Spot(ify) the Similarities: Using Spotify to Help Find the Perfect Blend for Your Big Day!

Spot(ify) the Similarities: Using Spotify to Help Find the Perfect Blend for Your Big Day! 2560 1707 adam Michaels

It’s a tale as old as time, really: Indie-Acoustica Girl meets EDM Bro; Classic Rock Chick meets R&B Babe; Country Gal meets Latin Lad;  Bossanova Boy meets Death Metal Dude; Chappell Roan They meets Sammy Rae & The Friends Them. You love your partner to death and there are so many wonderfully compatible things about the two of you – it’s why you’re getting married! But what if your musical tastes could not be more different? Great news, your music tastes don’t have to be compatible for the two of you to be! Strong marriages are also built on your differences, not just your similarities, so don’t fret if your musical vibes are polar opposites! Even better news, you made the phenomenal choice to hire Around Town to handle the music for your special day – and we’re as versatile as your tastes! 

You may have noticed from watching clips of our fabulous bands or from checking out our song list, we have a pretty extensive and broad catalogue under our belts! Which means you and your partner don’t need to worry about limiting yourselves when highlighting the songs and genres you like. (Please note that not all genres are in the song list – for example, we don’t perform rap numbers. Also important to note, an additional vocalist may need to be contracted if you’re requesting songs sung in languages that are not English). You can trust our award-winning bands to pay attention to everything you tell us about your taste, as well as read the crowd; we’ll be playing songs that keep your guests dancing all night long

But what if you’re worried that your differing tastes in music will make it difficult to select songs that are perfect for your special moments? Or maybe they already are? Have no fear – we’re here to help! Let us start by saying that choosing these songs doesn’t need to be something you sit down in a single night and decide. While we do have our “30 days prior” deadline, that still gives you lots of time to really think about and find your perfect songs. Which is where this series of hot tips is about to come in! 

Spotify has really been focused on honing and improving their platform, algorithm, and, in particular, collaborative features in the last several years. And it’s these collaborative features that we’re gonna reveal and recommend using to help you and your partner find your perfect blend! 

Let’s start broadly: Spotify has a phenomenal feature called “Blends.” This is a fantastic way to get a constantly updated playlist that will have a fun mix of whatever you and your partner are currently listening to. Creating a Blend on Spotify is as easy as making instant noodles, and a fun way to mix your musical tastes with your partner! First things first, both you and your partner need to have Spotify accounts—free or premium, either works. Open up the Spotify app and head over to the “Search” tab. Type in “Blend” and you’ll see the option to create one. Tap on it, then hit “Invite” to send a link to your partner. Once they accept, Spotify will work its magic, combining your favorite tunes into a single, harmonious (and sometimes eclectic) playlist that reflects both of your styles. It’s like a musical marriage, perfectly blending your unique vibes! Whether it’s Coffeehouse Jazz meeting Hip-Hop, or Top 40 jamming with Motown, your Blend will be the fun and informative soundtrack to your tastes. Even more helpfully, each song will have one of your profile pictures next to it, depending on whose current listening the song came from; most helpfully of all, if there’s a song you’re both listening to, both of your profile pictures will appear next to the song! And with that, we’re off to the races. 

Taking our “Blends” idea a step further – welcome to shared or collaborative playlists! Once you’ve started to notice songs that both of you are listening to – or maybe you always had a song or two that you both agreed on, or you each have a few songs that are really important to you – it’s time for a shared playlist. 

Creating a shared playlist on Spotify is a breeze and a fantastic way to bond over, or sift through and narrow down, your favorite tunes with your partner! Start by opening the Spotify app and heading to the “Your Library” tab. Tap on the “Create Playlist” button and give your new playlist a catchy name that’s meaningful to both of you. Once your playlist is set up, hit the “Add Songs” button to start curating your mix. Now, for the magic: tap on the three dots at the top of the playlist, select “Invite collaborators,” and send the link to your partner. Voilà! They can now add, remove, and reorder songs just like you can. Whether you’re blending Folk with Broadway, Disco with Punk Rock, or any other combination of your totally different but equally fabulous tastes, your shared playlist will be the perfect musical expression of your unique connection. It’s also a great way to streamline your choices and figure out the perfect combination of songs for your special moments on your big day!