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Around Town Entertainment in Montauk! May 31, 2014

Around Town Entertainment in Montauk! May 31, 2014 150 150 adam Michaels

Around Town Entertainment was in Montauk on May 31, 2014 for the wedding of Allie Kosterich and Dan Salomone.
The couple selected the A-List Band from Around Town Entertainment as their wedding band!
The wedding was held at East of North East in beautiful Montauk, New York.
The event started with cocktails outdoors as the acoustic guitar and piano player from Around Town Entertainment serenaded the guests.
The guests took a stroll to the lake where the couple exchanged vows overlooking the lake as the sun set.
The ceremony music provided by Around Town Entertainment played the selected wedding ceremony songs.
“Tupelo Honey” by Van Morrison, “Si Tu Vois Ma Mere” by Sidney Bechet, “Claire De Lune” by Claude Debussy
and “What is Life” by George Harrison were all enjoyed as the ceremony commenced.
After the crowd cheered for the newlyweds, they moved to the dinner and dancing reception.
The guests walked in and the dancing began! The nine piece dance band treated the guests to the Allie and
Dan’s chosen dance songs,”Dance To the Music” by Sly and The Family Stone, “Hold On I’m Coming” by Sam and Dave and then “Into the Mystic” by Van Morrison for the couples first official dance as husband and wife.
A traditional Hora ensued and all guests joined in the on the jubilation!

Throughout the night, the guests filled the dance floor as the band played the couples favorite wedding music.
Some of their favorite wedding songs chosen were: “Timber” by Kesha, “Pickin up The Pieces” by The Average White Band, and “Shake Your Groove Thing” by Peaches and Herb. The father of the bride requested the song “Harrison” for the band to learn so that their guest could dedicate and sing the song as a tribute to the bride and groom and the family. The band was thrilled to learn the song and enjoyed the guests vocalist as he entertained the crowd!
The event went into overtime as the bride and groom and their guests didn’t want the party to end!
The A-List Band from Around Town Entertainment was thrilled to have been selected as the New York wedding band for Mr. and Mrs. Salomone!
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Memorial Day Weekend of weddings with Around Town Entertainment!! May, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend of weddings with Around Town Entertainment!! May, 2014 150 150 adam Michaels

What an exciting holiday weekend for Around Town Entertainment with three really beautiful weddings!
Saturday, May 24th, the Around Town Band performed for the wedding of Jamie Birckholtz and Kyle Derkacz.
The wedding took place at the beautiful Windows On The Water at Frogbridge in Millstone, New Jersey.
The bride and groom chose the acoustic guitar from Around Town Entertainment to play their wedding ceremony music.
With wedding songs like “Your Song” by Elton John, the classic wedding song “Canon In D” Pachelbel and “Here Comes The Sun” by the Beatles, the guitar was the perfect choice.
Then the guest enjoyed a very sophisticated setting for their cocktail hour and the jazz trio from Around Town Entertainment really set the mood!
The guests moved into a tented wedding reception, which was beautifully decorated and lit perfectly.

The guests danced the night away with some of the clients favorite wedding classics such as “What I Like About You” by the Romantics and “Super Freak” by Rick James. The dance floor was full, and the music never stopped!
Guests screamed for more music! The Around Town Band played all the guests’ favorite wedding songs and the night truly could not have been more perfect!
And what a great team with Scott and Jim at this amazing wedding venue! Everyone loved the atmosphere, and the attention to detail. The Around Town Band was honored to be chosen as the wedding band for this wonderful couple!

