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November 2022

Now Everything Is Easy… Because of You!

Now Everything Is Easy… Because of You! 1400 852 adam Michaels

It’s a tale as old as time: boy and girl swipe right. Boy and girl match. Boy and girl start texting everyday. And, before they know it… they’ve fallen for each other! This past weekend, we got the chance to celebrate a love that resulted from this very crucible: Alexis and Richard’s! They had plenty of dates over the years, from IKEA to Terra, and everything in between! Four short years later… they were engaged! We joined them in Brooklyn, at the Box House Hotel, and while the weather may have been particularly chilly, we were ecstatic to tag along!

On the rooftop of Box House, with the sun just beginning to set (curse you, Daylight Savings!), our ATE pianist, was set to go! As guests arrived, our pianist played a playful blend of music, so that by the time that he lead the processional, “Yellow”, they were warmed up for the ceremony! Between “Landslide” for the Bride’s song, and “Blackbird” for the recessional, everyone was delighted by the keys! And, before they knew it, it was time for the next step… the cocktail hour!

As the party transitioned over to the cocktail hour, the guests were welcomed by a jazz trio! The guests grooved, mingled, and drank, as the band began setting up for the main event… the reception! Before long, the hand hit the final hour, and it was time to transition over. And well timed, too, as more and more of the party was ready to cut a rug!

Once the party had taken their seats, it was time to get the night started! The band got the ball rolling with “Love On Top”, as Alexis and Richard entered as husband and wife! The newlyweds looked gorgeous! They took their positions on the dance floor, and Katrina dealt out another song: this time, it was their first dance! “Our House” was the perfect song for Alexis and Richard, but it wasn’t the last song of the night! After dinner, and some other treats, the dance floor opened up for all those who were interested in cutting a rug! The Around Town vocalists were happy to oblige! They blessed the reception with “Valerie” and “Dancing On My Own”, and treated everyone with “Float On”! Over the course of the night, everything from Whitney Houston to Gotye was played and everyone had a ball dancing! Just another day at the best job in the world… celebrating life’s happiest moments!

Bringing Big Energy!

Bringing Big Energy! 2560 1711 adam Michaels

We’ve been all over the northeastern corner of the United States, and we love to travel! Whether it be at a venue with a beautiful view of the Big Apple skyline, a romantically classic clubhouse in Connecticut, or a scenic riverside New Jersey hall, we always have a great time lending music to weddings! Every locale has its charm, but there is something extra special about the simplicity of the more rustic settings. And this weekend we got to spend some time in a delightful spot: Arrow Park in upstate New York, celebrating Kristen and Michael!

Surrounded by the absolutely stunning garden, guests were immediately welcomed by the beautiful musical collaboration of our Around Town Entertainment pianist and cellist! The dynamic duo played plenty of gorgeous tunes, including “You Are The Reason” and “Can’t Help Falling In Love”; and by the time they played “Love On Top” as the recessional, everyone was wiping tears from their cheeks! Kristen and Michael were officially wed!

From there, the party made their way inside the mansion, where the cocktail hour had already begun! Our jazz trio were all set and ready to go! The guests could hardly stop their grooving. By the time the hour was up, everyone was ready to do some more dancing… after some dinner and some exciting romantic moments, of course!

Inside the courtyard tent, the guests took their seats, and we got the night started! The band’s rendition of “Big Energy” was exactly what the reception called for–and it welcomed Kristen and Michael as they made their debut as husband and wife! Shortly thereafter, they took the floor, and Katrina crooned out their first dance, “I Love You, Baby”!

After so many beautiful moments, the party was ready for their chance to cut loose. And good thing, too, because we brought our A game! From Taylor Swift to Elton John, and everything in between, the guests had plenty to great songs to dance to! That said, we made sure to include some of Kristen and Michael’s favorites. From the band’s stellar take on “Juice”, to “Sugar We’re Going Down Swinging”, and a roof-raising “Mr. Brightside”, we definitely had some highlights! When the clock struck ten, and our carriage turned into a pumpkin, hardly anyone wanted to go home–including us! Congratulations to the happy couple!

