5 Songs That Should Not Be Played for a Wedding

5 Songs That Should Not Be Played for a Wedding

5 Songs That Should Not Be Played for a Wedding 1600 1067 adam Michaels

When it comes to choosing songs for your wedding, your wedding do-not-play list can be just as important as your absolutely-must-play list. Of course, there are cheesy songs that may make your guests groan, but there are also tunes that have lyrics that are inappropriate for a wedding—perhaps they’re about breaking up, death, or another subject that’s less than ideal for a joyful event. Some are cheesy. Some are inappropriate. Some are downright ugly. And none of them should be played at this moment!

Before picking any song, we suggest taking a good listen to the words. You want to keep your reception playlist upbeat and romantic rather than depressing and potentially offensive and vulgar. Of course, your wedding playlist should fit your style, so if you love a song and think your guests will have a sense of humor about the lyrics, by all means, use it! Your wedding playlist must be up to par. Your guests will have high expectations as they prepare to get off their seats and make their way out to the dance floor. The best way to achieve this is to avoid playing all those overplayed (and overrated) songs that everyone and their mother is tired of hearing. Instead, give them a refreshing new playlist with songs they never heard that will have them crying, laughing, and dancing the night away.

Then there are those songs that should just be skipped every time. Most songs that have to do with cheating are probably not the best way to start a wedding based on faithfulness. Songs with explicit lyrics are a no-go as weddings are filled with family.  Grandmas and grandpas are there and sometimes there are even little kids.  Your divorced parent’s first dance song is not what you want to hear and if you are in your second or third marriage, you might want to put that on the do not playlist too. You have to think about music that is not only appropriate for that varied audience but also what they’re going to like and get into.

A lot of people try to mix in certain songs because they hear them all the time at weddings.  And that’s understandable.  Songs get overplayed.  But remember, some people come to weddings to hear those songs.  They come to dance those dances because they don’t get to do them anywhere else.  That is the only place where they can do that stuff. So finding a balance is crucial in creating the perfect wedding playlist. There are so many songs out there, and everyone has their taste. Therefore, it can be difficult to find music that all of your guests will enjoy.   It’s all about what makes people happy and puts them in the mood to dance. It makes sense that you’re going to have the full spectrum

Regardless of personal taste, there are some songs out there that are objectively unsuitable for weddings. This can be down to lyrical content, song length, musical style, and more – so here are some examples of the worst offenders to help you avoid committing these wedding music mistakes.

That Don’t Impress Me Much – Shania Twain

Shania Twain’s vicious takedown of patronizing, vain, and car-obsessed men is admittedly a fun, danceable country-rock classic – but this will surely make your new husband suffer! 

Gold Digger – Kanye West ft. Jamie Foxx

The last thing you want to accuse your partner of is only being in it for the money, mere hours after you declare your undying love for one another. We want you to look forward to your future together, not chalk up each day on the wall!

I Knew You Were Trouble – Taylor Swift

Whenever you hear a Taylor tune come on, there’s a good chance it’s a breakup song – it’s kind of her whole deal. This song is no exception – the spoken word intro is a dead giveaway.

It’s catchy as anything – it’s impossible not to join in with the ‘trouble, trouble, trouble’ bit – but today isn’t about bad decisions made in the past; it’s about great decisions about your future.

Mambo No.5 – Lou Bega

From a purely musical point of view, this song really swings. Unfortunately, from the long list of ladies he mentions in the chorus, so does the songwriter!

‘Mambo No.5’ may well be a guaranteed floor filler at any given party, but a monogamist’s anthem it ain’t. Your brand new bride won’t want to hear that a little bit of Rita’s all you need (unless of course that’s her name).

Hey Ya! – Outkast

It’s easy to miss the unhappy message behind André 3000’s rapid-fire delivery and that oh-so-irresistible beat. André even acknowledges this himself in the song – after asking why he and his significant other are ‘so in denial when we know we’re not happy here?’, he shrugs it off with a ‘y’all don’t wanna hear me, you just wanna dance!’. He’s got a point!

If all of this has got you feeling down, don’t worry. We’ve also got advice on the best wedding songs, to ensure any big day ends happily ever after.

In conclusion, the worst wedding songs are those that are overplayed, overly suggestive, and lack variety. Music is a key part of any wedding celebration but it is important to carefully select songs that will set the right tone for your special day. By avoiding these worst wedding songs you can ensure that your guests have an enjoyable time at your special event!