Sunday, May 25th, the Around Town Band was back in New York City! At the remarkable Hudson Theater!
This venue has a true classic supper club vibe with a legit Broadway stage. Many headliners and productions have been performed here and the band was thrilled to return to the theater again for another wonderful event!
Brian Rubin and Toby Sowers celebrated their wedding production to a full house!
The ceremony began with the couple on stage with a Chuppah that seemed to be suspended from the sky!
Such a warm and touching ceremony as the couple exchanged vows, and all the guests sang the Traditional Jewish wedding song “Oseh Shalom.” The pianist from Around Town Entertainment accompanied this beautiful Jewish wedding song. The guests then enjoyed the cocktail music as the piano, bass and guitar played a variety of the clients favorites.
The guests returned to the transformed theater for their wedding reception. It was a stunning production!
The 11 piece wedding band from Around Town Entertainment took the stage and wowed the guests all night!
The entire theater full of guests rushed the stage and the guests filled the stage completely as they rocked to some of the favorite wedding selections that Brian and Toby loved!

Madonna was a huge favorite, but they loved all the female vocalists of our time (Whitney, Maria, Britney, Cher and more!…yes, Britney too!). The band learned all their favorites and they were ecstatic! The stage was the place to be for all the guests who felt like “Shining Stars!!”

The After Party Band from Around Town Entertainment was the chosen wedding band for Daniel Kort and Leslie Rabach’s wedding which was also in New York City! This May 25 wedding celebration took place at the James Berden Mansion on East 91st Street.
The guests first had an outdoor cocktail hour as a trio from Around Town Entertainment played a cool jazz mix.
The guests moved into their private dinner room, where they shared toasts and dedications to the couple. The music continued to play as the trio moved to the grand room with the grand piano and the guests were serenaded during their dinner.
Once dinner was completed, everyone moved to another room to dance the night away! The After Party Band welcomed the guests in with a traditional Hora and then it was an all night dance affair! This couple loved the classic wedding songs that spanned the decades. The guests loved the songs too and could not stop raving about the music!
A beautiful night for a beautiful couple!

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This weekend with the Around Town Band and the A-List Band-May 17, 2014

This weekend with the Around Town Band and the A-List Band-May 17, 2014 150 150 adam Michaels

This was a great weekend with wonderful weddings!  Saturday, May 17th, 2014, The Around Town Band from Around Town Entertainment had the pleasure of performing for the wedding of Ryan Dopkin and Mia Rohrer.

This beautiful bride and her husband chose Studio 450 in New York City as their wedding venue.
With the cocktails on the rooftop, the couple and their guests enjoyed cool jazz selections from trio of jazz musicians from Around Town Entertainment.
The guests then went down to the main floor for their dinner and dancing!
With very eclectic taste, the bride and groom danced to “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me” by Mel Carter as their first dance. Other songs requested were “All You Need Is Love” by the Beatles, and “Forever Young” by Bob Dylan.
The crowd danced the night away to some of their favorite classic wedding songs and new Top 40 wedding songs!
The team from Relish Catering and Event Planning were wonderful! True professionals!

The A-List Band from Around Town Entertainment was the chosen wedding band for the wedding of Lisa Schroek and Jonathan Shalik.
The wedding took place at the Muttontown Country Club in East Norwich, New York.
This couple enjoyed the sounds of classical strings from Around Town Entertainment for their outdoor wedding ceremony, and what a beautiful day for such an occasion!
The guests then enjoyed their cocktail hour as the wedding cocktail musicians from Around Town Entertainment played songs from the couples favorite artists (Elton John and Billy Joel).
The reception was off to a great start as the couple danced their way into the room with their song “Happy” by Pharrell! Their first dance “Can’t Help Falling Love” by Elvis was romantic and touching. The guests joined in as the band played a traditional Jewish Hora.

The dance floor was full with the excitement and energy that came from the A-List Band and the beautiful crowd! The dance floor and the band were well lit with “intelligent” moving lights that were added to create a true club atmosphere. The professional lighting crew did an outstanding job!
The bride and groom were ecstatic and so thrilled with the entire event!

Around Town Entertainment was honored to be part of such amazing events this weekend!

