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It all began with a cross country road trip carrying precious cargo! Subba was moving to NYC for a new job and they met like most Millenials couples meet (online). He drove across the country in sweltering heat along with trust co-pilot, Rupa. They quickly became inseparable and fell in love!

Their first flight together was to San Juan, PR surrounded by beautiful beaches and plenty of food and almost complete laziness; except for the kayak tour to see the bioluminescence. It is here Rupa found out about Subba’s competitive streak (there is such a fierce competitive streak behind that happy go lucky attitude).

The proposal was quite the story. Who proposes to his then-girlfriend in the middle of a shift on a Sunday early morning?? 

Rupa was in the middle of a weekend on-call shift when Subba hands her Bluetooth headphones and then casually tosses another box. Rupa was flabbergasted and was speechless before she finally said yes. And then he casually goes out to play golf – Mission achieved!

We got the call from Rupa to ask if Around Town Entertainment could perform on November 3, 2019. A few days later, we finalized the deal. We’re so happy to make this possible!

Widely regarded as Westchester’s Premier Waterfront Wedding Venue, they set their sights on Glen Island Harbour Club for their special wedding. Glen Island Harbour Club is the perfect occasion and event venue for parties!

On a special day, we were welcomed by uniformed valet and doormen. We immediately noticed the beauty and elegance of this storybook setting. The event was set on a truly spectacular island with gently breaking waves, lush park grounds, breathtaking sunsets, and dramatic views of New York skyline bridges! There were even sculptures and castles with coursed rubble stone, arched openings and round towers, providing a picturesque backdrop for photos of the special day!

The castles, reminiscent of German Rhine fortresses, were constructed on their present site in the late 19th century for use as a beer garden and restaurant and offer a scenic historical experience. What an amazing location!

The wedding music for the night was from Around Town Band. As the bride and groom made their way into the Grand Ballroom, the band showered them with classic cover songs from icons like Stevie Wonder, Jason Mraz, and The Beatles. The band kept the guests dancing and singing all night long! The music was the perfect backdrop to the waterfront views! 

The food was also very delicious! We overheard guests complimenting the attentive personal service of the seasoned, professional staff and the world-class cuisine of the accomplished culinary chef.

Around Town Band brings high energy experience to every event. The bands elite, talented and studied musicians have toured with some of today’s top artists. They have also been featured as artists and musicians in their own right on major records and have graced some of the world’s biggest stages. Book them today!

Wish you both all the happiness in the world, Subba and Rupa! 

Cheers to the most perfect couple!!

Happily Ever After at The Sagamore

Happily Ever After at The Sagamore 150 150 adam Michael

It was on this night November 2, 2019 that this lovely couple got married and began their happily ever after!

The Sagamore Resort in Bolton Landing was the perfect setting fit for a king and queen to have their enchanted fairy tale wedding.   The stunning views of the mountain and the beautiful lake creates the backdrop for the most exquisite outdoor ceremony at this exclusive wedding venue.

Julia and Joseph became Mr. and Mrs. Perri at this lovely ceremony.  The stunning bride walked down the aisle to the song “Morning Has Broken” played by a classic pianist from Around Town Entertainment The couple’s family and guests were moved to tears as the vows were exchanged.  But the tears turned to cheers of congratulations upon the conclusion of the ceremony.  Etta James’ classic love song “At Last” could be heard echoing throughout the spacious property as the guests moved to the next portion of the evening to enjoy a cocktail hour.    There the jazz trio serenaded the guests with a good mix of jazz standards and swing selections to create the energy and excitement of what was to come.

Everyone knew the Around Town Band from Around Town Entertainment was the featured act to open the reception and to ignite a night of dancing under the stars.  The nine-piece band consisted of three powerhouse lead vocalists along with piano, bass, drums and guitar and the added two horns saxophone and trumpet for that big band sound.

The bride and groom’s closest friends and parents surrounded the dance floor as the couple had their official first dance of the evening.  The unique song that was chosen to be performed by the band was Ellie Goulding’s “How Long Will I Love You.”  It was very clear that the answer to the question in this song title was “forever.”  This couple was so in love.

The bride then joined her father for a heartwarming dance to “Lullaby” by Billy Joel.  The groom escorted his mom to the dance floor for the next special dance.  They chose the song “What Would I Do Without You” by Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors.

