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July 2020

A Night at Florentine Gardens

A Night at Florentine Gardens 150 150 adam Michaels

A Night at Florentine Gardens

We were happy to finally play at The Estate at Florentine Gardens back on June 30, 2019.  It was another beautiful day with lots of love and affection! The lucky couple on this special day was Kirk and Andrea. They were so cute together! 

The Estate at Florentine Gardens was picked by the bride and groom because of its elegant and seductive style. The couple exchanged vows on the great lawn of this beautiful property while Around Town Entertainment’s pianist played musical classics on a piano while Kirk and Andrea walked down the aisle while a cover of Tpain “I’m Sprung” was performed by the wedding jazz trio.  It was a picture-perfect moment in our hearts!

Then, it was time for cocktails and more music!  Upon arrival, Around Town Entertainment provided the jazz trio for the night. Inside, guests were charmed and delighted as the trio’s music greeted them under a stunning crystal chandelier, majestic fireplace, sweeping mahogany staircase, and baby grand piano. 

We had the opportunity to play the main set inside The Grand Ballroom in front of 360 guests! Couldn’t have pictured a better moment! We were surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows and an impressive 25-foot-high ceiling! As the music continued on throughout the night, guests were enjoying the lavish dinner and seductive fireplaces. There was even 10-foot crystal chandeliers, and a magnificent Juliet balcony – perfect for tossing of the bouquet or for that special photo opportunity with the band! 

The Alternative band from Around Town Entertainment set the night for the evening with songs such as “Wonderwall” by Oasis and “Sky Full of Stars” by Coldplay as the couple had their first dance and first kiss. The guests then moved outdoors on a perfect night’s eve to enjoy their sit down dinner.

As soon as they came back, the wedding band from Around Town Band Entertainment took the stage and played a magnificent throwback set to delight the guests. The bride and groom made their first kiss while the Alternative Band played a cover of “Love Someone” by Lukas Graham.   

The wedding band set the room on fire with the bride and groom’’s personal favorite dance hits selections. Songs like “We Found Love”,  “Call Me Maybe” were played throughout the night!

As the bride cut the cake, they selected “Cinema” by Benny Benassi as the last song of the night. The guests grew excited and the band did not disappoint! It got really loud at one point! The night ended with a wild bang and it was quite a magical journey!

We want to thank Kirk and Andrea for this amazing opportunity.  Around Town Entertainment was thrilled to be chosen by extraordinary clients as the selected New York wedding music and entertainment.

The Alternative Band brings high energy experience to every event. The bands elite, talented and studied musicians have toured with some of today’s top artists. They have been featured as artists and musicians in their own right on major records and have graced some of the world’s biggest stages. 

Book them today! 

Falling in Love in Garrison

Falling in Love in Garrison 150 150 adam Michaels

Falling in Love in Garrison

November 16, 2019 was the special day of Elizabeth and Jacob! The event took place at The Garrison in Garrison, NY. The couple chose the Authority Band for their New York wedding music entertainment. What a spectacular day it was!

First, the Authority Band took the stage in the Ceremony Garden, a spectacular outdoor space. With the Hudson River and surrounding Highlands as backdrops, it set the stage for an unforgettable sunset.

Then the guests enjoyed dinner and toasts as the trio from Around Town Entertainment set the mood in The River Room. With its light, airy, and serene atmosphere, the River Room features floor-to-ceiling windows for stunning views of the river and access to alfresco decks and terraces, all with the same lovely views. Designed by internationally renowned designer Tony Chi, it is furnished in a palette of cream, mushroom, and sage as a neutral background for your wedding décor. This spacious banquet space accommodated up to 200 guests for dinner and dancing all night long!

The band introduced the bridal party with the song “The Way I Am” Ingrid Michaelson and the bride and groom to “I Want it That Way” Backstreet Boys. The couple chose “The Way you Look Tonight” Sinatra as their official first dance. For their special wedding parent dance songs, they selected “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri. The dance floor was packed for a true dance party wedding celebration. The band played the specially requested songs, “Perfect” Ed Sherran, “Just The Way You Are” Bruno Mars, “Africa” Toto and “September” by Earth Wind Fire. In addition, the band played a true mix of the current top 40 hits and wedding classic songs. The crowd screamed for more music when the night ended, and the NYC Live Music was thrilled to oblige!

