Brilliant, Bold, & Brassy: Elevating Your Wedding Celebration with Horns

Brilliant, Bold, & Brassy: Elevating Your Wedding Celebration with Horns 2560 1707 adam Michaels

What do Lawrence, Billy Joel, September, Whitney Houston, Sammy Rae & the Friends, Silk Sonic, and KC & The Sunshine Band all have in common? A few things, believe it or not! First, they all have incredible songs that are perfect for your wedding – whether it’s a classic like “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” or a newer hit like “Leave the Door Open” these tunes are sure to get your guests’ feet moving and hips grooving. They also all involve instruments that we here at Around Town happen to love – horns.  

Horns are having quite the comeback lately, especially with the rise in popularity for retro pop artists like Laufey, Lawrence, Lake Street Dive, Sammy Rae & the Friends, Cody Fry, Cory Wong, Vulfpeck, Cory Wong, and Jon Batiste. These bands and solo artists infuse their music with a diverse range of influences, blending genres such as funk, jazz, pop, and rock to create a fresh and eclectic sound that appeals to contemporary audiences seeking something different from mainstream pop. The genre itself often incorporates elements of classic funk, soul, and R&B, which have a timeless quality that transcends generations. The music tends to evoke a sense of nostalgia for past musical eras, such as the 70s and 80s, which resonates with both older audiences who experienced these periods firsthand, and younger listeners who are drawn to the vintage sound and style.This appeal to a broad audience base contributes to the growing popularity. It’s also what makes it such a perfect genre to incorporate into your wedding and reception – it’s one of the few parties you’ll throw in your life that has such a diverse guest list, ranging from your grandparents to your nieces and nephews, with all your friends and family in between. 

With this in mind, it’s important to think about how to get all of those diverse guests out on the dance floor – and we think that horns are your answer. We’ll start by raving about all the fabulous qualities horns bring to the band’s sound, and in case we haven’t convinced you they’re a great idea by then, we’ll also bust out a list of just how many incredible party songs involve horns. And hey, if we happen to give you ideas for your song requests or special moments, fantastic! 

Horns, whether a saxophone, trumpet, or trombone, can be a unique and exciting addition to a wedding band for several reasons:

  1. Unique Sound: Horns add a distinctive and rich sound to the music, enhancing the overall auditory experience for guests! Their presence can elevate the atmosphere and make the wedding celebration more memorable. 
  2. Versatility: Horns are versatile instruments that can adapt to various music genres, including classical, jazz, pop, and more. This versatility allows our live wedding bands to cater to diverse musical preferences among guests, ensuring that everyone finds something to enjoy
  3. Elegant Aesthetic: Brass instruments, particularly trumpets and saxophones, have a very elegant and sophisticated appearance that can complement the formal ambiance of a wedding ceremony or reception. They can also add a touch of glamor to the band’s visual presentation – nothing quite literally shines like the light catching on a brass instrument!
  4. Energy and Excitement: The vibrant and dynamic sound of horns can inject energy and excitement into the performance, encouraging guests to dance and celebrate throughout the event. This lively atmosphere contributes to the overall enjoyment of the wedding festivities and keeps toes tapping. No one can stand still at a New Orleans Mardi Gras parade, or in the presence of a Parisian sidewalk jazz quartet – your wedding music should have the same effect on your guests: giving them the irresistible urge to dance!
  5. Memorable Performance: Incorporating horns into the wedding band creates a unique and memorable musical experience for the couple and their guests. It adds a special touch to the celebration, making it stand out from typical wedding entertainment options. Whether it’s a soulful saxophone solo during the first dance or a brass fanfare to announce the newlyweds, horns have the power to make key moments in the wedding ceremony and reception even more special and unforgettable.
  6. Professionalism and Quality: Hiring horn players also demonstrates a commitment to professionalism and quality entertainment, which signals to your guests that you’ve invested in your wedding band, and the band has invested in talented musicians who will deliver an exceptional performance. This attention to detail can enhance the overall aesthetic of the wedding and leave a lasting impression on attendees.

Overall, horns can be the perfect addition to a live wedding band, offering a combination of unique sound, versatility, elegance, energy, and memorable performance that enhances the overall wedding experience! 

Now that we’ve convinced you to add horns to your Around Town band, it would be just rude of us not to include a few killer song suggestions to help you utilize them! 

And these are just the songs that already have horns in their arrangements! You’ll be amazed at how many songs that don’t originally have horns in their arrangements are utterly elevated by their addition. We can certainly promise that adding horns to your live wedding band will make for a night to remember and a dance floor to never forget!