Turning the Pages of Our Future

Turning the Pages of Our Future 1464 912 adam Michaels

Here at Around Town Entertainment, we do love getting the chance to see the beauty of the Northeastern United States. But, as an NYC based band, we do have our New York State pride–so when we get the chance to celebrate someone’s wedding in the Empire State, we are super excited! And this past weekend, we got to celebrate Geena and Kyle in Salem! Romantic, stately, and serene, the skyline may not be in view, but Le Chateau’s beauty is so vast that you hardly even miss it! So what else was there to do but get ready to party?

With the ceremony completed, Geena and Kyle had tied the knot just moments before–and we were already prepped to get started! The cocktail hour began, featuring the skills of our jazz trio. The party mingled and drank… and warmed up for the dancing that awaited them just beyond the next room! Finally, when the time came, the party set down their drinks and hustled over to their tables, ready for the main event!

And the main event had truly arrived! To kick off the evening, the band announced the entrance of the bridal party with “Getting Jiggy With It”! From there, Geena and Kyle officially debuted as husband and wife, and the band announced it with “I’m Your Boogeyman”! Once the cheers finally died down, Geena and Kyle got in position for their first dance, which the Around Town vocalists swiftly delivered! After their beautiful take on “Turning Page”, there was hardly a dry eye in the house–so why not rip the bandaid off, and head right into the parent/child dances? Geena and her father danced to “God Bless the Boy”, and Kyle and his mother danced to “Days Like This”, both sung beautifully by the male vocalist.

It was time for a sweet treat, and what better treat than some cake? While the cake was being dealt out, the band dealt out “Suga Suga”, a perfect fit for everyone’s sweet tooth! With so many traditional festivities done and passed, it was time for some good old-fashioned dancing! From the Jackson 5, to Madonna, to Nikki Minaj, and everything in between, the party broke out their dancing shoes and truly cut a rug! As the night finally came to a close, the city lights paved the way for everyone to return home. And what a gorgeous sight it was! Congratulations to the happy couple!

No Matter The Weather, I’ll Keep You Dry

No Matter The Weather, I’ll Keep You Dry 1464 912 adam Michaels

There are plenty of absolutely knock-you-out, starry-eyed places to hold a wedding in New York City. After all, the Big Apple is not at a shortage of beautiful sights, so to get married in some of those venues is a no brainer! But if the city that never sleeps is beyond your speed, there is a very reasonable alternative: why not take a little trip across the river to New Jersey? With the water just below, and the skyline stretching out on the horizon, it’s a formidable option for gorgeous views. And we’d know firsthand, as we got the chance to celebrate Chloe and Mark at the beginning of November at Battello!

With the big windows behind him, our Around Town Entertainment pianist, was already in place as the guests arrived, and welcomed them in with plenty of beautiful music! Over the course of the ceremony, he dished out perfect renditions of “Canon In D”, “Ocean Eyes”, and “This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)”. And before they knew it… the knots were tied!

From there, it was time for the cocktail hour! A bassist, guitarist, and pianist made up the jazz trio, and as the attending party entered, they were already setting the tone of the evening with some jams! The evening continued to unfold as everyone drank and mingled. And back in the main dining room, we were preparing for a stellar reception!

When the clock struck 7, the guests shimmied their way over to the main event! Once the guests took their seats, the Around Town Band welcomed in Chloe and Mark with “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”! The crowd was perfectly warmed up, and good timing, too, as Chloe and Mark took their places for the first dance! The band served up a beautiful rendition of “I’ll Keep You Dry”, and from there, continued on to serenade both of the mother/child dances! Chloe and her mother danced to “Isn’t She Lovely”, and Mark and his mother danced to “Days Like This”.

