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January 2021

A Walk in Central Park

A Walk in Central Park 150 150 adam Michael

Central Park was a perfect location for this surprise marriage proposal! Emily and Tyler are the sweetest! They’re both New Yorkers who moved to Hawaii and coincidentally met there! They had a spark right away and it hasn’t faded one bit! 

Tyler had this spot specifically chosen for the proposal, as it is Emily’s favorite spot in New York. She used to live a few blocks from Central Park and come here to take in the view of the reservoir and the skyline. 

On the day of the proposal, Emily and Tyler arrived in the park hand in hand and looked out into the horizon, holding each other and taking in the view. It was perfect end-of-the-summer weather for walking in the park. It was clear that Tyler is a romantic, loves Emily deeply, and wanted to make this moment as special as possible. 

So Tyler took out his phone during the walk and played Lifehouse “You and I” as he began singing the sweet lyrics to Emily. He got down on one knee and asked her to marry him! Yes, there were tears. It was beautiful. And she said yes! It truly was a beautiful moment, carefully planned and properly taken in!

Madison Beach Hotel hosted their wedding. The Madison Beach Hotel is an intimate, upscale boutique-style hotel, perfect for hosting wedding celebrations on the Connecticut Shoreline. The couple invited Around Town Entertainment to be a part of their very special day and we’re so happy that they did. The beautiful views and aesthetics combined with live music provided by Around Town Entertainment created an amazing backdrop as guests ate, drank, and celebrated the night away! 

The day started outside with a ceremony on the lawn overlooking the water while a pianist from Around Town Entertainment played acoustic background music– such a beautiful, intimate setting! It was exactly what Emily and Tyler had always dreamed of. Around Town Entertainment created a unique playlist designed for Emily and Tyler’s very own unique style. After the exchange of vows and kisses, guests enjoyed the sunset together, which was truly remarkable and made memories that will last a lifetime.

The guests then walked into the cocktail hour. They were able to overlook the water as they snacked on delectable and plentiful passed hors d’oeuvres and stations and helped themselves to open bars. With the sun quickly setting, a jazz trio from Around Town Entertainment entertained guests with charming music accompanying the lovely views of the water!

Next, guests made their way into the massive ballroom for the reception. Waiting there was Around Town Entertainment’s A-List Band. The wedding band started their playlist with “Love on Top” Beyonce as the bride and groom made their grand appearance. The stage was glamorous as it looked prettier than we could have even imagined. From the table settings to the flowers to the packed dance floor, the night was a dream. 

The A-List Band executed a well-designed playlist from Emily and Tyler’s requests including a mix of songs from the Motown/funk and classic dance genres throughout the night. Guests didn’t want the evening to end and neither did we as they remained on the dancefloor! 

It was the happiest day of Emily and Tyler’s life. Around Town Entertainment was so happy to have been a part of their love story.

We wish them an amazing life together! 

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Around the World 

Around the World  150 150 adam Michael

When Samantha met Matthew at a party, it was love at first sight. They have been inseparable ever since. They have been all over the world together working for San Jose State University. They loved to travel around Europe and had a lot of fun hiking, camping, and doing things they both love.

In fact, Samantha was working in the Czech Republic in the summer of 2019 for the University when Matthew decided to meet up to make it a European trip. They then flew from Prague to Munich where they took a train to Budapest. There they stayed for several days checking out the sights and having a blast in a country they both have never been to. 

After that, they flew from Budapest to Paris so that they could spend three days at Disney Paris! Samantha was a huge fan of Disney and it was a dream of hers to go there since childhood. When they arrived at Disney Paris, they did everything (rides, food, parades, etc.). Matthew surprised her with an amazing dinner at a fancy, secluded 5 star restaurant. They then stayed up to watch the fireworks since they both loved them so much. 

When the firework show ended, Matthew proposed to Samantha by going on one knee and holding the ring box. It was magical and awesome! From Paris they flew to Munich to spend two days in Munich before the long flight back home to California.

When they got back to California, they immediately planned their wedding. Having grown up on the other side of Bethpage Park, the couple always had an eye on the Heritage Club in Farmingdale, New York. They had family there so it made perfect sense to book their dream wedding at a venue upstate. 

The Heritage Club at Bethpage stands as one of the most celebrated event venues in New York State. The venue itself is beautifully designed, and their wedding day on December 31, 2020 was absolutely perfect! 

The evening started with cocktails in The Heritage Room where a jazz trio from Around Town Entertainment played classical music as friends and family arrived. Guests raved about the music wedding, describing the scene as “simply elegant.”

