First comes Instagram, then comes marriage…?

First comes Instagram, then comes marriage…? 1170 779 adam Michaels

Prepare yourself for a love story of the ages…who are we kidding, we met on Instagram. Our story began when Taylor was mindlessly scrolling through the gram one night. It was in that moment that he scrolled and scrolled until he stumbled across an eye-catching photo of a cute guy in a black sweater on his explore page. Divine intervention? Or is the algorithm actually the ultimate matchmaker?

It didn’t take long for Taylor to slide in this Jeff DM’s! How’d he do it? Was it with a cheesy pickup line?  Did he pop the question right then and there? Nope! The life-changing DM featured the now-infamous two waving hand emojis. Taylor clicked “send” and hoped for the best! And he waited… and waited.

Jeff didn’t respond until the next day, but when he did, the connection was instantaneous! The two spent that entire day messaging back and forth, sending corny jokes, bad pick-up lines, Taylor admittedly sent a few boast-worthy pictures of meals I had recently cooked, you know, to prove I was worth pursuing. Come on! You HAVE to pull out all the stops when you’re sliding into the DM’s!

They ended up meeting that night after they had both been out separately with friends. Taylor and Jeff spent the entire night and into the next morning just talking and getting to know each other. The connection they felt instantaneously over text was even stronger in person. Before the two had ever even met in person, Jeff was out at a bar and felt so strongly about us that he actually wrote our initials in a heart on a chalkboard in the men’s room. The rest is history!

Over the past three years, they’ve traveled the world together, hosted some amazing parties, cooked a ton, drank lots of red wine, got their first apartment together, and brought the most beautiful pup into their lives! They even just bought their first home together! Taylor and Jeff’s friends and family describe them as the perfect case of opposites attract. Jeff is carefree, light-hearted, and grounded. He loves to sing and dance and play any instrument he can get his hands on. This makes him the perfect match for Taylor, someone who sometimes takes life too seriously, leads every conversation with sarcasm, and has my head in the clouds looking for the next adventure. Taylor’s favorite thing about his relationship with Jeff is that their relationship has always seemed so effortless—perfect in its own way.

The couple kicked off their wedding weekend in style with drinks at June Farms in West Sand Lake, New York! As their family and friends arrived, the excitement of the weekend began to buzz! After the initial date had to be pushed back because of Covid-19 restrictions, smiles were seen all around as everyone was excited to finally be able to celebrate the lifelong commitment of such a wonderful couple!

The next morning was finally the big day! As the guests arrived at the ceremony, they were greeted by the Around Town Entertainment’s guitarist! The acoustic music was a perfect fit for the June Farms wedding venue! Jeff and Taylor were pronounced married and everyone erupted into cheers! It was time to party!

The After Party Band welcomed the guests to the cocktail hour with their jazz trio! Everyone’s jazz favorites were played and the guests were all tapping their toes, ready to hit the dance floor!

After putting their wedding and celebration on hold for some time, Jeff and Taylor knew they wanted to party in style! The After Party Band was set up on a stage and rocked the night away! The band even had an awesome lighting set-up which synced to their music!

The wedding party entered to Diana Ross’ iconic “I’m Coming Out” which brought a smile to everyone’s face! The newlyweds entered the party with the After Party Band playing Natalie Cole’s “This Will Be.” An everlasting love, indeed! Taylor and Jeff took to the dance floor for their first dance as a married couple holding one another tight for “Love You I Do” from Dreamgirls!

The After Party Band had all the guests dancing the night away with some funk classics from Whitney Houston, to Stevie Wonder, and Nat King Cole! The night proved to be memorable and WELL worth the wait!

Thanks, Jeff and Taylor for including us in your celebration! Congratulations and cheers!