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Two beautiful weddings- May 10, 2014 with Around Town Entertainment

Two beautiful weddings- May 10, 2014 with Around Town Entertainment 150 150 adam Michaels

Around Town Entertainment provided the wedding entertainment for two beautiful weddings on Saturday, May 10, 2014.
The Around Town Band performed for a stunning wedding at the Metropolitan Building located in Long Island City, New York. The wedding between Alexa Levine and Spencer Bodner began with their touching ceremony as the bridal party walked in with cool ceremony music by Coldplay. The bride also chose the ceremony song “Yellow” by Coldplay.
The guests moved to their cocktail reception and enjoyed a jazz trio also provided by Around Town Entertainment.
The night was set with a warm sophisticated vibe as the sun began to set and the lively guests enjoyed cocktails.
The reception proved to be quite a party! The bride and groom started the dance set with their first dance wedding song, “All Of Me” by John Legend. The guests joined in on the dance and enjoyed a very spirited Hora!
After some heartfelt toasts and dinner, the dance floor exploded! The guests danced the entire night to all the favorite wedding song requests from the bride and groom. Songs like “I Love It” by Icona Pop, “Forget You” by CeeLo, “Living On A Prayer” by Bon Jovi had the crowd going crazy. Of course the Around Town Band from Around Town Entertainment delivered a wide range of wedding music that kept the crowd screaming for more! The band played some of today’s Top 40 dance songs as well as some favorite classic hits. The crowd got wild and rowdy and were practically dancing on the ceiling! They had a blast!

The A-List Band from Around Town Entertainment performed for the wedding of Kerry Burke and Michael Baity.
This beautiful wedding took place at the Winged Foot Golf Club in Mamaroneck, New York.
This New York wedding started with a jazz trio from Around Town Entertainment for their cocktail hour.
The guests then moved into a reception, where they danced all night to their favorite songs!
The bride and groom chose the amazing song “I’ll Be There” that Mariah Carey made a hit.
The crowd also enjoyed some anthemic wedding songs such as “Empire State of Mind” by Alecia Keys and JayZ as well as the crowd stopping “Living On A Prayer” by Bon Jovi. Seems this Bon Jovi classic was the popular wedding song of the night, as both wedding couples chose this song for their wedding dance party music!

Around Town Entertainment was thrilled to be part of such amazing wedding celebrations! for the best wedding music entertainment

Choosing a Band vs DJ

Choosing a Band vs DJ 150 150 adam Michaels

Choosing a Band vs. Choosing a DJ

When trying to decide on the best music options for your wedding day, one of the biggest questions is “Should we choose a live band or a DJ?”
It can seem a bit overwhelming, since you only get married once, and don’t really have the experience with wedding entertainment.
Here are some basic things that can make this process a bit easier and also a lot more enjoyable!


Imagine the big day! Think about how amazing your event will be with all of your favorite people celebrating this once in a lifetime occasion.
Picture the setting, the room, the décor, the dance floor and what will best fit with your taste.
A DJ usually stands alone with his equipment on a small table or stand. Will this fit your aesthetic? This look can be okay for a very small affair but can often seem too minimal for such an important event.
A Band with it’s varied vocalists and musicians immediately sets the tone for a higher level of sophistication.
Guests will know instantly that you planned an upscale event the moment they walk in and see and hear a live band in place.


Do you want a high energy party with all of your guests dancing the night away?
There is nothing like the energy of live music for a wedding!
Bands often have several different styles of vocalists in front, along with the varying instruments accompanying them.
A quality band adjusts to the energy of the crowd, switching music as the crowd reacts to the chosen songs.
Working directly off each other, the band and the crowd become one!
It is a kind symbiotic exchange of energy that builds throughout the event, creating a kind of magic on the dance floor.
A DJ, is more restricted to the pre-recorded selections that he has to choose from. Often a DJ chooses to play a set routine of songs based on the need to have logical transitions from one song tempo to the next. With a set routine, the energy can often be stale and also leaves no room for spontaneous reactions to the crowd.
A live band can really adjust at a moments notice, and switch gears without having any issue. A good band does not stick to a set routine for all events.
They will instead choose each song based on the reaction of the crowd and your dance floor.
With a live band, the music can crescendo and decrescendo (gradually increase and decrease the intensity and volume) along with the flow of the event.


