off!

We LOVED all the beach-life songs that Brendan and Lindsay picked for the A-List Band to play for some of their special moments! For instance, the two requested “Cake by the Ocean” as their cake-cutting song!

Thanks, Brendan and Lindsay for having the A-List band underscore your beautiful beach-themed wedding! Congratulations!



First comes Instagram, then comes marriage…?

First comes Instagram, then comes marriage…? 1170 779 adam Michaels

Prepare yourself for a love story of the ages…who are we kidding, we met on Instagram. Our story began when Taylor was mindlessly scrolling through the gram one night. It was in that moment that he scrolled and scrolled until he stumbled across an eye-catching photo of a cute guy in a black sweater on his explore page. Divine intervention? Or is the algorithm actually the ultimate matchmaker?

It didn’t take long for Taylor to slide in this Jeff DM’s! How’d he do it? Was it with a cheesy pickup line?  Did he pop the question right then and there? Nope! The life-changing DM featured the now-infamous two waving hand emojis. Taylor clicked “send” and hoped for the best! And he waited… and waited.

Jeff didn’t respond until the next day, but when he did, the connection was instantaneous! The two spent that entire day messaging back and forth, sending corny jokes, bad pick-up lines, Taylor admittedly sent a few boast-worthy pictures of meals I had recently cooked, you know, to prove I was worth pursuing. Come on! You HAVE to pull out all the stops when you’re sliding into the DM’s!

They ended up meeting that night after they had both been out separately with friends. Taylor and Jeff spent the entire night and into the next morning just talking and getting to know each other. The connection they felt instantaneously over text was even stronger in person. Before the two had ever even met in person, Jeff was out at a bar and felt so strongly about us that he actually wrote our initials in a heart on a chalkboard in the men’s room. The rest is history!

Over the past three years, they’ve traveled the world together, hosted some amazing parties, cooked a ton, drank lots of red wine, got their first apartment together, and brought the most beautiful pup into their lives! They even just bought their first home together! Taylor and Jeff’s friends and family describe them as the perfect case of opposites attract. Jeff is carefree, light-hearted, and grounded. He loves to sing and dance and play any instrument he can get his hands on. This makes him the perfect match for Taylor, someone who sometimes takes life too seriously, leads every conversation with sarcasm, and has my head in the clouds looking for the next adventure. Taylor’s favorite thing about his relationship with Jeff is that their relationship has always seemed so effortless—perfect in its own way.

The couple kicked off their wedding weekend in style with drinks at June Farms in West Sand Lake, New York! As their family and friends arrived, the excitement of the weekend began to buzz! After the initial date had to be pushed back because of Covid-19 restrictions, smiles were seen all around as everyone was excited to finally be able to celebrate the lifelong commitment of such a wonderful couple!

The next morning was finally the big day! As the guests arrived at the ceremony, they were greeted by the Around Town Entertainment’s guitarist! The acoustic music was a perfect fit for the June Farms wedding venue! Jeff and Taylor were pronounced married and everyone erupted into cheers! It was time to party!

The After Party Band welcomed the guests to the cocktail hour with their jazz trio! Everyone’s jazz favorites were played and the guests were all tapping their toes, ready to hit the dance floor!

After putting their wedding and celebration on hold for some time, Jeff and Taylor knew they wanted to party in style! The After Party Band was set up on a stage and rocked the night away! The band even had an awesome lighting set-up which synced to their music!

The wedding party entered to Diana Ross’ iconic “I’m Coming Out” which brought a smile to everyone’s face! The newlyweds entered the party with the After Party Band playing Natalie Cole’s “This Will Be.” An everlasting love, indeed! Taylor and Jeff took to the dance floor for their first dance as a married couple holding one another tight for “Love You I Do” from Dreamgirls!

The After Party Band had all the guests dancing the night away with some funk classics from Whitney Houston, to Stevie Wonder, and Nat King Cole! The night proved to be memorable and WELL worth the wait!

Thanks, Jeff and Taylor for including us in your celebration! Congratulations and cheers!


full moon

Root, root, root for the home team!

Root, root, root for the home team! 1000 667 adam Michaels

Ben and Brittany met at a Yankee-Red Sox game at Yankee stadium. Brandon (Sox fan, groomsman, and brother-in-law to Britt) got a group together to go to the game to celebrate his birthday and both were in attendance. Ben and Brittany never met previously despite him being one of the birthday boy’s best friends. Ben and Brittany sat a seat or two apart and struck up a conversation right away. After a sneaky hot dog break with an ulterior motive, Ben got a friend to switch seats with him so he and Brittany could talk more easily. As they were hitting it off, Ben spotted a camera person coming their way. The Jumbotron shot was imminent. Ben boldly propositioned Brittany to make out on camera for the stadium to see. Brittany agreed and then quickly chickened out when the moment was upon them. The camera moved on but Ben, thinking on his feet, asked, “Okay, but can we still make out?” to which Brittany replied, “Take me on a date first.” The rest, including a ridiculously awesome first date, is history.