The band prepared the couples favorite songs to dance to.  The really popular song “Simple” by Georgia Florida Line was one of the songs the band learned for this event.  Then they played the couple’s favorite Abba songs as well.   The ladies were elated and sang along to “Dancing Queen.”  The gentlemen had their favorite rock classic anthem songs to rock out to, so they were definitely pumped and ready.

The rest was up, up and up from there in the way of energy and excitement.  The dancing began and it never stopped until the lights came up and the guests enjoyed the after party.  We were absolutely thrilled to be part of this amazing celebration with such a great couple.

Around Town Entertainment is an entertainment company from New York City that provides wedding music and entertainment in the New York, Connecticut and New Jersey area.   With five featured bands to choose from each client can choose their favorite NY wedding band, CT wedding band and NJ wedding band.

Second Chances

Second Chances 150 150 adam Michael

On December 9, 2014, Brandon Schifrien had a rare opportunity to leave his office early for an event. As he stepped onto the E train at World Trade he had no idea what to expect for the night, he especially wasn’t expecting to “re-meet” his future wife on the E train.

As the train approached the Spring Street stop, his future wife and former co-Blue Rillian happened to get on at the door that Brandon was standing at. This was the first time that Brandon and Halie Cohen had seen each other since their Blue Rill days. They quickly re-connected during the next few stops and Brandon stepped off without him or Halie knowing what was to come.

After a Facebook Message conversation and some initial dates, their relationship quickly took off. After numerous vacations, sporting events (which always seem to involve bad weather), BBQs at the pool, family time, holidays and an engagement, they tied the knot on April 13, 2019.

Around Town Entertainment couldn’t be more excited to play in front of everyone! There is clearly no venue more elegant and appropriate for the start of your beautiful life together than The Rockleigh in New Jersey. Although a picture may be worth a thousand words, we can’t begin to describe what we pictured on their wedding day. The space was surrounded by gorgeous gardens and lavish ballrooms, setting the perfect background to a romantic evening!

The day began in The Georgian Chapel where guests gathered to usher in the bride and groom. As the two newlyweds exchanged vows, a guitarist provided by Around Town Entertainment played in the background to set the mood and tempo for their very important day. We are proud of the new couple and glad that we were able to be part of their “new life.”

After that, it was cocktail hour! There was a ridiculous amount of hors d’oeuvres, such as Ceviche of Rock Shrimp and Mini Kobe Beef Sliders! Wow! We couldn’t help but overhear them chow down the food while enjoying the outdoors amidst the gardens and fountains. Also, guests were served with an amazing display of cocktail stations with premium top-shelf liquors and wines!

Next, we moved to the Grand Pavilion for the reception and more festivities! Upon arrival into the newly redesigned Grand Pavilion lobby, we were immediately intrigued to find an endless marble inlaid dance floor, dining at tables decorated with fine china and imported linens, walls awash in up-lighted colors, and the delighted amazement of family and friends. The bride and groom made their entrances. They had their first dance with their parents. It was spectacular to see!

We can’t forget about the food. It was on a different level! Guests had the choice to select their own personal preference when offered a choice of meat, fish or poultry for their main course. We loved the Rib Eye Steak with a Sage Infused Demi-glace! Yum! Each course was aesthetically composed and seasoned and cooked to perfection! From the first hors d’oeuvre to the last bite of the wedding cake, we certainly savored the memory of this fantastic dinner to celebrate Halie and Brandon’s married life together!

When dessert was finished, the party continued with the Authority Band provided by Around Town Entertainment performing an intimate showcase for the guests. From Whitney Houston to Journey, the wedding band played hits that kept the floor pumping with sweat and energy. What a night!

Congratulations to the newly married couple!

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It All Comes Full Circle

It All Comes Full Circle 150 150 adam Michael

Becky Allen and Chris LaPointe met in Boston in August 2013, moved to DC in October 2014, put their stuff in storage in March 2018, and began a backpacking journey through Southeast Asia.

Under a waterfall in the middle of the jungle in northern Thailand, Chris got down on one knee in the water. We’re not sure what he said, but we know it made Becky cry – the happy kind of tears. Some ask whether the proposal was a surprise. Well…not only was it unanticipated by Becky, but it also took Chris by surprise as well! 