The choice of music for your wedding should represent your personality!
With a band, you can really custom design an event around your specific style and create a vibe that best suits your individual taste and personality.
This is usually accomplished by choosing just the right band!
Great bands are well versed in all styles of music, so you can really pick and choose your favorite songs to highlight who you are and how you want your night to go!
It isn’t ideal to choose a band that really only specializes in one style of music. For example, a band that is really strong in jazz, isn’t really going to get your crowd going.
Or a band that really plays just rock music, or just Motown, isn’t really going to grab the attention of all of your guests.
You have to find a band with a balance of all styles of music that all guests can relate to, and this is how you get a full dance floor.
Again, by thinking about what fits your taste and personality, you can still instruct the band on what to play more of, or what to cut completely.
A DJ can offer variety of styles as well, but most DJ’s are just pressing play and letting the pre-recorded music spin.
There isn’t much custom design of music when it comes to a DJ, because they are truly restricted to the sounds of the record and can’t adjust in the same way that live musicians and vocalists can.


Like everything else in planning your wedding, the decision of budget can really factor in.
It is definitely important to research the pricing of live bands. Many bands can provide different sized groups to fit each event budget, making it totally possible to have very upscale entertainment for your event, while staying well within your budget.
If you are looking to splurge for the occasion, you can go with a larger band with more instruments and vocalists, really impressing your guests and adding to the overall aesthetic.
When dealing with a more limited budget, a DJ can often be the right decision.
But keep in mind, you often get what you pay for when it comes to music. The DJ’s who are often very low priced are also typically the kind of cheesy, over the top entertainers, who just play their CD’s and over hype throughout the event. Quality music stands strong on it’s own without the need to over do it. With a sophisticated live band, there is usually a band leader who conducts the event with the right balance of energy and elegance, allowing the guests to really enjoy the music without the hammy nonsense that so many DJ’s can bring to the event.

Lasting Memories

This day is one of the most important days of your lives. It represents the start of making your lifetime of lasting memories together.
Music can truly make or break your event.
It is important to do some research, check references, get ideas from friends who have recently been married, etc.
Asking friends who happen to be musicians or music buffs, is always a great idea as well! They can really help you choose the best quality music for your wedding.
You have to hire skilled, polished musicians who are at the level of professionalism worthy of your event.
Make sure you can view live, unedited videos of all prospects, or see a live performance.
Most DJ’s these days, just bring their computer, and play songs directly off of an ITunes playlist. The art of spinning records is unfortunately a dying craft.
Anyone can play a record or a CD, even you! So think about the specialness of the occasion and make the choice that works best in creating lasting memories!

The Essex House New York City Wedding!

The Essex House New York City Wedding! 150 150 adam Michaels

April 26, 2014 at the Essex House in New York City for the wedding of Sarah Spigleman and Joshua Richter!
What a special evening for this incredibly happy couple and their families!
Sarah and Joshua chose the Around Town Band from Around Town Entertainment.
They began the evening with a heart warming ceremony. Elegant sounds of romantic classics greeted the guests as they readied for the beautiful bride to walk down the aisle.
The stunning bride circled her groom seven times as is part of the Jewish tradition while the pianist played one of her favorite song “Look to The Rainbow” by Yip Harburg.
The crowd cheered as her groom broke the glass, concluding the ceremony, and the bride and groom couldn’t have seemed more excited to be married! They and their guests left the ceremony with the processional song by “Spring” by Vivaldi.
The cocktail music was spirited with some favorite jazz swing selections as the guests prepared for a night of dancing.

As the guests entered the beautiful ballroom, it seems they were ready to go! It took no time at all for them to start dancing. And this was before the bridal party was introduced into the room!
The bride chose “All You Need Is Love” from the Beatles for her bridal party entrance song and “Power Of Love” by Huey Lewis for the bride and groom entrance.
After a well choreographed dance routine, the crowd went crazy as the traditional Hora music started.
It seems that that was the real spark that ignited the night’s energy. The dance floor remained full for the rest of the evening as guests danced to their favorites and the specific choices from the bride and groom.

