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Seaside Tent Wedding in Montauk

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When it comes to outdoor soirees, nothing embodies summer weddings more to me than a tented seaside gathering. It’s what you can expect to see dotted across the coastline all season long. Weddings like this breezy Montauk affair from Cappy Hotchkiss, where the stars and stripes are flying high, the sun is shining and the smiles are abundant. Top it off with tunes from Around Town Entertainment and we’ve got ourselves a perfect summer day.
From Cappy Hotchkiss Photography…Sole East wedding in Montauk NY. A truly mellow couple with a truly mellow vibe. Her bridesmaid designed all the gorgeous paper stuff, invites, etc. and also designed the cool Montauk Tote bags that were given to all the guests as welcome gifts. The groom, Jay, works as some sort of big wig finance guy and actually took his groomsmen to Antarctica for the bachelor party!!!! Who the heck needs Vegas? But deep down in his core, a surf guy lives. Sole East is the perfect spot for a mellow surf style wedding. Super casual, bonfire, food cooked on the grill. No pretense. These guys were so mellow that upon arriving at the Montauk Lighthouse, where they had decided to take their wedding party photos before the ceremony, and discovering that there was about a 35 mph wind whipping, they just went with it. And the wedding party was game as well. No one complained, hair flying, clothes flying. They just had fun. The ceremony was in a church in Montauk and the getaway car was their Land Rover. Lots of family, lots of love. Kids in J.crew. Pie in lieu of cake. Crazy band, crazy dancing. The place cards were gorgeous silver pocket compasses engraved with the couple’s names.