After so many emotional moments, the party was ready to let loose, and perfectly timed, too–because we had plenty of perfect dancing songs ready to go! The band played Chloe and Mark’s favorite songs, including “Mr. Brightside”,  “…Baby One More Time”, and “Into the Mystic”! As the night continued on even further, with songs from Toto to Sade, everyone danced away into the late hours of the night!

A Wish On A Dandelion Come True!

A Wish On A Dandelion Come True! 1638 762 adam Michaels

When it comes to first dates, everyone has been on some lukewarm, unspectacular ones for sure. So when you hear about people going on amazing first dates… you know it’s definitely a sign! For Jen and Luke, they experienced the latter! On their very first date to Dandelion in Philly, they hit it off immediately, and the rest was history! Two years later, after spending some time in Miami, they returned to Philadelphia… and Luke proposed! With some of their closest friends with them, they celebrated their engagement in the city where it all began! Now, just a hop, skip, and jump away in beautiful Spring Lake, they got the chance to celebrate again. And this time, it was when they tied the knot!

After a gorgeous ceremony offsite, the guests and attending party stepped into paradise at Spring Lake Bath and Tennis Club! The reception was only an hour away, and while we set up in ballroom, our jazz trio was ready to warm up the crowd! With our cocktail hour underway, the Around Town Entertinament’s jazz trio set the tone with some gentle, jazzy tunes. The guests got the chance to discuss the beautiful ceremony and build their anticipation for the main event… which quickly arrived, as the cocktail hour came to a close!

As the guests arrived into the ballroom and found their seats, the Authority Band was already in place and ready to get the night started! The first song was announcing the bridal party,  “Higher Love!” From there, it was time for the main event: Jen and Luke’s debut as newlyweds! As they made their way to the dance floor, our saxophonist, killed “Jubel”, and hyped up the crowd! From there, it was time for the first dance: “Love You For A Long Time”!

There was hardly a dry eye in house! So why not pivot to the parent/child dances? Jen and her father danced to “Brown Eyed Girl”, and Luke and his mother danced to “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”! The party, now, was no longer interested in watching… they wanted to dance, too–and we were plenty prepared!

With the dance floor formally open to all, we were prepped with some crowd favorites! The Authority Band’s vocalist and guitarist lent us their voices for some legendary Spanish songs, including “Por Ti Volare”, “Danza Kaduro”, “Vivir Mi Vida”, “Suavemente”, and, of course,  “Despacito”! We also had some great crowd reactions to other hits, including “Pride and Joy,” “Glory Days,” and “Hot Stuff”! What a great event!

Match Made At Camp!

Match Made At Camp! 802 1102 adam Michaels

When the weather is as cold as it has been lately, it’s easy to get nostalgic for summer. The warm weather, the chill vibes, and the lack of strong windchill–what’s not to love! Before Ricki and Chris’ wedding this Saturday, we also got to reminisce in those summery times! Ricki and Chris met while they were both camp counselors! Even though the usual camp attire consisted of constant sweat, ponytails, and camp t-shirts, that didn’t deter either of them. And a few dates later, they were absolutely inseparable! Cut to just a handful of years later, and we’re getting ready to celebrate them at Royalton on the Greens!

The day kicked off with a gorgeous ceremony: our Around Town Entertainment pianist, was already in place as guests began to pour in. The late afternoon consisted of some of Ricki and Chris’ favorites, including “You Make My Dreams Come True” and “XO”! By the time that the final note of Hall and Oates played over the piano, and it was official, there was truly not a dry eye in the house! Ricki and Chris had officially tied the knot!

From there, the party was ready for some good old-fashioned mingling, which could only mean one thing: the cocktail hour had arrived! The Around Town jazz trio, was already prepped and ready to go! Everyone partook in drinks and some light jam dancing, and pre-gamed for the main event, which obviously the reception! By the time that the hour finally ended, everyone was ready for some dancing and grooving… and in the other room, the Around Town Band was ready for plenty of that!