When choosing her New York City Wedding Band, the bride had to make sure we could play some of her favorite wedding music. Around Town Entertainment promised to learn their favorite songs, such as “Killer Queen” by Queen, “Grace Kelly” by MIKA and “I Believe In A Thing Called Love” by the Darkness. The groom even got up to join the band and played the guitar for his favorite song by the Darkness. He was an amazing fit with our New York City Wedding band from Around Town Entertainment!
The band also prepared a special song, “That Thing You Do” from the movie “That Thing You Do” for the maid of honor to sing and dedicate a song to the bride and groom. What a great song for the occasion and the perfect song for a New York City Wedding Band to play!

The Essex House in New York City is the perfect venue when looking for classic sophistication in New York City.
Cecilia DeAngelis coordinated the perfect event! Cecilia is clearly a person who is passionate about each event and wanting to make sure her clients are thrilled, and she could not have done a more amazing job!
She was there with her team before, during and after the event to make sure every aspect of this event was on point. Cecilia is a true gem for any bride and groom to work with, and for any New York City Wedding Band as well! Jason Kwinter from the Essex House was there as part of her team to add even more support to the overall success of the event.
What a thrill to work with such professionals!

Around Town Entertainment was thrilled and honored to be chosen as the New York City Wedding Band for this spectacular event!

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Beautiful wedding at Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Beautiful wedding at Brooklyn Botanical Gardens 150 150 adam Michaels

Saturday, April 12, 2014, Around Town Entertainment provided a night of entertainmentfor the wedding of Fawn Jiang and Brendan McGinty.
The stunning setting in the Magnolia Gardens of the Brooklyn Botanical Garden couldn’t have been more perfect for the couple’s ceremony.

The trees drenched in color, enhanced by the day’s perfect sun, framed the isle that the bride walked down to meet her groom. Choosing the song “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz for the processional and then serenaded by her two bridesmaids to “I Choose You” by Sara Bareilles, the mood was just right.

After the ceremony, the guests then moved to the fountain outside the Palm House to enjoy their cocktail hour.
The jazz trio from Around Town Entertainment created the cool and sophisticated vibe as the sun began to set.
As the guests moved into the reception, it was clear the party was on! The band brought in the bridal party to Kesha’s “Timber” and then the bride and groom with “Happy” by Pharrell.
The guests soon joined in and the band played to a full dance floor.

Playing “Lights” by Ellie Goulding was the perfect choice as the families and College Alumni took their group photos.
The night was filled with joy and the crowd literally shouted for one of their favorite songs.
Everyone sang along to the song “Living on a Prayer” and “Don’t Stop Believin,” the bride’s favorite.
The guests would not accept that the night was ending and were screaming for more music!  “One more song, one more song” they yelled!
The band was thrilled to play an encore and the crowd continued to scream.
What an exhilarating night for all who attended.
Working with Heather and the amazing staff at Brooklyn Botanical Gardens couldn’t have been better!
What a well orchestrated event by Heather and her team! The night was flawless!
This truly was the perfect event for Fawn and Brendan.
Around Town Entertainment was honored to be chosen to be part of this wedding.
Live Music and Entertainment for all events

A great weekend for the Around Town Band!

A great weekend for the Around Town Band! 150 150 adam Michaels

What a great weekend for the Around Town Band from Around Town Entertainment!
First, the band performed on Friday night, April 4th, 2014, for a full house at The Red Lion in the West Village in New York City.
So many people came to hear the Around Town Band! Our regulars came to enjoy a great night of music and dancing!
We also had so many amazing new wedding clients who came to hear their favorite New York wedding music.
The crowd danced all night and wanted more music when done!
The New York wedding band played all high energy dance music for weddings in New York City at the Red Lion.
We always love the opportunity to play at this club where we can introduce new top 40 songs while giving our new and potential clients the chance to explore their New York wedding music.
Everyone had a blast at the Red Lion including the Around Town Band from Around Town Entertainment!
We always love playing this club and
wedding music in New York!