After that, guests moved to the Ballroom for dinner and more dancing. The Ballroom was breathtaking with floor to ceiling windows all around the room that showed the views of the golf course. The Around Town Band introduced the bride and groom by playing the hit song “December 1963 (Oh What A Night)” by Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons. The couple then held their first dance while the wedding band played a cover of “The Way You Look Tonight” by Frank Sinatra. Next the father and daughter held a slow dance to “Drive” by The Cars, while the mother and son performed a special rendition of “Humble and Kind” Tim McGraw. 

At midnight, the bride and groom held another special dance to “You Make My Dreams Come True” by Hall & Oates to ring in the New Year. The rest of the night  was highlighted by an assortment of old school hits from pop to rock including covers of Billy Joel, Ace of Base, Sting, The Police, Culture Club, Billy Idol, Dead Or Alive, and so much more! The venue rolled out the red carpets and the music delivered was beyond AMAZING! 

Thanks to Samantha and Matthew for a wonderful start to 2021! They are the A-team!!!!

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Back at One

Back at One 150 150 adam Michael

Krysten and Michael met at an event they were invited to by a mutual friend in New York City. After the event, they followed each other on Instagram and kept in contact but had no expectations of it going any further because Krysten lived in Texas and Michael resided in New York at the time. The two could no longer ignore how they felt and the two decided to enter into a long-distance relationship a year later.  After some time, Krysten was able to get transferred to NYC for work and ever since then, their chemistry has been unmatched.  

The engagement proposal occurred as a second surprise gift from Michael for Krysten’s birthday. On the day of the proposal, the limo service picked up the couple and they made their way to the Midtown area of New York City. After amazing conversation over an exquisite lobster tail, salmon, and cocktails, the limo service picked them up and took them to the second location. The pair walked into the venue and blasting out the speaker was Brian McKnight’s “Back at One” with a few of their closest family members and friends in attendance. Michael was able to deliver his speech and successfully get down on one knee, and the rest was a dream come true!

After long hours of planning, Michael and Krysten chose The Highlands Country Club at Garrison, NY for their destination wedding. They also secured Around Town Entertainment’s After Party Band as the musical act for the evening! Everything was finally in place for their special moments. 

From the start, the wedding took our breath away. The space had so much charm and it was the perfect venue to play in. The pianist from Around Town Entertainment took advantage of the gorgeous outdoor grounds and played an emotional set for the ceremony. Every moment from the bride walking down the aisle to the exchange of vows had a feeling full of wedding vibes like we never felt before. The venue also made guests feel properly secluded while surrounded by the rolling mountains in the Hudson Valley creating an intimate modern luxury meets old-world charm feel. 

The transition to cocktail hour and then the reception was also seamless. Around Town Entertainment provided a jazz trio that played the classic standards and spirited music as guests mingled and relaxed. The views of the outdoor grounds and twinkling lights set a very romantic scene. 

Krysten and Michael’s wedding reception was intimate, with 80 guests. The Main Ballroom was set up with plenty of room in the lovely lounge area with plush furniture in front of the dancefloor. The huge fireplace was a unique touch, filled with photo frames of Krysten and Michael as guests entered the building.  The guests felt encouraged to dance from the high energy music and the dance floor was always packed as the After Party Band played the bride and groom’s requests to include covers from classic artists like Rod Stewart, George Strait, and many more all night! 

From the jazz trio, fireplaces, chandeliers to the beautiful bride and groom, this was a gorgeous and truly special wedding. What an amazing place to get married. Our hope is to play here again one day!

Congratulations Krysten and Michael!

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Caught on Film

Caught on Film 150 150 adam Michael

It was freshman year at college in New York when Dana first met Leigh. They became friends and it turned into something more several years after the two had graduated. At that time, Dana was working in retail merchandising in Manhattan and Leigh was employed at a tech company in San Jose, California. Though miles separated them, their relationship flourished. After two years and 100+ flights, Dana knew they’d be together forever when Leigh moved north to live in Brooklyn.

Though the subject of marriage didn’t come up in conversation, the 10 weddings they attended in one calendar year certainly brought it to mind. Dana felt the time was right to propose. But it wouldn’t be just a simple kneel-and-present-the-ring kind of situation. 

The setting was at the San Francisco Ferry Building, one of Leigh’s favorite spots in the city and one of the most coveted tourist destinations in the world. Dana had to stage 8 “stations” across the building, each with a person from Leigh’s life there to guide her through to the next one. Right when she was dropped off at the Ferry Building, she was greeted with an embrace from one of her college roommates. From there, she was taken to other stations, where she was met by other friends, who either performed a flash-mob line-dance, painted a portrait for her, strummed a song on a guitar, posed for a picture, or recapped a poignant memory from their friendship. 

