Cabin in the Woods

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Cabin in the Woods

Michael and Sharon’s story is a little different than the average couple. They have known each other their entire lives. Both of their parents met at a young age and have remained best friends ever since! Since the early ’90s, they have traveled, spent big holidays together, anniversaries, birthday parties, and much more. Because they grew up so close, Michael and Sharon never really thought they would end up together.

It wasn’t until they were both single, about to graduate college when they began to take their relationship to the next step. They admitted they had feelings for each other, but the timing was never right until the proposal. 

For the proposal, Michael’s parents flew into New York City just to “visit.” On the day of the proposal, they were supposed to go to a wine tasting that was hosting a music event, but instead Michael drove the four of them to the magical woods with the most whimsical enchanted forest.

When they arrived, Michael dropped his parents and Sharon off at this Airbnb cabin next to the woods. When Sharon walked in, she was so shocked to see her sister, brother, and parents there to greet her!

They were playing her favorite Christina Aguilera music in the background and a photographer was there to capture the best moments! Sharon’s parents then walked her to where Luke was standing- under a beautiful Teepee tent with lights, candles, etc. in the most magical, rainy forest and the place he asked her to marry him! After that, they all celebrated in the cabin with food, drinks, and desserts. Everything was perfect!

They held their wedding at the The Hyatt Regency in CT. They had a room for the bridal party to get ready during the day, and also had a room to quickly hang out in before heading into the reception. The cocktail hour was held in the atrium, which was a beautiful location and easily had enough room for about 100 guests, where they enjoyed fancy hor devours and music from Around Town Entertainment’s jazz trio.  

The reception room looked amazing- all of the flowers and centerpieces were perfectly positioned, along with the card table with personal photos. The Around Town Band performed “Just The Way You Are” by Bruno Mars as the bride and groom were introduced as husband and wife. The band played “The Way You Look Tonight” by Frank Sinatra as the newlyweds kissed and danced in the flower-filled sanctuary. Then, everyone was invited up on the floor for more upbeat music. From Lou Bega to The Beatles, the night ending with a bang!

This was another successful wedding by Around Town Entertainment. Around Town Entertainment is proud to have been chosen as the best NY wedding band, NJ wedding band, and CT wedding band in 2021.

Thank you Michael and Sharon for making this one a milestone night, a very special one, and one to be remembered by everyone that was there. We wish you both the best in your lifetime together!