The venue was also beautiful! No matter no time of the month, The Garrison always offers superlative views to pair with any wedding day. Just an hour north of Manhattan, this countryside retreat is set among 300 stunning acres with an exceptional view of the Hudson River and the distant Catskill mountains! 

This was another beautiful showcase by Around Town Entertainment. Around Town Entertainment is proud to have been chosen as the best NY wedding band, NJ wedding band, and CT wedding band in 2020. 

Authority Band brings high energy experience to each event, with the right balance of sophistication and polish. The bands elite, talented, and studied musicians have toured with some of today’s top artists. They have been featured as artists and musicians in their own right on major records and have graced some of the world’s biggest stages. 

We recognize the extreme importance of creating the perfect event, so from the first introduction to the day of the event, each client is given specialized attention, which entails customizing music for each event, professional and immediate attention to detail, and bringing the exact desired effect to each event.  Book Around Town Entertainment today! 

Congratulations Elizabeth and Jacob! We wish you well!

A Visit to Indian Trail Club

A Visit to Indian Trail Club 150 150 adam Michaels

A Visit to Indian Trail Club

Jennie and Jason looked amazing on their big day! One of the beautiful days New York has seen in quite some time!

Jennie and Jason had a great crowd of all ages who danced the night away. They chose the Around Town Band from Around Town Entertainment for their wedding. The wedding ceremony and celebration were at the New York wedding venue, Indian Trail Club.

Working alongside the Indian Trail Club for the evening was joyous. The music and drinks flowed beautifully, and so did the champagne as everyone poured onto the dance floor for their favorite songs from Van Morrison to Michael Buble! Such a beautiful day with waterfront views seen through their floor to ceiling windows and with an overall stunning layout.

Indian Trail Club is a private country club located in Franklin Lakes with lakefront views. They only host one wedding at a time, ensuring that the lake house is yours for the day. The sophisticated and rustic property is embellished with stunning trees and colorful flowers. At Indian Trail Club, all guests experienced gracious service and flavorful cuisine.

Everyone mingled on The Terrace with lake views and charming natural surroundings as the Around Town Band band played hit after hit. The bride and groom chose “I’ll Make Love to You” by Boyz to Men for the wedding processional song and the bride chose “I Can Love You Like That” by All 4 One for her processional wedding bride’s song. For the wedding recessional song, they chose “Lovely Day” by Bill Withers. After the jazz trio from Around Town Entertainment serenaded the guests during the cocktail hour, the excited crowd moved to the reception.

The New York wedding entertainment Around Town Entertainment, welcomed the bride and groom into their wedding entrance song “Mr. Brightside” by The Killers. This was also their first official wedding dance song. For the wedding parent dance songs, they chose “I Choose You” by Mario. There was also a jubilant Hora that started the exciting dance event!

The crowd danced the night away to all their favorite songs including the bride’s requested songs “I Swear” by All 4 One and “Back at One” by Brian McKnight. The evening began with an elegant jazz trio for the cocktail hour.  Then all guests moved into the reception where the band literally played every style of music in the book, including some of their special song requests.

The bride and groom really wanted classic songs from Coldplay, John Mayer, and pretty much through the decades up to the most current top 40 songs. The dance floor was packed the moment the band started the dance set. Even as the main course was being served, the guests just kept dancing!

The Around Town Band and Around Town Entertainment would like to thank Jennie and Jason and their families for allowing us to be part of their special day. What an exciting night celebrating the wedding of these two amazing people!

We wish them all the best in their lifetime together!

You’ve Got Mail!

You’ve Got Mail! 150 150 adam Michaels

You've Got Mail!