On Saturday, April 5th, the Around Town Band from Around Town Entertainment had the pleasure of being part of the wedding celebration for Rachel Rattner and Dan Lorig!
The wedding took place at the beautiful Metropolitan Club in New York City.
What an incredible couple and such a loving family to help them celebrate!
The couple chose their favorite New York wedding music and the Around Town Band learned all their requests!
The crowd rushed the dance floor on the very first song, continued with a high energy version of the traditional Hora and rocked to a wide variety of dance music in New York!

The band loved watching the families come together, and how excited they were to dance!
The crowd of all ages danced all night long!
Around Town Entertainment and the Around Town Band are honored to have provided

New York wedding music for such a beautiful couple!

We wish Rachel and Daniel a lifetime of happiness!

Two Columbia University Events with Around Town Entertainment in one night!

Two Columbia University Events with Around Town Entertainment in one night! 150 150 adam Michaels

Around Town Entertainment had the pleasure of providing two of their live dance bands in New York City for two completely different Columbia University events, on the very same night!
The Around Town Band has been the selected New York City band for Columbia University School of Engineering’s Blue and White Gala for the last four years!

Around Town Entertainment has also been the selected entertainment company for the Trustees of Columbia University annual Gala. This is the second year as their chosen entertainment for this event. The After Party Band from Around Town Entertainment has been chosen for this years event.

First the Around Town Band performed for over 400 dancing guests at the Beautiful and modern IAC Building in Manhattan.
The dance floor was packed as the guests danced the night away.
The young, beautiful crowd screamed and chanted “encore!” once the event was coming to an end.
Of course the band was thrilled to rock the party even more! The encores didn’t stop coming as the band finally ended the great night!

Some guests of the past events have gone on to choose Around Town Entertainment as their New York Wedding Band.
Around Town Entertainment has providing the best New York wedding music for many Columbia alumni.

Around Town Entertainment provides New York wedding music for many upscale weddings that came from the Columbia University events

The After Party Band from Around Town Entertainment rocked a crowd of almost 1500 guests at the exclusive Pier 60 at Chelsea Piers, an Abigail Kirsch venue!
With a dance floor spanning hundreds of feet, guests danced to the high energy sounds of their favorite hits!
The guests never stopped dancing from the start of the event to the end of the event!
After Party Band turned the energy up so high, the place was burning like fire as the guests rocked all night through the early morning hour! Guests did not want to stop dancing when the event was to conclude at 2am!

The After Party Band has also provided New York City wedding music for some amazing Columbia Alumni!
Around Town Entertainment is honored to have been chosen as the best New York CityWedding Band.

Around Town Entertainment looks forward to next year’s Columbia University events!

New York Cares Event at Marquee

New York Cares Event at Marquee 150 150 adam Michaels

It was a pleasure to be able to participate in the New York Cares Event!

Guests turned out to really support this great organization, while dancing to the sounds of DJ Ming and young DJ Aiden Jude.

Christine Paul of Christine Paul Events along with Rebecca Gnessin really pulled out all the stops!
There were amazing auction items such as trips to Florida, Costa Rica, New Orleans, LA and London as well as delicious food donated by local hot spots like Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, Pie’s ‘n’ Thighs, and Shigure.

Adam Michaels from Around Town Entertainment was thrilled to act as the Master Of Ceremonies, working alongside some amazingly dedicated supporters.

Christine Paul is an extraordinary event planner!

Around Town Entertainment has worked with Christine on so many amazing weddings!

Christine has worked with all of our New York Wedding Bands for events here in New York City.

Around Town Entertainment also had the honor of providing a New York Wedding Band, the Around Town Band for Christine’s wedding at the Plaza in 2010!  We recommend Christine Paul Events for all of your events!!