The Best Wedding Entrance Ideas for Any Style

The Best Wedding Entrance Ideas for Any Style

The Best Wedding Entrance Ideas for Any Style 768 575 adam Michaels

Once you’ve shared your heartfelt vows, and said “I do,” and your ceremony comes to a close, it’s time to get the party started! While your ceremony is every bit as important, your reception truly provides the opportunity to celebrate your nuptials in whatever way you choose. Whether you’re planning a unique cocktail hour with plenty of food stations, a sit-down dinner, or a beach party, a memorable wedding entrance idea can help you set the tone for the rest of the evening. Whether you’re hoping to make a grand, jaw-dropping entrance, simply plan something meaningful, or get your entire wedding party in on the fun, there are several options available to every couple. 

The decision is yours—but be sure to make the choice intentionally. This will be your first introduction as a married couple. Why not make it special? Need inspiration to get started? Read on for creative wedding entrance ideas to find the perfect fit.

Go Big on Entertainment

If you’re planning on hiring performers or a unique entertainment act for your party, consider working with them to coordinate a one-of-a-kind wedding reception entrance. 

Prepare a Wedding Party Performance

Are you a musical theater enthusiast? Were you part of an a cappella troupe in college? If so—and if you have a few other music aficionados in your midst—turn your wedding entrance into a song-and-dance number that your bridesmaids and groomsmen can join in on. 

Kick Off the Dance Party

Ready to get your groove on? Enter your reception space to a favorite song and coordinate a dance right off the bat. This is sure to draw attention and set the mood for the party (not to mention get everyone out on the dance floor).

Have Fun With a Wedding Band

If you’re planning a destination wedding in a place that speaks to your culture, why not embrace local music? Have a wedding band escort you to your reception space to get the party started, for example.

Engulf the Ceiling

While adorning the band stage itself is a must, you can also make use of the negative space above the stand. Draping reflective spheres from the ceiling is a stunning option for glamorous affairs. Not only will the surface match the textures used throughout your décor, but these decorations will also draw the eye upward and play with depth and dimension by reflecting the dance floor. Consider incorporating unique uplighting to cast fun patterns on the ground, which is what this couple did at their New Year’s Eve wedding in New York.

Suspend a Flower Chandelier

You can also dress up the ceiling above your band stage by hanging a flower chandelier. Suspending an overhead installation of blossoms will evoke a lush and ethereal feel at your reception, especially for garden nuptials. Mix different types of flowers and greenery to incorporate multiple textures and add an artistic touch. For a cohesive look, adorn the actual stage with matching florals.

Include Mood Lighting

Embellishing your band stage with light fixtures will create the right mood for your post-ceremony party. Hanging globes stuffed with tea lights that float above your podium will illuminate the space once the sun sets, creating a romantic atmosphere. A neon sign featuring your name, like this couple used at their nuptials in NYC, will also help cast a warm glow over your evening while personalizing your setup.

Use an Existing Door

Looking for a simple wedding entrance idea? Use an existing feature at your venue. You can dress it up with greenery and blooms and create a beautiful entrance by walking through to your reception space, hand-in-hand.

Try Theatrics

Love the theater? Why not have some fun? Because this couple utilized a theater as their reception venue space, they made a statement by descending and appearing through a trap door. How magical!

Play an Entrance Song

Choose a meaningful song that speaks to your relationship to announce your nuptials. This will help set the tone for the entire reception—and is a great way to connect your wedding entrance idea to your love story.

Take the Stairs

If your reception space has stairs, be sure to use them! Dress them up with bundles of blooms, or keep things plain and simple. Either way, it’s a space that’s sure to draw attention as you and your partner enter the venue.

Take a Trolley

Consider traveling to your reception venue in style! Arrive via trolley for a fun and festive option—and consider having your guests line up to greet you as soon as you step off your ride.

Deck Out a Bus

All aboard the bus! Transport your guests to your reception space with a personalized bus. Ride in style with everybody else, or follow behind in your custom transportation.

Make a Speech

Before making your way into the crowd, give a speech. This is such a great time to welcome guests to your reception and to share your gratitude for everybody being there to celebrate.

Put On a Show

Planning something glam? Make a Hollywood entrance! Performers escorted this couple into their reception space to command attention. 

Include Live Music

Having live music can provide such a special touch and is a great wedding entrance idea. Have a violinist or guitarist begin playing a sentimental song as you and your partner enter your reception.