Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Band

Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Band 1200 900 adam Michaels

Live music is the best way of creating a special atmosphere and getting your guests on the dancefloor. While some wedding bands can be very expensive indeed, you can still get great live music on a smaller budget. We’ve put together some ideas on how get yourself a talented and reliable wedding band without breaking the bank.

  1. Book a local band

Wedding and party bands can charge quite a lot to travel, and the costs soon add up – especially if they’re traveling so far that they need to stay overnight, when you’ll be paying hotel costs as well as a certain amount per mile. To save money by hiring a band in your area, try our search tool on the Function Central website – you can search by act and genre as well as region.

  1. Have a winter wedding

Whilst wedding bands tend to be solidly booked during the summer months, many a muso will spend their winter penniless by the fireside supping on broth! In order to fill the quieter months, many bands offer great discounts between October and March, to ensure the bookings keep coming in. If you’re unable to hold your wedding in the winter, bands often offer discounts on Sundays to Thursdays throughout the year.

  1. Hire a band with fewer members

Wedding bands come in all shapes and sizes – from premium bands with bolt-on horn sections and several backing singers to three-piece rock bands, acoustic duos and even soloists with backing tracks. If you’re looking to save money without losing danceability, try hiring a band with fewer members, or look at flexible bands who can add or remove members to suit your venue and budget.

  1. Save money on early arrival and late finish fees

Venues often ask bands to set up early on in the day, but the reality is that most bands will charge more for arrivals before 5 or 6pm. In our experience, this is unnecessary – if you can arrange a brief window after your meal/speeches for the band to gain access to their performance area, they’ll be able to set up quickly and discreetly and keep noise levels to a minimum.

Likewise most bands charge a premium for finishes later than midnight – don’t get caught out!

  1. Beware of false economies

Illness or an unexpected event, such as a family emergency, can sometimes mean that the wedding band you’ve booked might not make it to your reception. If you book through an agency, you’re guaranteed a great band on the day, since they’ll have instant access to replacement bands and musicians at the last minute, and at no extra charge.

You’ll also get an experienced party band who know exactly what to play and how to get everyone on the dancefloor. You might think you’ve got yourself a bargain by booking a band directly rather than through an agency, but you might not actually be saving anything. If you do decide to book direct, make sure you compare their rates to agency rates. Bands who work through agencies often offer cheaper rates anyway, in return for more bookings.

We hope this is helpful! If you’d like to find out more, or get a quote for a wedding or party band in your area, get in touch!