Can I Have This (First) Dance?

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You’ve done the two hardest parts: found your forever dance partner, and chosen to have award-winning live music for your wedding! Now, the fun part: choosing the music. Of course, there are so many special moments to select songs for, but one moment stands out above all the rest: your first dance as a married couple. We at Around Town believe that choosing a first dance song for your wedding is a special decision, as it sets the tone for not just a memorable moment on your big day, but your marriage. So, we’ve compiled a few helpful things to consider when picking out your first dance song:

1. Meaning and Connection: Choose a song that holds personal meaning for both of you as a couple!  It could be a song that reminds you of a significant moment in your relationship, reflects your feelings for each other, is a personal favorite you both share, or is from a favorite moment in a movie or tv show you love. 

2. Sentimentality vs. Fun: Decide whether you want your first dance to be a sentimental moment or a fun and upbeat one! Some couples prefer a romantic ballad, while others opt for a more lively song to kick off the celebrations. Think about your vibe as a couple and take that into account when choosing the perfect song for the two of you! 

3. Musical Style and Tempo: Consider your musical tastes and preferences. Do you prefer something slow and romantic, or upbeat and lively? Choose a song with a tempo that suits your dancing style and comfort level.

4. Length of the Song: Opt for a song that is neither too short or too long. Aim for a duration that allows you to enjoy the moment without feeling rushed or dragging on, usually around 2 minutes! In good news, you chose to hire our live bands, which means we can easily and seamlessly trim a song to the length you need, and your guests won’t even notice! 

5. Danceability: Think about whether the song is easy to dance to or if it requires specific choreography. If you’re not quite so confident in your dancing abilities, choose a song with a simple rhythm that you can sway to effortlessly. 

6. Lyrics and Theme: Make sure to pay attention to the lyrics and theme of the song. You’ll want to be sure they resonate with your relationship and the message you want to convey during your first dance, so be careful not to pick a song that gives the wrong impression or could make your grandparents uncomfortable! 

7. Cultural and Family Traditions: Consider any cultural or family traditions that may influence your song choice. You may want to select a song that reflects your heritage or has significance within your families, or one that incorporates languages or musical influences that are important or meaningful to you and your loved ones. 

8. Avoiding Overplayed Songs: While popular songs can be appealing, consider steering away from overly cliché or overplayed songs to make your first dance feel more unique and personal. There’s nothing wrong with having the same first dance song as another couple, but it can be uncomfortable, especially in the height of wedding season, to hear the same songs each weekend. Here are some examples of songs that have become popular choices for first dances and may be considered overdone:

While these songs are undeniably beautiful and romantic, they have been frequently chosen and may not feel as unique or personal for some couples. If you’re looking to avoid overdone first dance songs, consider exploring lesser-known or more unconventional options that still resonate with you as a couple. 

9. Practice: Once you’ve chosen your song, remember to practice dancing to it together to ensure you feel comfortable and confident on the dance floor. Even if you want to keep the dance simple, it helps to know what tempos to expect – especially if you’re thinking of trying to incorporate spins or dips! Don’t be afraid to set up your phones to record you from different angles as you practice so you’re sure you look the way you’d like to in the photos and videos of this special moment later on. 

10. Consult with Your Partner: Finally, and most importantly, make sure to discuss your options with your partner and choose a song that you both love and feel excited about dancing to as a couple. This is a deeply meaningful moment for the two of you together, and it should be one that you choose together for what it means to both of you!