Diane, 30, who works in public relations, and Jeffrey, 26, a graduate student in philosophy at SUNY, both from Brooklyn, met after he answered her posting on Craigslist. When Diane told us how she met boyfriend Jeffrey through Craigslist, we had to ask for the entire story!  

Finding love – or even a quick fling – was not Diane’s primary motivation when she placed the ad for a roommate in her leased Bedford-Stuyvesant brownstone. Around 35 people responded, and Diane found herself particularly interested in the witty response of Jeffrey, a philosophy student recently back from studying in Germany. It was rather awkward, because Jeffrey ended up coming to see the apartment at the same time as Diane’s cousin.

But Diane loved his tenacity. He made some joke about anticipating a fight to the death, which really made her laugh. She liked him because he was smart, good-looking and kind of sweet. That night, she told a girlfriend she had a crush on Roman. At first, she didn’t want to offer him the room because she knew that it could be a romance killer.  

In the end, it wasn’t an issue! Diane’s cousin decided he wanted to move in after all. He was family, so Diane decided to keep with the original plan. She eventually called up Jeffrey to tell him the news but she was happy to show him around the neighborhood. Jeffrey was disappointed he didn’t get the room, but gladly took the tour as a consolation prize. We are so glad he did! 

On December 1, 2019, Jeffrey and Diane decided to get married! They invited Around Town Entertainment to play at the wedding at the very romantic Le Chateau. Le Chateau offers both historical details and modern luxuries. This magical 25 – acre estate was the perfect background to a beautiful wedding for the wedding their once in a lifetime celebration. It felt like a rare jewel where past and present come together: the timeless elegance of a country estate with the sophistication and service of Manhattan!

The reception was held at a private, lushly landscaped garden with beautiful arbors overlooking the hills of the Hudson Valley. The magnificent ballroom venue took our breath away and was absolutely perfect. Not only was the venue beautiful with a grand entrance filled with votive candles and lanterns, rustic cocktail hour room, picture perfect sunset, stunning ballroom with fairytale chandeliers, spacious bridal suite), but the music was top notch too! 

Around Town Entertainment brought in Around Town Band to perform for the evening. They accommodated every song request to truly make the wedding special. They played hits from John Legend to Elton John while the guests enjoyed hors d’oeuvres and cocktails. We overheard many comments from the bride and groom on how wonderful the music was. The music kept everyone dancing all night! What a stunning venue and absolutely perfect place to get married! We couldn’t have performed at a better wedding! 

The Around Town Band brings high energy experience to every event. They have elite, talented and studied musicians that have toured with some of today’s top artists. Book them today! for the best New York Wedding band and corporate entertainment

The Love Connection

The Love Connection 150 150 adam Michaels

The Love Connection

Jill, 23, a legal secretary and Andrew, 23, a police officer from Union City, N.J., met on a US Airways plane. When Jill boarded her flight between Newark and Charlotte, N.C., she was looking forward to some quiet time alone with her magazine.

But the moment the neighboring seat was occupied by good-looking stranger Andrew, she sensed the latest issue of Cosmopolitan could wait. Jill asked her if she had gum and then he bought her a bottle of water. Elizabeth was immediately struck by his friendly, laid-back attitude. What a nice guy! 

By the time the plane reached Charlotte, the pair were chatting like old friends. They had a 90-minute layover before taking separate onward flights and continued their flirtatious conversation in Starbucks. Even though they were visiting family in different parts of Florida, Andrew suggested they meet up right away. This was perfect for Elizabeth, who had recently separated from her husband after three years of marriage. She thought it was crazy, but she agreed. 

A few days later, Andrew drove more than 400 miles from Orlando to Fort Lauderdale and back to escort her to a Halloween night at Universal Studios. Jill was so flattered she asked him if it was a real date! He promised her it was as long as it ends in a kiss.  So she made sure that happened and leaned over and kissed him! What a cute story! 

The theme park visit was such a success they met up the day Andrew returned to New Jersey when he introduced Jill to his family. His mom was hoping that Andrew proposed because their babies would have the most gorgeous green eyes. 