About a week before the proposal date, Brittany’s stepdad Eric casually offered the couple an “experience” he had been offered for having previously been a season ticket holder at Yankee Stadium. He said it was a private tour of the grounds plus a food tasting. Eric said that they had 4 tickets but couldn’t go because it was on Superbowl Sunday and they didn’t want to travel into the city. Brittany initially said no (she had a sketch comedy meeting). After some convincing from Ben, who said, “How often do you get the chance to tour Yankee Stadium?” and a reminder about the food aspect of the tour, Brittany agreed. Brittany and Ben planned on going with Brittany and Brandon, the original pair they were with when they met. On the morning of February 2nd, 2020 Brittany got ready for the tour and suspected nothing. Brittany and Ben rode the 4 train, as New Yorkers do, up to the Bronx. Their first stop was to the stadium seats. Ben led them to the seats where they first met and got down on one knee. After crying a lot of happy tears, Brittany said yes!

Brittany and Ben celebrated their big day at the Full Moon Resort in Big Indian New York! They kicked off their big day with a beautiful ceremony that was accompanied by the Around Town Entertainment’s guitar and piano duo! The duo played acoustic renditions of Eminem’s “The Real Slim Shady,” “In My Life” by the Beatles, “Holocene” by Bon Iver, and “Daylight” by Matt & Kim. Brittany and Ben have great taste! Before heading to the reception, the duo expanded to a jazz trio with a bassist for some swanky tunes while everyone got ready to party! All the guests were transported back to that swing era, and could feeling their dancing feet getting ready to rumble!

Let’s get this party started! To commemorate their ridiculously awesome first date, Brittany and Ben entered to the Around Town Band rocking Blink 182’s song “First Date!” The couple of the evening celebrated their lifelong commitment by dancing together for the first time as husband and wife! For their first dance song, the Around Town Band played Post Malone and Saw Lee’s song “Sunflower” for the couple! Ben and Brittany LOVE to dance but guess where they got it from? Their family, of course! The entire family danced the Hora and the Tarantella, and that was JUST to get the party started!

The Around Town Band rocked the night away with Ben and Brittany’s 90’s rock and early 2000’s rock favorites! From Fall Out Boy, John Mayer, Beyoncé, and The Cure, all the guests danced the night away. Of COURSE, the song of the night was “Mr. Brightside” by The Killers! EVERYONE was jumping up and down when the Around Town Band’s lead singer and their guitarist jammed out to the chorus! The guests cheered for more and more!

What a night! Thanks, Ben and Brittany for rocking with us all night long! Congratulations you two!

new h

Twas’ The Night Before Thanksgiving…

Twas’ The Night Before Thanksgiving… 960 720 adam Michaels

On the night before Thanksgiving in 2018, Dylan and Alexandra met at the opening of Te Amo Tequila Bar in New Haven, Connecticut while they were both trying to get a drink. “Trying” because the bar was incredibly crowded, which proved to be a great challenge. However, our hero of the story, Dylan, moved over to let Alex into the bar area and the rest is history!

Dylan and Alex got engaged at Bouchard Restaurant & Inn in Newport, Rhode Island on August 13th 2020. When Alex said yes, and Dylan opened the box, the couple broke into a panic! The ring was missing! The couple spent about 20 minutes searching up, down, and all-around to find the ring. With the help of fellow restaurant patrons and the staff at Bouchard Restaurant & Inn, the ring was found! Can you guess where? Under the table! The two wiped their brows and everyone in the restaurant celebrated the retrieval of the ring! Take two, Dylan placed the ring on Alex’s finger, and the building erupted with cheers and applause! “Congratulations!” was met with champagne toasts, and the two celebrated their engagement!

Alexandra and Dylan had their wedding ceremony at the St. George Catholic Church in Guilford, Connecticut. Going back to where they met, they decided to have their Reception in New Haven, more specifically at the New Haven Lawn Club.  As the guests arrived from the ceremony, they were greeted with cocktails and a jazz trio from Around Town Entertainment’s After Party Band. The trio underscored the cocktail hour with some jazz classics to kick off the evening!

Then, the party started! The bridal party entered to the party anthem of the night “I Gotta Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas, as the After Party Band’s sang! Then the After Party band’s lead male vocalist switched gears to welcome Dylan and Alex to the dancefloor with “Let’s Get Married” by Jagged Edge! The crowd was roaring and all the guests were ready to dance the night away! First things first, the smitten newlyweds celebrated their First Dance by holding one another and dancing along to the After Party Band playing “A Thousand Years.” Then in classic large Italian family-style, everyone joined in for the Band’s “Tarantella!” Around and ’round they went before taking a moment to let Alex and her Father have a special dance. The After Party Band played “You’ll Be In My Heart” by Phil Collins, as the guests all watched and hummed along, feeling their hearts warm at the sentimentality. Then the charming Dylan, welcomed his mother to the dance floor to dance to Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” which had all the guests singing along and itching to join them on the dance floor!

Alex absolutely LOVES Drake so of course, the After Party Band delivered!!! They played the iconic “Find Your Love” by Drake, which made Alexandra tear up the dance floor in excitement! All the guests had an absolute blast as the band played all their favorite songs through the decades, and they danced the night away!

Thanks, Alex and Dylan for celebrating your big day with the After Party Band!