Top R&B Wedding First Dance Songs

Top R&B Wedding First Dance Songs

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While trying to figure out a first dance song for your wedding, it can help to narrow down options by genre first. Simply choosing your preferred style of music is recommended, but if you and your future spouse have differing taste or you truly enjoy a variety of sounds, you may want to consider R&B.

Fans of the smooth rhythm-and-blues genre love the soulful sound and often sensual beats. Romance is often a lyrical theme for these tunes, meaning there’s quite a variety to choose from that would make for wonderful love songs, and therefore wedding-song options. Here’s some of our favorites we like to play out:

Brian McKnight – “Back at One”

This is another one of those Brian McKnight songs that’s considered melodramatic out in the real world, but within the setting of a wedding party, it fits in as naturally as a bouquet of flowers. This should be played during a slow dance at a wedding reception.

Halo By Beyonce

Beyoncé originally wrote this song about her husband and so the lyrics are filled with love and emotion. The stunning melody will elicit emotional responses in everyone who attends your big day.

All Night Long By Lionel Ritchie

A great song to finish the day of celebrations and a way of ending the party on a high. This Lionel Ritchie song will get everyone back on the dance floor for one final dance and is a great way of getting those hips moving and toes tapping.

“I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston

This is a beautiful daddy dance song that will make the most unexpected impact on you and on your guests during your wedding reception. You won’t forget it anytime soon, and it will make a great addition to your father daughter dance. You will love it so much, and your guests will be sure to enjoy the beauty of this song.

“Love On Top” By Beyoncé

“Love On Top” is an amazing combination of R&B and funk influences. Her main vocals, as usual, are full of spirit, and the backing voices keep your ear tailored to each adaptive role. It’s a banger with many feel-good vibes, and the artist’s vocal range seems to have no bounds with so many different sonics. Despite her powerful voice, the instrumental provides a slow and warm backdrop.

“All My Life” By K-Ci And JoJo

This late-’90s love song has become a prom and wedding staple. The voices of brothers K-Ci and JoJo Hailey hit all the right notes as they convey their gratefulness for discovering the love of their lives.

“No One” By Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys is unconcerned about what other people think in this uplifting love song. Nothing can stand in the way of her undying love for her handsome man; she sings passionately. Can we blame her when it comes to matters of the heart? Her personal life inspired her to write one of the best R&B love songs of all time.

“Adorn” by Miguel

With an opening salvo like “these lips can’t wait to taste your skin,” things get steamy quick on Miguel’s 2012 sex-soaked R&B love song. Armed with a deadly falsetto, the crooner melds the sweetness of a young Marvin Gaye with the swag of in-the-club-like-yeah Usher—it’s damn near irresistible.—

“Climax” by Usher

One thing you can count on with Usher is consistency: Two decades into his career, the slick singer is still releasing songs as titillating as, say, “Bad Girl.” “Climax” dropped on Valentine’s Day 2012, and it’s as surefire a soundtrack for horizontal listening as his previous hits; according to Diplo, Usher proposed the idea of “tak[ing] the strip club to the stadium” with its production. And with that dead-sexy falsetto and wax-melting grooves, you can hear it.

Here and Now – Luther Vandross

This beautiful song with tender lyrics it describes a promise of loving each other faithfully for the rest of their lives. Love, in this song, is the sole reason why life is such a beautiful thing. Nothing in the world can take this love away.

So Much in Love – All 4 One

This soulfully mesmerizing song is about a lover who wishes to walk down the aisle and exchange the wedding vows with his lady. To him, after that special moment, they will be together till the end of their lives.

With so many genres of music to choose from and with new R$B songs being released every day, it can be difficult to whittle down your playlist for your wedding day so use this guide to your advantage. If you need more ideas, contact us today!