Chris, who had been planning to propose at the end of their trip, was struck by the beauty of the waterfall — a secluded oasis, accessible only by the most difficult two hour hike of their lives (that was, until they hiked through caves in Vietnam…). Evidently the only fools to embark upon said hike, Chris and Becky found they had the entire waterfall to themselves. Chris could not think of a better spot to propose….

So he did. And the rest was history!

Now they’re back in Boston and Around Town Entertainment has been chosen to perform at their wedding at the Madison beach Hotel in Madison, CT! 

Halfway between Boston and New York City, Madison Beach is the perfect destination for the wedding. The beautiful beachfront location on the Long Island Sound provides a perfect private beach for wedding ceremonies and cocktails. As Connecticut’s only beachfront boutique resort and spa, Madison Beach Hotel is surrounded by an unspoiled coastal neighborhood, with many residences having remained in the same families for generations. 

We even got a chance to visit Hammonasset Beach State Park, which was only minutes away! It also offered miles of coastline for sunbathing, swimming, fishing and bird watching! Then we took a walk to downtown New Haven, home of Yale University and the world famous Pepe’s Pizza, and enjoyed a leisurely boat tour on the Connecticut River and the Long Island Sound! 

On wedding day, Around Town Entertainment’s pianist performed piano classics as Becky and Chris said their vows with the sand and the peaceful ocean setting the perfect backdrop for their fairytale story. It was amazing to see! This was followed by an outdoor cocktail reception. After that, guests transitioned to a ballroom with full-length windows overlooking the Long Island Sound to dance the night away with the bride and groom!

Around Town Entertainment’s After Party Band was the evening’s live music entertainment for the evening. A romantic destination in itself, guests were rocking out the whole night while overlooking the stunning ocean views and dancing to the band’s classic performances from throwbacks from U2, DNCE, and many more! 

The After Party Band brings high energy experience to each event, with the right balance of sophistication and polish. The bands elite, talented and studied musicians have toured with some of today’s top artists. They have been featured as artists and musicians in their own right on major records and have graced some of the world’s biggest stages. 

This was another successful wedding by Around Town Entertainment. Around Town Entertainment is proud to have been chosen as the best NY wedding band, NJ wedding band, and CT wedding band in 2020.

It’s a Match!

It’s a Match! 150 150 adam Michael

After a short 30-hour trial on, Val Mauriello made one attempt and sent one email in hopes of connecting to one person. That person was Nick Scofield. The first date was a couple days later at the Ash Creek Saloon where they both pulled up in Subarus and things were off to a great start! They talked and laughed for hours and enjoyed watching the “live entertainment” of a karaoke night.

It was only by coincidence that their first date was on Star Wars Day! Meanwhile, Val found sentimental significance that May the 4th was the birthday of her last grandparent who recently passed. Either way, it’s safe to say that The Force was strong with them that night and every day since!

For the proposal, Val and Nick headed up to Burlington, Vermont, one of their favorite places, for a long weekend getaway. It was there when Nick first presented Val with the Bride & Groom itty bittys, and then got down on one knee with a ring box holding the most gorgeous engagement ring! It all happened so fast and was an incredible surprise, as strangers cheered and took pictures! Val said “YES!” through tears streaming down her face admiring the beautiful ring and in total shock of it all! Afterwards, they were joined by their friends in the brewery and continued to celebrate the rest of their memorable engagement weekend! 

They invited Around Town Entertainment to play at their wedding at the Farmington Gardens in Farmington, Connecticut on September 1, 2019! At first glance Farmington Gardens seemed more like a setting from the pages of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s Secret Garden, than a modern reception facility complete with all the amenities necessary to fulfill even the most lavish ambitions of today’s bride! 

We were welcomed into the Garden Room for the ceremony and cocktails by large knotty Alder French doors. It was an enclosed all glass greenhouse overlooking the beautiful outdoor surroundings and a perfect setting while Around Town Entertainment provided the music for their beautiful day. Exposed wood beams and wrought iron chandeliers set the tone for a romantic evening while the After Party Band’s pianist and jazz trio played classic hits from The Beatles and Temper Trap as the bride and groom walked down the aisle.

