This Will Be (The Best Moment of the Day)

This Will Be (The Best Moment of the Day) 2560 1707 adam Michaels

“I now pronounce you married – you may kiss your spouse!” 

One of the most iconic moments in any wedding, and the one you’ve been waiting for. This is what the day is about, after all! We’re sure you’re all familiar with the many videos floating around the internet of couples who manage to perfectly time their first kiss as a married couple to the horn blare and opening lyrics of Natalie Cole’s famously celebratory This Will Be (An Everlasting Love). And such a celebratory song is a perfect choice for this moment, sharing your first kiss, your first steps as a married couple, in front of all the people who love you most in this world. 

The recessional song is often one that’s forgotten about, almost an afterthought during your planning. After all, there’s so much focus on the processional, the bride’s entrance, your first dance… it’s almost easy to forget that this song sets the tone for the start of your lives together, as it kicks off the first moments. We here at Around Town LOVE a good recessional song, but we know that it’s also a bit of a niche category – celebratory love songs that make you want to cheer and clap and dance a bit for joy. You’ve chosen us for your big day and we know that’s no accident – our award-winning live bands are the best around at bringing the party, elevating the mood, and making sure the music matches the level of joy you and your guests are feeling! 

Trusting us to bring the party of course doesn’t solve what might be your biggest question at this point: what song should you choose?? Have no fear, we’re here to help on that front, too! Below are just a few of our favorites for the happiest moment of your day. 

This Will Be (An Everlasting Love) by Natalie Cole 

…if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! This one’s a classic and a famous choice for this moment for a reason – the lyrics perfectly encapsulate what’s happening in the moment, the music is nothing but joyous and energetic, and we know part of the reason we all love the song so much is because of its feature in as the closing/credits song in the 1998 Lindsay Lohan classic ‘The Parent Trap.’ Yup, for those who don’t remember, this is the song the film plays as Nick and Elizabeth get married (again) and the 4 begin their lives as a family. Whether conscious or subconscious, we know these feel-good vibes are quickly associated with this song! 

You Make My Dreams (Come True) by Hall & Oates 

This one is just an eternally fun bop. Once again, it has lyrics that suit the moment beautifully, the intro guitar vamp feels anticipatory (ready for that first kiss everyone?), and the song is the perfect tempo to dance/walk out to. And while Hall & Oates’ partnership didn’t survive the test of time, we’re sure yours will, so don’t let that deter you from using the song! It also has the advantage of being a total classic, so no matter the age of your guests, we know they’ll know this one and be feeling the celebratory vibes right along with you! 

Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I’m Yours) by Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder is kind of the king of the celebratory love song – which makes him an absolute hit at weddings. Again, this song is a classic; well-known, well-loved, and immediately recognizable, which means you and your guests will be feeling the joyous vibes from the moment the intro starts. Nothing risky about this one – just guaranteed good vibes! 

Anything Can Happen by Ellie Goulding

Believe it or not, this is another song that’s from an iconic pop culture moment that left fans everywhere cheering for the success of true love. Remember the elevator moment in New Girl when Nick and Jess finally get together? Yup, this song was the one playing under that moment. We’re positive that the anticipatory build of this song and its triumphant chorus will leave you and your guests feeling that same fist-pumping joy every New Girl fan felt when our favorite “will they, won’t they” couple finally said “we will” (the first time)! 

All You Need is Love by The Beatles 

Does it get any more classic? Simple, straightforward, catchy, well-known, well-loved, this song nails the point home like no other. It has the added bonus of once again showing up in an iconic pop culture touchstone – Love, Actually! We’re sure many of you will remember the charming surprise pulled off at the wedding early in the film where the best man surprises the bride & groom with a hidden choir & instrumentalists to serenade them with this song as they begin their journey back up the aisle as husband and wife – and we’re sure that this song will evoke the same joy for you and your guests! 

Of course, the most important part is making sure that your recessional song speaks to you and your now-spouse! A song is never the wrong choice if it’s meaningful to the two of you and perfectly encapsulates your relationship and connection. We’re just there to make sure it’s everything you always knew it would be.