Close to the final station, her mom, dad, brothers, and sister-in-law, who had also flown in for this, greeted her. That’s when she broke down. The final station was theoretically set up to be another moment she would never forget: getting proposed to!

They were married at the Madison Hotel in Morristown, N.J. The Madison Hotel is gorgeous.. think vintage victorian. So we were beyond happy when Dana and Leigh invited Around Town Entertainment to play on their special day!

The ceremony took place at The Madison Hotel’s beautiful Conservatory.  The planters and decor in the Conservatory set a lovely atmosphere for a wedding in any season. From the walk down the aisle to the exchange of vows, Around Town Entertainment created a musical journey that expressed Dana and Leigh’s individuality and transformed the exchange of vows into a moment that they will treasure forever. The pianist from Around Town Entertainment was also a stunning addition as he played a wonderful selection of emotional instrumentals perfect for the occasion all the way until the end of the ceremony!

The reception was held in the magnificent Glynallynn Ballroom. Around Town Entertainment’s Around Town Band was the main act for the evening. The stage was set inside the 4,000-square-foot Glynallynn Ballroom surrounded by magnificent chandeliers and warm ambient lighting. The wedding band set an intimate and stylish tone from the start with a cover of Bruno Mars “Treasure” as the bride and groom made their grand entrance.  Immediately everyone loved the music. Guests raved about the wedding band all night as the wedding band played a high-energy playlist for the rest of the night which included artists like Maroon 5, Ed Sheeran, and Fall Out Boy! What an absolutely exquisite wedding!

Thank you so much to Dana and Leigh! It was a truly amazing day!

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A Vintage New Year’s Eve Proposal

A Vintage New Year’s Eve Proposal 150 150 adam Michael

Lisa and Daniel met in a jazz ensemble at Berklee College of Music. Daniel was playing guitar and Lisa was a vocalist. A few days later they had a spontaneous hangout, and ended up staying up all night talking. Lisa was always amazed at how easy it was to talk to Daniel, and they quickly connected on so many levels. 

Then, on Daniel’s birthday, they hiked up a mountain in his hometown and Daniel asked Lisa to be his girlfriend as the sun set in. So romantic! They continued dating for months until Daniel told Lisa that he wanted to do New Year’s Eve together at home. Lisa loved the idea! 

What she didn’t know was that Daniel had already planned it four months in advance, and had everything right where he wanted. Over 100 people knew and somehow he managed to keep all of them from telling the big secret!

On New Year’s Eve, Lisa got off of work and rushed back home to get ready. When she arrived at home, the house was packed. She was so confused and shocked! A friend of hers escorted Lisa to a table that had a video playing of everyone she knew telling her that “something was getting ready to happen.”  

Lisa then stood in front of a large television that read “Our Future.” Daniel came on screen and told her that he wanted to “make it until forever” and wanted to show her what that might look like. He then popped out, got down on one knee, and told Lisa that she would make him the happiest man in the world if she would marry him. Of course, she said “yes”, to which he signaled to his friends outside with a walkie talkie.

All of a sudden, fireworks erupted outside, so they stepped out on the balcony and saw them. A huge cheer rose up to greet Lisa and Daniel as their friends and family came up to the main room to hug and celebrate. 

Lisa and Daniel married at The Stonehouse in Warren, New Jersey. Around Town Entertainment was chosen as the musical act for the evening and we were so excited to perform for them!  They had their cocktails and reception outside in The Lodge and it was the perfect setting. The cocktail hour was filled with great food and music. The jazz trio from Around Town Entertainment played music as guests enjoyed the beautifully rustic, yet urban venue. Perfect for the moment!

As guests sat down for the reception, the charming atmosphere and vibe continued.  From the music of Around Town Entertainment’s A-List band to the stunning grounds, guests were filled with smiles as they ate, drank, and danced all night! There were even amazing fire pits outside to cool off!

The music and dancing lasted far until the early morning. With years of experience, The A-List band played a wide assortment of classics and Top 40 hits while also including the bride and groom’s favorites such as  The Doors and Celine Dion.  The Lodge room remained packed as the A-List Band performed continuous high energy dance music to keep the bride and groom and their guests dancing all night.  The crowd was elated! There were a lot of new memories made. It was a wonderful experience from start to finish!

Best wishes to Lisa and Daniel!

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