After that, celebrations moved into the Dining Room while sprawling trees lined the circular drive, welcoming bride, groom & guests to the charming gardens that embrace the elegant, fully restored barn and original silo. The view through an ivy covered stone wall hinted at the picturesque backgrounds adorned with a hand crafted white gazebo, small fish pond, brick patio & perfectly manicured lawns, all framed by a breathtaking view of rolling fields as the sun sets!

After dinner, the wedding band continued to belt out top hits from Ben Folds, Stevie Wonder, Michael Buble, Earth, Wind, & Fire as guests danced their hearts out. This family owned & operated event facility is one of the premiere wedding venues in Connecticut. Our favorite moment was being surrounded by the natural beauty & rustic charm of the Farmington Gardens! 

What a night filled with good people & good food, good times & surprises all in a magnificent setting with breathtaking views! It was quite the amazing start of Val and Nick’s journey to happily ever after!

This was another stunning wedding by Around Town Entertainment. Around Town Entertainment is proud to have been chosen as the best NY wedding band, NJ wedding band, and CT wedding band in 2020.

Swanky Beach Wedding in Long Island

Swanky Beach Wedding in Long Island 150 150 adam Michael

Christine and Kit’s dreamy wedding at Oceanbleu Beachfront Catering in Westhampton, Long Island, NY was the perfect blend of elegance, class, and beach-vibes. We were honored when they asked us to play for their wedding reception in October 2019!

Christine grew up visiting the Hamptons and she and Kit enjoyed spending summer weekends there with family and friends. In the summer of 2019 Kit surprised Christine with a proposal at a beach a short walk from Christine’s parents’ house. They knew that keeping the Hamptons as part of their wedding celebration was the perfect way to round out their love story that had already began there.

There’s just something about a beach wedding that makes you want to turn your face to the sun and smile. Rich blues in the sky and the sea were the perfect compliment to Christine’s crisp white gown and Kit’s tux in the beautiful autumn sunshine.

Fortunate to have absolutely beautiful weather, Christine and Kit’s beach wedding in Westhampton Beach was simply breathtaking! Oceanbleu is a stunning venue on Long Island, NY as it provided a serene neutral backdrop and unbelievable views of the Atlantic ocean and a golden sunset! Think of it like a dream destination wedding in the Hamptons! The event even boasted an elegant oceanfront dinner, bonfire-on-the-beach after-party, and celebratory post-wedding day brunch which we were invited to!

Our favorite part was playing the bars! Both the raw bar and the traditional bar – including special drink selections from both the bride and groom were tasty! Around Town Entertainment’s jazz trio played a beautiful set of new and old classics as guests sipped drinks and overlooked Dune Road, with views of the marina, the Lobby Bar. 

After that, guests took their seats in the Oceanbleu Ballroom for the main reception. Inside, we were surrounded by huge soaring ceilings, a majestic crystal chandelier and floor-to-ceiling windows, and panoramic views. Kit and Christine walked out and had their first dance while the wedding band played “Thinking Out loud” by Ed  Sheeran. This was followed by the parents dancing with the bride and groom while the band performed “I Believe I Can Fly” by R. Kelly. The night continued with fine dining, dessert, and world class music from Altitude Band. Guests danced their hearts out to Carly Rae Jepsen, Black Eyed Peas, and Outkast capping off a great night of celebration. 

This was one of my favorite weddings in October of 2019. Now that they’ve settled into the routine life of husband and wife, we wish Christine and Kit well in their continuing love story! We can’t wait for many more trips to Oceanbleu in the years ahead! 

Around Town Entertainment is proud to have been chosen as one of the best wedding bands in New York City, Around Town Entertainment is known for creating a truly magical atmosphere at each NYC event! Altitude Band brings high energy experience to every event. Book your band today!

For all bookings, please visit

Best wishes to the happy couple!

It Only Takes a Second to Fall in Love

It Only Takes a Second to Fall in Love 150 150 adam Michael

February 22, 2020 was the night it all began.   It was the night that Lauren and John got married and became Mr. and Mrs. Kahn.  The couple chose to have their ceremony and their full reception at the New York City venue SECOND NYC located at 849 Sixth Avenue in Manhattan.

The celebration was designed with music and love as the theme.  The event planning company, The Day Of Company along with Julie from SECOND NYC helped bring the couple’s vision to life.

The music and entertainment were all provided by the New York City wedding music and entertainment company, Around Town Entertainment.  The ceremony music, the cocktail music and the New York City wedding band music was custom designed for this very special couple.

