Why More People Are Choosing to Have a Live Wedding Band

Why More People Are Choosing to Have a Live Wedding Band 2560 1707 adam Michaels

In recent years, we’ve seen an increase in the number of couples choosing to have a live wedding band. There are many reasons why a couple might choose a live band, which we will explore here.

Live Music Sounds Better

There’s a reason why we love going to music festivals and gigs – live music sounds amazing. Watching a live wedding band made up of talented people playing their instruments with passion and enthusiasm adds to the celebratory atmosphere of a wedding and gets people in the mood to party. A powerful love ballad performed by a talented singer will always pack more of an emotional punch than a recorded track.

Live Wedding Bands Aren’t Just About Wedding Music

A live wedding band is a spectacle in its own right. Musicians are also performers and tend to be charismatic and energized. They love what they do, and it will show in their performance. This enthusiasm will rub off on your guests and go a long way to feeding the party atmosphere. If some guests don’t feel like dancing or want to take a break and rest their feet, they have something interesting and fun to look at. 

You Have More Control

A good wedding band will work with you to decide what wedding music you’d like to hear, as well as what you don’t. They will have a repertoire of songs that they will have performed at other weddings, so they will already have a feel of what will go down well with a crowd. They can also speed a song up, or slow it down, depending on the mood of the room. A band can also put their spin on classic wedding songs, which will give you and your guests something different and fun. 

A Live Wedding Band Will Make Your Wedding A Day To Remember

We see live music as something reserved for special occasions, and there’s nothing more special than your wedding day. A live wedding band will bring their brand of magic to your reception. Watching a group of talented musicians rock out will always be more entertaining. If you want to make day one to remember for you, your fiancé, and your guests, hiring a live wedding band is a surefire way of achieving this.

A Live Wedding Band Can Bring Nostalgia

Having live music at your wedding can be a great way to listen to cover songs of all-time classics that appeal to all generations at your wedding. With a plethora of wedding bands in NYC to choose from, you can decide what type of music will be at your wedding. Work with our wedding band before your big day, and you can craft the perfect set list of music for your reception.

Consider who will be attending your wedding. Will you have a mix of different ages and generations? A good wedding band will be able to play some songs from many different genres and decades of music, so there will be something for everyone to enjoy.

Feel the Bass 

With the big speakers and live drums, you and your guests can dance the night away just like you were at your favorite live concert. Having a band on-site means having instruments on-site and feeling the music.

The overall ambiance in the room is just a touch better with a live band, and anybody who loves to dance would agree that dancing to a live drum beat and authentic singer is just more fun than dancing to a few speakers set up around the room. With a live band, you will have a hard time getting yourself, and your guests, off the dance floor! Create a great singalong and dancing experience with live music.

A Live Band Can Add Personality and Interaction

Let that lead singer take over the room. A trained musician, he knows how to engage with the audience and when to change up the tempo of the music. A band is right up front and in the center of the room and becomes an interactive part of the party. This makes the whole wedding feel a bit more personalized, and guests will usually feel cozier and more engaged with a band.

A wedding band is more personable and can even come onto the dance floor. There are more members in the band to engage with guests. Guests can make eye contact, and even have discussions with the band during set list breaks, meaning your guests can walk away truly feeling like they attended both a concert and a wedding at the same time. If you want your guests to remember your wedding more than any other, giving them a unique experience with a great band is a surefire way to create moments they will remember forever.

Live Bands Have a Fan Base

Most people might have a favorite band. While the odds are against you hiring Maroon 5, if your favorite band is smaller in popularity, you might just be able to hire them to play at your wedding. This would eliminate the stress of picking set lists, as you already know you love most of their music. You could trust that they would perform amazingly at your wedding since you have probably already seen them perform in concert before.


A bonus – you would get to meet and greet with your favorite band. While your wedding is going to be special and memorable no matter what, it would truly be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create wonderful memories if you can get your favorite band to perform live at your wedding. Your guests will talk about it for years to come.