Five months on, amid talk of moving in together, the romance had truly blossomed. Jill loved the way that, as a tough-guy cop, Andrew is her ultimate protector and also so trusting and kind. They say love happens when you least expect it. It had to be fate. And sure it was!

On March 8, 2020, they officially became husband and wife. They asked Around Town Entertainment to provide the live music entertainment and we were so happy to do so. 

Their special day was held at The Liberty House.  The Liberty House is a waterfront wedding venue in Jersey City, New Jersey. The location specializes in memorable wedding ceremonies and receptions. Boasting magnificent views of the Manhattan skyline, the venue is dedicated to tantalizing the senses of its guests with its award winning cuisine, handcrafted decor and lavish grounds. Designed to enchant, the venue features beautifully manicured gardens, private cabanas and fire-side seating. Classic and unforgettable, Liberty House is the ideal location for a wedding for the perfect couple!

 On this beautiful day, the Liberty House was packed with 500 of Andrew and Jill’s closest family and friends. The evening began with an elegant jazz trio from Around Town Entertainment for the cocktail hour.  Then all guests moved into the reception where the band literally played every style of music in the book, including some of their special song requests. Andrew and Jill really wanted pop songs from Jessica Simpson, Katy Perry, and Train, so the band played the most current top 40 songs. 

The dance floor was packed the moment the band started the dance set. Even as the main course was being served, the guests just kept dancing! The night ended with classic tunes from the band like Frank Sinatra and Journey. Very appropriate to close a lovely evening!

Congratulations Jill and Andrew!

Deep Diving in Romance

Deep Diving in Romance 150 150 adam Michaels

Deep Diving in Romance

Lauren and Scott both met in the Upper West Side, met in a swimming pool in their apartment building. Few women look their best wearing swimming goggles and a tight rubber cap, but Lauren first caught Scott’s eye when she was busy completing laps in the pool of their apartment building.

Scott noticed a flaw in her left arm stroke and suggested a way to correct it. He thought she was really attractive. So they started chatting and Lauren, a newcomer to the complex, followed his advice on her technique, thinking little more about it. A short time later, however she spotted him on the subway and waved hello. Unfortunately, Scott didn’t recognize her and it was somewhat embarrassing. Scott felt so bad he wrote a note of apology, added his e-mail address, and pushed it under her apartment door. Lucky for him, Lauren was single and responded immediately.

Within days they went for drinks at a nearby French restaurant. After that, Scott charmed his would-be girlfriend with a flurry of clever, flirty emails. They didn’t actually kiss until the third date. It was at the door of Lauren’s apartment and it felt a bit odd at first, because he always left to go to another apartment in the same building.

Now, 13 months on, all awkwardness is gone. On February 22, 2020, Lauren and Scott got married. What a relief! Around Town Entertainment is proud to have performed at their wedding at SECOND, a premier New York City event space that offers end-to-end production, superb client service and unparalleled culinary expertise. The intersection of personability and ease, SECOND is a standout, scaleable venue. Located above bustling 6th Avenue in Chelsea, SECOND is as convenient as it is noteworthy. 

It was an amazing night of dancing and celebrations. The bride and groom made their grand entrance to a Pitbull and LMFAO classic as the guests cheered! Next was the moment for the bride and groom to take their first dance. They chose the beautiful acoustic version of “Vienna” by Billy Joel. All guests poured onto the dance floor to join the bride and groom on this dance and then it was time to party! 

The guests really loved the most current top 40 hits and the band was thrilled to play everyone of their requests! The party never stopped, even when it was time for the last song of the night. The crowd chanted for more music! The wedding band, Authority Band, played an encore song and the crowd went wild! These guests really came to dance and couldn’t get enough! What an exciting wedding!

The Authority Band always brings high energy experience to every event. They have elite, talented and studied musicians that have toured with some of today’s top artists. Book them today!

Around Town Entertainment was thrilled to have been chosen by our clients as the best New York wedding music. For all your New York wedding band needs, please visit

Cheers to Lauren and Scott on your big day!

