Keeping Classic Current

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Ella Fitzgerald’s “Someone to Watch Over Me.” Frank Sinatra’s “The Way You Look Tonight.” Nat King Cole’s “L-O-V-E.” Etta James’ “At Last.” There’s a reason these artists are known as “The Greats” and these songs as some of the most timeless, classic love songs of all time. We here at Around Town Entertainment love these songs and this gorgeous style of music, with its beautiful brass, and rich, swelling vocals. 

If you’re one of our classic couples who loves old romanticism, and a gorgeous classic vintage vibe, we’re sure these songs have crossed your mind as you’ve been planning your music – how could they not? We’d happily recommend all of them for your big day and special moments; they’re standards, totally classic, guaranteed hits. We also understand though if you have that little voice in the back of your head going “…does classic run the risk of being overdone?” 

First of all, no, not at all. Classic is classic for a reason! Some things truly never go out of style and these big band, jazzy, soulful numbers have safely ensconced themselves in that category. However, we’re also happy to say that there are ways for you to still have that sweeping romantic jazz feel – without picking an old jazz standard!

There’s been a recent comeback, or resurgence in the sweeping, romantic, symphonic, big band, jazz sound in contemporary music with artists like Laufey, Cody Fry, Jacob Collier, Jon Batiste, Sammy Rae & the Friends, Olivia Dean, Adele, and Ben Rector at the forefront of the movement, along with cover artists like Postmodern Jukebox, or stories. 

These artists and others like them infuse their music with rich orchestration, incorporating elements like brass, strings, and woodwinds to create a full-bodied sound that harks back to the golden age of big band music. Their compositions often feature soaring melodies, intricate harmonies, and dynamic shifts, evoking a sense of nostalgia and romance – perfect for a wedding where you’re blending the idea of rich romance with the idea something that can last forever – just like this classic style of music. 

Moreover, the revival of this sound speaks to a broader trend of artists rediscovering and reimagining classic genres and styles. By blending elements of jazz, classical, and pop, these artists are creating a unique sonic landscape that appeals to both old-school aficionados and contemporary music lovers alike – which makes it ideal for a classic yet contemporary wedding, and is sure to keep all your guests feeling like the music is familiar to them, from grandma to your girl friends! 

Of course, we wouldn’t rave about these artists or throw this idea out there without having some fabulous examples to back it up! Here are just a few of our favorite suggestions our award-winning live bands can play that could fit beautifully into your evening – a lot of them make for stunning first dances

“Best Friend” by Laufey – an ideal tempo for a calm, sweet, soothing first dance, this song has a romantic timeless vibe and lyrics that express a deep and genuine affection, capturing the essence of a strong bond between two people. Perfect for newlyweds that know their deep friendship is at the heart of their passionate love; and as a bonus, the lyrics have a few clever little jokes that will leave you and your guests laughing at its poignancy. 

“I Hear a Symphony” by Cody Fry – this song is deceptive and perfect for couples looking for a choreographed dance moment. It begins very softly and simply and builds to a lush and rich musical moment as the lyrics describe how someone went from hearing a simple song as they went through their life, to hearing a full symphony each time they look at their love. It’s the musical and aural equivalent to the “I met you and now the world is technicolor” sentiment! If you ever wanted to feel like the main characters of a movie, this song is the perfect soundtrack, with its deceptive simplicity magically transforming into a sweeping romantic movement that will leave your guests in tears (the good kind). 

“I Get It Now” by Sammy Rae & The Friends – This one is brand-spanking new, so we aren’t surprised if you haven’t heard it yet! Once again lush yet simple, this song beautifully describes how the love you spent years trying to make happen turned out to be something so simple and effortless with the right person. Believe it or not, it’s the bands’ first love song – and we think it hits the mark perfectly. Slow and steady, just like your love, this song is another perfect option for a first dance – its structure simultaneously classic and flowing, allowing for that lovely jazz sound. 

What if the song that means the most to you and your partner doesn’t match the vibe of your wedding? Say you’ve planned this gorgeous classic, romantic, timeless day, but your favorite song that you’d like to use for your first dance or other part of your big day just doesn’t seem to fit musically. Well, that’s the most beautiful part of your brilliant choice to hire our incredibly talented live musicians: we can change the style of a song. Think of Postmodern Jukebox taking contemporary songs and giving them a retro makeover – we can do something similar! In the same way that artists will often release acoustic covers of their music or someone else’s, we can take the song that’s most meaningful to you and shift its style so that it suits the vibe you’re looking for!