Once the guests took their seats, it was time to roll out the red carpet for the man and woman of the hour. And what better way to do that than with some of Jamie’s stellar vocals on “Tell Me You Love Me”?! The cheers finally died down, and Ricki and Chris took their places for the first dance! The Around Town Band’s female vocalist dished out a star worthy rendition of “This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)”, and by the time it was over… we agreed! From there, it was time for a lively break–how about a hora? The entire party got to their feet and got ready for the “Hava Nagila”, with our entire band and vocalists joining in!

After such a vibrant burst of energy, we pivoted to something a little more emotional… the parent/child dances! Ricki and her father danced to “Isn’t She Lovely”, and Chris and his mother danced to “Stand by Me”! By the time that the final note played, everyone was ready for a little treat… and that was a perfect time to break out the cake! As they slices were made, the Around Town Band also treated everyone to “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”! And, with a sugar rush successfully administered, it was a perfect time to change the pace of the evening… and head towards the dance floor!

From Billy Joel to Maroon 5, and everywhere in between, we had plenty of great crowd energy to spare for our dance floor-centric portion of the night! But, that said, we churned out plenty of Ricki and Chris’ favorites along the way! The band nailed “I Wanna Get Better”, with the vocalists also perfectly belting out “Semicharmed Life”, and serving up “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” gorgeously! It was a night full of wonder, love, and plenty of excitement, but it did eventually have to come to an end. And when the clock finally struck midnight, plenty of memories had been made!

Fast Friends and Faster Love

Fast Friends and Faster Love 1624 968 adam Michaels

Some couples truly define “meet cute” in a new way–we’ve all heard some super adorable tales of how true loves came to be. It’s a beautiful reminder of just how wonderful life can be, even when it feels mundane. And this weekend, we got to hear all about a textbook example of this with Julie and Dan! Their first meeting was simple: while Dan was at an internship in the city, and Julie was settling into a new apartment, and a new job. On the roof of a mutual friend’s apartment, Dan tripped over a wire, Julie witnessed and laughed–and the spark had officially flown!

Once they talked for hours, they knew they never wanted to be apart–and a quick cut to five years later, and we were attending their wedding! At Rockrimmon Country Club, the guests took their seats for the ceremony, and our ATE pianist Justin was already playing to set the mood! Once the processional began, “Just The Two of Us”, there was already hardly a dry eye in the house! From there, “Your Song” welcomed the bride, and before anyone could even prepare themselves, Julie and Dan were officially newlyweds, and heading down the aisle to “Dancing In The Moonlight”! With that, it was time to party!

The celebrations kicked off with a serene cocktail hour! Our jazz trio, with Justin, Jed, and Mike, was already prepped and ready to go! As everyone chatted about the ceremony, grabbed a bite to eat, and enjoyed the beautiful views, our trio was treating everyone to some soft jams! Everyone grooved to their heart’s content. And they had plenty of grooving left to do, as we made our way to the main dining room!

Before long, the guests took their seats, which could only mean that the reception had begun! With a stellar set of lights set up by Adrian, the main dining room had never looked better! And the guests were ready for some celebrating, which meant that it was time for the grand entrance! Brian served up “Feel So Close”, as Julie and Dan entered the party! (And no wires were tripped over. Wink, wink.) Seconds later, they made their way to the center of the dance floor, and Brian and Jamie were ready to deliver the first dance! And “You’re All I Need To Get By” was the perfect choice for such a beautiful couple–there wasn’t a single guest or musician in the building who didn’t feel the tug at their heartstrings!

From there, the entire party got the chance to get up and move, as it was time for the hora! With all vocalists joining in, the roof (and the chairs) were well raised! After the floor was cleared, it was time for Julie and her father’s dance! Together, they twirled to “You Are The Sunshine Of My Life”, which Brian crooned perfectly! And shortly thereafter, it was Dan and his mother’s turn, with Jamie’s gorgeous take on “In My Life”!

