Beautiful Outdoor Wedding at Briarcliff Manor

Beautiful Outdoor Wedding at Briarcliff Manor 150 150 adam Michaels

Beautiful Outdoor Wedding at Briarcliff Manor

Fall weddings in Westchester, NY are a beautiful thing! When you’re surrounded by all those wonderful colors and beautiful people, it’s impossible not to have all the feels in the world! Nicholas and Taylor recently tied the knot at the Briarcliff Manor in the most incredible way. This was certainly one celebration that no one would soon forget!

Nicholas and Taylor met at UC Davis – 10 years ago! Nicholas was well into medical school when they started planning a wedding at The Briarcliff Manor.  He graduated just before they were wed. The Briarcliff Manor was the perfect Westchester backdrop to celebrate and dance the night away to celebrate and begin their own chapter. They requested a very fun and lively playlist and Around Town Entertainment was delighted to make all their special requests a reality!  

The special day on September 20, 2020 began with the bride getting ready at her parent’s house in Briarcliff Manor, New York. As the Ceremony drew closer, Nicholas was full of nerves, but all his worries melted away when he saw Taylor smiling, walking down the aisle towards him. The wedding ceremony was set for the bride and groom to tie the knot within the cozy confines of The Briarcliff Manor, surrounded by their loving family and friends. 

Around Town Entertainment waited in anticipation to welcome the guests into the main event!  First there was a lovely cocktail hour where the guests enjoyed the beautiful main room which served as the inspirational, stunning back drop to the film “Gone With The Wind.”  

The Briarcliff Manor has beauty and grace of your classic manor of the late 1800s. From the hidden staircase to the stunning balcony, Around Town Entertainment’s jazz trio provided exciting music to lift the spirits as guests explored the venue and mingled.

The bride and groom were glowing as newlyweds and so excited to have their closest friends and family surround them on this magnificent day.  The bridal party and the parents of the bride and groom waited in anticipation for their grand entrance which was set to celebrate the bride and groom’s special day. 

We could feel Nicholas and Taylor’s romance come alive as the Around Town Band from Around Town Entertainment lifted the energy in the Elegant Manor Reception Hall for the main event. The grand foyer featured a sweeping double staircase that took our breath away. The intricate French doors let in natural light, leading guests to an intimate ceremony space where the bride and groom made their grand appearance. 

The Bride and Groom were introduced into the main room to the song  “Bring Them Out” TI.   The parents were also introduced into the reception and had a special introduction as well!  They chose the song “Let’s Get It Started” By the Black Eyed Peas.  The bride and groom chose a classic, emotional song for their very first dance as husband and wife.  They chose “Can’t Help Falling In Love” by Elvis Presley.  It was a perfect choice.  The crowd cheered as the couple had this very romantic and intimate moment.  The bride also had a very lovely dance with her father to a unique father and daughter wedding dance song entitled “Daddy’s Angel” by T. Carter.  And the groom escorted his mom to the dance floor to have their own special moment.  They danced to the song “Hero” by Mariah Carey.  The vocalist from the Around Town Band wowed the guests on this one as she hit all of the famous Mariah Carey high notes. 

As the night progressed, the wedding band played “Sugar Sugar” by the Archies for the cake cutting.  The cake was a triple-tiered work of art!  

Taylor and Nicholas gave the band a very specific list of favorite songs.  The band played their favorites to celebrate the night and the guests sang along to all the songs as many of the songs were classic anthems.  There was also a balance and rhythm between the high energy songs and the warm touching ballads that the bride and groom loved.  The guests cheered throughout the night as each song set the mood.  It was amazing! Wow! 

The Around Town Band recognizes the importance of creating the perfect event, so from the first introduction to the day of the event, each client is given specialized attention, which entails customizing music for each event, professional and immediate attention to detail and bringing the exact desired effect to each event.  

Around Town Entertainment was honored to have been chosen as the best NY wedding band, NJ wedding band, and CT wedding band.

Congratulations to Nicholas and Taylor!