A Country Club Wedding Celebration

A Country Club Wedding Celebration 150 150 adam Michaels

A Country Club Wedding Celebration

The evening was October 19, 2019 at the beautiful country club set for a king and queen to be wed. The Oak Hill Country Club in Rochester, New York, was the perfect setting for the perfect couple.  Alexandra and Gerald became Mr. Vanderstyne on this evening.

The couple chose the Around Town Band from Around Town Entertainment as their band.  The band came from New York City to perform for this great celebration.

The jazz trio from Around Town Entertainment entertained the guests as they made their way into the Presidential Room.  The guests were so excited after experiencing the intimate ceremony earlier that day at the University of Rochester Interfaith Chapel.

The jazz trio played an assortment of jazz standards and swing selections from the 1950’s.  This was the right mix of music for this elegant crowd.   The parents of the bride and groom were elated and so happy to see their great planning come together.

The guests then moved to the South Lawn Tent where they were invited to enjoy the wedding reception.  And what a bash it was!  The evening was filled with high energy and excitement.  The guests came ready for a party and quite ready to dance the night away.

First it was important to give Alexandra and Gerald Vanderstyne a grand entrance into the reception room where the guests could cheer them on.  The band played the couple’s selected song “Raise Your Glass” by the artist Pink for their bridal party to enter, but they chose the song “Born to Love You” By Lanco as their personal entrance song.  The crowd roared as they made their way to the dance floor to have their very first dance as husband and wife.  The first dance song performed by the band was “Drunk On You” which was the perfect Country song for a first dance by Luke Bryan.    They went right into the next special dance moments with their parents.   The bride took a dance with her father to the beautiful song “Isn’t She Lovely” by Stevie Wonder.  What a classic and perfect choice for the father looking at his stunning daughter on her wedding day.  The groom then escorted his mom to the dance floor and they danced to the song “Most People Are Good” by Luke Bryan.  This was a unique and great choice for the moment.

There were also some very special songs that the family asked the band to prepare.  The song “Friends In Low Places” by Garth Brooks was a family favorite and also a dedication song for a guest who was celebrating their birthday.  But they loved Beyonce too!  So “Love On Top” was a song the band made sure to play to have the family on their feet and singing along.

What an amazing night with all guests celebrating late into the evening with the band.  The 9 piece band consisted of 4 lead singers, with piano, bass, drums, guitar, sax and trumpet.  It was the focal point of the evening and the party was a huge success.

Around Town Entertainment was honored to have been selected for this exclusive Rochester New York Wedding.   When looking for a New York City wedding band one can visit our website to view live and unedited videos of each of our five bands.

Brief Encounters on the PATH

Brief Encounters on the PATH 150 150 adam Michaels

Brief Encounters on the PATH

Sophie and Seth are both from Brooklyn. They first met on the PATH train. Like the plot of the classic film “Brief Encounter” set in a railway terminal, Sophie and Seth’s meeting was impossibly romantic.

“We’d noticed each other at the PATH station at Liberty View for months,” recalls Lauren, who commutes to Jersey City every day from her home in Brooklyn. “I’m 5-foot-10-inches tall so it cuts down the number of eligible guys because I don’t like to tower over them.”

Seth is 6-foot-3 inches tall and really stood out from the crowd. He was smartly dressed and Sophie couldn’t help thinking he was good-looking and sexy. The two regularly exchanged admiring glances but neither was brave enough to act on them.

Six months went by and, although they always rode in the same overcrowded first car, almost rubbing shoulders, nothing was said. Then, of all the days Seth finally chose to finally speak to Sophie. “He was in the seat next to me and asked if I worked in his building. I told him I didn’t, but it was enough to break the ice.” The rest was history.

It was a sunny evening last July and Seth walked her to her express bus stop near Ground Zero before asking for her phone number. It was her turn to be brave. She literally said, ‘What you really mean is that you want my phone number,’ “says Lauren. Two days later he called to arrange a date.  They had a meal before flirting over drinks at the atmospheric One If By Land, Two If By Sea restaurant in the West Village.