With plenty of excitement to spare, the party was more than ready for their time to cut loose! From Panic! to Kelly Clarkson, there were plenty of crowd favorites, but few moments compared to the crowd reactions for Jamie’s renditions of “High Horse” and “Don’t Stop Me Now”, and Lauren’s spin on “I’m Still Standing”! And by the time that the final note was played, hardly anyone could still stand–it was truly a party that left it all out on the floor!

Bumble, Hinge, Altar!

Bumble, Hinge, Altar! 1722 968 adam Michaels

When Erin and Andrew first met, it wasn’t in the hallways of school, or at the grocery store, or even at the park! In fact, when they first crossed paths, they didn’t even formally meet! Erin and Andrew matched originally on Bumble, and even though Andrew could extend the timer, Erin neglected to message Andrew first! (As is the rules on Bumble!) Cut to two years later. On Hinge, Andrew comes across a picture of a redhead in a genie costume–and knew he had to take advantage of his second chance! From there, they talked about their mutual love of puppies… and the rest is history!

At the beautiful Indian Trail club, Erin and Andrew were ready to tie the knot! Our guitarist, treated the attending party to “Everything” and “Can’t Help Falling In Love”… and before everyone knew it, it was official! As the Around Town Entertainment’s guitarist played the fittingly chosen recessional song, “Marry You”, and Erin and Andrew made their way down the aisle, everyone was ready to celebrate! Not too far away, the Around Town Entertainment’s cocktail hour jazz trio was ready to go! As the entire party entered, they were treated immediately to some dulcet tunes! Mingling and drinking, the party prepped for the main celebration: the reception!

When the clock finally struck 6, everyone knew it was time! Everyone took their seats. Then, the Altitude Band guided the bridal party entrance with “Party In The USA”! From there, they immediately pivoted to welcoming the man and woman of the hour: Erin and Andrew! With the Altitude Band’s spin on “I’ll Be There For You”, the newlyweds made their way to the dance floor–and did a funny pre-first dance to “The Trouble With Boys”! The crowd cracked up! Then, Erin and Andrew were really ready–and danced to “Until You” for their first dance!

From there, the entire party readied their tissues, as Erin and her father took the floor for their father/daughter dance, Tim’s rendition of “I Loved Her First”! Shortly thereafter, Andrew and his mother spun around the floor to “My Wish” for their mother/son dance! After such an emotional whirlwind, the party was ready for a sugar rush–so as the cake was sliced, the Altitude Band treated everyone to “Can’t Help Myself”!

After plenty of emotional moments, the party had more than earned their chance to dance and let loose! There were plenty of highlights over the course of the night, but the party went particularly crazy for “September” and “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”! By the time that the final song of the night, “New York, New York”, played the final note, it was time to say goodbye. But the entire celebration was so wonderful, it was sure to be a strong memory for years to come!

How Sweet It Is!

How Sweet It Is! 1754 984 adam Michaels

2012. Curiosity Rover lands on Mars. The Queen celebrates her Diamond Jubilee. The Giants win the World Series. And in New Jersey, another history-book making event was happening: Samantha and Keith were meeting for the first time! Sam and Keith both attended a party, and spark flew immediately! From there, they were inseparable; snow-boarding in Colorado, swimming with dolphins in Mexico, and, of course, hanging out by the Jersey Shore! When Keith finally proposed at Spring Lake, the answer was absolutely yes! (And they have the pictures to prove it!)

When the attending party arrived to the ceremony at Eagle Oaks, everything was absolutely perfect. The warm weather, with the fall foliage just visible on the trees, made for the perfect day! The Around Town Entertainment’s pianist and string musicians, were in position, and there ceremony began! With “Blackbird”, “This Must Be The Place”, and “Cleopatra”, the ceremony had a beautiful lineup of music. And before we knew it, it was over! They were officially married!

