Live Bands Have You “Covered”

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Sometimes, crazy as it sounds, a cover is “Simply the Best.” For example, one that immediately and aptly comes to mind is Noah Reid’s cover of Tina Turner’s “The Best.” The song shot back into the limelight in 2018 when Schitt’s Creek featured the cover in one of its most touching episodes, with Reid’s character playing his own original, stripped-down, acoustic cover of the iconic rock power ballad Tina Turner cemented as a classic in its own right in the late 80’s. Both songs are impactful and beautiful, yet utterly different, despite the fact that they are “the same song.” Reid’s cover begs to be used for a slow and intimate moment like your first dance though, where Turner’s original fits perfectly for the moment you first enter your reception as a married couple! 

Hiring a live wedding band, like any of Around Town’s award-winning bands, is the secret to making sure you can use your favorites songs during your special moments – even if they don’t originally seem to fit the vibe! As a live band, we can use reference material to take a song to new heights and depths by changing its genre from the one people might know it best in! Don’t believe us? Here are some killer examples of songs with covers so phenomenal you’ll never have to say “We love this song and its meaning, but its vibe just doesn’t match what we want for that moment at all” again! 

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You 

This classic was first made a hit by Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons in 1967 and is known for its gentle intro, which builds into one of the catchiest horn hooks of all time. If you’re a fan of the “slow build to big finish” then the original version is the one for you! Whether your introduction to the song was on the radio, jamming to your parents’ record collection, seeing Jersey Boys on Broadway, or (our personal favorite) Heath Ledger’s iconic rendition in the 90’s classic ‘10 Things I Hate About You’ – this song is timeless, catchy, and a wedding smash hit. 

Oh what’s that? You love this song but you and your new spouse were really hoping to sway to something a little less bopping for your first dance? Great news! The band known as stories has a stunning, stripped back, slowed down, acoustic version of the song that’s sure to have your guests in tears (the good kind, obviously), featuring Sarah Isen. 

We’re actually going to pause here to let you in on the fun trade secret that stories’ entire purpose is to take favorite classic songs that began their lives a little more on the “rocked out” side and strip them back to reveal the tender acoustic side that lives within. 

You Make My Dreams (Come True) 

Who doesn’t love Hall & Oates’ original bop? An infectious rhythm, a feel good vibe, a guitar hook that grabs you from the moment the song starts… all fantastic reasons to involve this song on your wedding day. The original version of this song is absolutely perfect for the couple with a fun choreographed dance routine for their first dance, or even as a reception entrance or ceremony recessional

But you’re a rustic, folk couple that loves the sweet, soft vibe – some “slow dancing, swaying to the music” over a high energy routine, if you will. That works for us! Check out Billie Marten’s Ont’ Sofa cover, a slowed, simple, acoustic version of the song that suddenly places the lyrics at the forefront. 

What if you’re that post-modern couple that loves chic vintage touches in a refurbished warehouse and loves funk music? Guess what – we’ve got you covered too. Give a listen to Scary Pockets’ funky, half-tempo cover featuring Jennah Bell

Fun Fact! Scary Pockets is from the minds of the same folks who brought you stories – where stories focuses on acoustic, totally stripped-back covers, Scary Pockets loves to find the pocket and get a little scary. Which is to say, they specialize in funk-pop covers of all your favorites! Wow, we’re really giving away all the industry secrets today, aren’t we? 

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough 

…to keep us from spilling the tea on all the different ways you can play the same song! Here’s another all-out classic from Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell that never fails to bring the heat. We love the original version of this song – who doesn’t? High energy vocals, an upbeat tempo, and percussion that just won’t quit – of course this song is a wedding favorite! But once again, the team over at Scary Pockets has brought us a funk cover that manages to change the vibe just a bit (and slows the tempo slightly for the more novice dancer); and the team at stories busts out a stunning acoustic rendition that has us wondering how more people haven’t been asking for an acoustic version of this Motown hit. 

You probably noticed right away from watching our bands’ videos and checking out our song list that Around Town Entertainment bands are as versatile as they are talented. And it’s this versatility that means we can take your favorite song and, with the help of a little reference material, do it just the way you want it for your special day. You and your spouse aren’t like anyone else – why should your music be any different?