Their instincts were right because they got along famously and soon became an item. On June 3, 2018, they got married. The best part is that they invited Around Town Entertainment to play at the wedding at the most romantic spot- India House in Manhattan!

India House has a long and distinguished heritage tied into the formation of lower Manhattan as well as the history of business and commerce of New York. Now the venue itself…indescribable! As you walked up the cobblestone streets, there were chandeliers glowing inside through the windows and it felt like being transported back to a different time in NYC. 

Once you step inside, that feeling does not go away! It was beautiful, historical, and so unique for a wedding. There were a little over 200 people at the ceremony.  As Sophie and Seth exchanged vows, a pianist provided by Around Town Entertainment played classic hits from Celine Dion to Britney Spears, putting the mitis touch on the couple’s official first kiss.  

After that, Around Town Entertaintment’s Altitude Band continued on the night playing hit after hit during the cocktail hour and dinner. The venue rocked the 9-piece band that was perfect for dancing! Everyone we talked to loved the music from the wedding band! 

The Altitude Band always brings high energy experience to every event. They have elite, talented and studied musicians that have toured with some of today’s top artists. Book them today!

Thank you for choosing Around Town Entertainment, Sophie and Seth! 

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Swipe Right for Love

Swipe Right for Love 150 150 adam Michaels

Swipe Right for Love

It comes down to an odd Profile on Tinder and a very understanding woman who took a chance on a lucky guy in Brooklyn.

Even though she never saw The Big Lebowski and had no idea what his profile was referencing she loved the simple picture of him and his grandparents. After a few weeks of talking through the app and on the phone, Jessica and Benjamin finally had a faithful date at Bryant Park’s Winter Village, where they talked, drank wine, and had amazing hot chocolate!

From then on there were nights of ordering from her favorite Pizzeria in the Bronx, eating pickle ice pops, watching Star Wars films, and dancing with their handsome cat Newman. Though their interests are so diverse, from his odd fascination in Super Heroes and Horror to her intense dedication to the protection and care for every living animal on this earth, they share a bond and commitment to each other that can never be broken.

On May 5, 2019, the union of these two souls destined to meet had their future created together forever. We were delighted when they asked Around Town Entertainment to play at their wedding. We also had a special set for this evening ready to go! 

They held their special day at the Westmount Country Club in Woodland Park, New Jersey. For over fifty years, the legendary One & Only Westmount Country Club has been a one-of-a-kind wedding location that we’ve dreamed of playing at. 

As we entered into the palatial estate, we were welcomed with a grand drive up cobblestone accented with decorative wrought iron gates, flowers, and romantic street lights. The renowned property offered timeless elegance and peaceful seclusion. On this perfect wedding day, we were are on 30 acres of pristine landscaping overlooking the picturesque Garret Mountain. Wow!

Sparkling Champagne awaited guests as they arrived for the ceremony. The pianist from Around Town Entertainment played Elton John and The Beatles as the bride and groom made their entrance. Their first kiss was in front of a picturesque outdoor and a beautiful lighted gazebo, fronted by a sculptured fountain and waterfall that created the perfect setting for the wedding ceremony! 

After that, the celebrations continued into the Grand Ballroom for cocktails and reception! The Grand Ballroom was an intimate setting with its large picture windows overlooking the scenic Garrett Mountain, and lots of natural light. It almost created an ideal ambiance for a picture perfect wedding ceremony. Picture perfect!

The couple’s first dance wedding song was “Yeah 3x” by Chris Brown performed by Around Town Entertainment’s A-List Band. Legendary! The bride chose “I’ll Be Loving You Always” by Stevie Wonder as her father and daughter wedding song. “Your Song” by Elton John was the selected song for the Mother and son wedding song. The bride and groom also got to hear some of their favorite wedding dance songs played by the band from Michael Jackson to Sade as guests danced and laughed all night.

Around Town Entertainment was thrilled to have been chosen by our clients as the best New York wedding music and New Jersey wedding music. For all your New Jersey wedding band needs, please visit