That could only mean that the cocktail hour had arrived! The entire party made it to the East Ballroom, and the Around Town Entertainment’s jazz trio, were all already prepped and ready to go! As everyone discussed the beautiful ceremony, drank, and caught up, our jazz trio lent some gentle jazzy tunes to the hour. And we were just in the West Ballroom, getting prepped for the big celebration: the reception!

As the cocktail hour ended, and everyone took their seats, we got the ball rolling! The Altitude Band kicked off the evening with “Let’s Get Loud” and “We Found Love” to introduce both and the bridal party, and the bride and groom themselves! The crowd cheered uproariously as Samantha and Keith made their debut as husband and wife! Once they made their way to their first position, the band served up their first dance on a silver platter: “Coming Home”, a perfect fit! From there, the attending party rolled with the emotional punches, and got prepped for the parent/child dances! For Samantha and her father, the Altitude Band played “My Little Girl”, and for Keith and his mother, “You’ll Be In My Heart”!

As a treat for enduring such an emotional set of songs, it was time for cake! The Altitude Band vocalist serenaded the crowd to “How Sweet It Is”, as they got a little sugar rush boost! And perfect timing, too, because it was time for some serious dancing! As the party got started, we broke out our best songs,  from “Levitating” to “Cold Heart”! But the true, iconic moment of the night was by far the guest singing spot: when we got a beautiful rendition of “Born to Run” by a friend of the bride and groom! By the time that we made it to the final song, no one wanted to say goodbye–especially not us!

From Miles Apart

From Miles Apart 1200 632 adam Michaels

Gel pens. Snow days. Truth or Dare. Hot dogs. Cursed Child. Every couple has their iconic symbols–and for Ashley and Jordan, they have had plenty over the years! After passing flirty notes in school, and bonding over Messenger, the two had to test the strength of their friendship as they progressed through high school, college, and even the years following when Jordan moved to Arizona. But the hardest test was that of their time together during the pandemic–when they knew their love was truly one in a million! When they finally decided to tie the knot, they asked us to tag along to provide their music–and we were happy to oblige!

At the beautiful Crystal Springs resort, the Around Town Entertainment’s pianist, played just outside as guests arrived for a beautiful ceremony! When all was said and done, and it was official, we were already prepped nearby in the Rotunda for the cocktail hour! Our jazz trio all played to their heart’s content, as the party arrived to mingle and drink! The foliage outside was just turning to those autumnal ruby tones, which made for great eye candy! By then, everyone was ready for the main event!

…and that could only mean the reception! In the Emerald Ballroom, the Around Town Band had already set up, making for a seamless transition to the next step! For the kick-off song, the band introduced the parents, junior bridesmaids, and flower girls to “About Damn Time”! Immediately followed,  was their rendition of “Back In Black”, which marked the entrance of the bridesmaids and the groomsmen! And, finally, for the stars of the evening, the Around Town Band’s vocalist guided the entrance of the man and woman of the hour with “Kill the Lights”! Ashley and Jordan looked absolutely beautiful together as they entered officially as newlyweds, and made their way towards the floor for their first dance! Spinning around the floor to “In Case You Didn’t Know”, there was not a single dry eye in the house… and that meant that it was time for a little emotional pick-me-up. Let the Hora begin!

As the cheers finally settled, and the dancing ceased, we slowed down a bit again for the parent/child dances! Ashley and her father danced to “Because You Love Me”, and Jordan and his mother danced to “The Perfect Fan!” With food in their stomachs and plenty of love in their hearts, the party was ready to truly let loose. That meant we were definitely overdue for some serious dancing!

From there, the night truly came alive! Between “Wagon Wheel” and “New York, New York”, as well as “Fireworks”, there was plenty of crowd favorites! But, that said, not many of them lived up to the true crowd pleaser… when Ashley got up on stage and treated us all to her rendition of “Valerie”! When they say “raise the roof“, they’re talking about the cheers that ensued after Ashley sang her final note! As the night came to a close, no one wanted to go home!