The couple chose the exact music they loved for their most important ceremony moments and their vows.

The intimate ceremony began with the most beautiful songs.  The bridal party walked in with the song “La Vie En Rose” by Edith Piaf.  The stunning bride selected the classic song “Can’t Help Falling In Love.”  The soft and delicate piano version by Around Town Entertainment created the warm emotion as the groom set eyes on his beautiful bride.   After the couple exchanged vows and were officially husband and wife, the room exploded in applause as the song “I’m A Believer” from the Monkeys played in the background.

The guests joined the bride and groom and enjoyed cocktails and great conversation on the terrace as the classic jazz trio from Around Town Entertainment created that perfect mix of sophistication and elegance.

As the guests were escorted to the main reception, the Altitude Band from Around Town Entertainment was playing lively songs for the entrance.  The full band had the guests excited for what was to come.  The bride and groom and their immediate friends and family were officially introduced into the reception as the band played the couple’s edgy song “Sexy and I Know It” by LMFAO and “Right Round” by Pitbull.   The bride and groom had their official first dance.   They went all the way classic with the Bobby Darin song “Beyond the Sea.”  The bride also had a very special dance with her dad.  They chose the song “Vienna” by Billy Joel.

The rest was history.  It was a night of dancing, music and celebration as the guests danced to the continuous dance music played by the live band.   The couple also requested a couple added songs such as “Sucker” by Jonas Brothers and “Blame It on The Boogie” by Jackson 5.  Of course, the band was excited to oblige and performed these songs as they couple cheered with delight.

It was a night that Mr. .and Mrs. Kahn, their family and friends will never forget.  Around Town Entertainment will also never forget the honor of being part of this beautiful celebration.   For more info about the Altitude Band and the other Around Town Entertainment bands, view live and unedited videos of each band at

Escape to Cedar Lakes Estate

Escape to Cedar Lakes Estate 150 150 adam Michael

Tarek was at Ward 3 in TriBeCa for a birthday party. Kaitlyn was perched up at the bar in conversation with friends, laughing extremely loud at a funny remark.

Little did Kaitlyn know, Tarek had spotted her from across the room earlier in the night, and was trying to find the perfect opportunity to talk to the “beautiful blonde sitting at the bar.”  Tarek went right up to the bar next to Kaitlyn and with great courage said, “What’s so funny” as his opening line.   The two instantly connected from the start, as if they had known each other all their lives.  

After teasing Kaitlyn multiple times throughout the night for her many (unintentionally) funny remarks, Tarek let Kaitlyn know he’d like to see her again.  She instantly replied, “SURE I’ll give you my number!” and the rest is history. 

They invited us to perform at their wedding on June 22, 2019 at the Cedar Lakes Estate and we couldn’t be anymore delighted! The wedding ceremony was held at The Mountain Top, a grass clearing peppered with wild flowers and endless views of the Shawangunk Mountains. The newly restored 85-year old deck overlooks the sparkling lake. Amphitheater style benches face the deck, nestled under a cluster of tall wispy pines also set the perfect backdrop to the lovely day as a pianist provided by Around Town Entertainment played songs like “All Of Me” by John Legend, “Sky Full of Stars” by Coldplay, and “Iris” by Goo Goo Dolls while by the Bride and Groom exchanged vows.

For cocktail hour, they utilized the open air Pavilion, a room with elegant blue stone floors, twinkling bistro lights, an oversized stone fire pit in the center, and permanent outdoor heating. The Pavilion also had a Poolside Patio and infinity-style pool overlooking the lake for breathtaking views while guests sipped on their specialty cocktail while Around Town Entertainment’s jazz trio played for a hour!

The wedding reception was held in a fully restored and temperature controlled 5,400 square foot barn! The barnwood walls juxtapose the modern floor-to-ceiling glass panels, striking just the right balance in this beautiful, expansive space that overlooks the grand lakes. Crystal chandeliers hang from the ceilings, accenting the candlelit dinners setting the mood for the evening. 

For dinner, we tasted an assortment of dish selections in the Chef’s Garden. The garden had a lot of charm with its white picket fence and twinkling lights. We sat in a 50-person farm table on a reclaimed brick patio in the center of the garden for a truly farm-to-table experience under the stars inside this expansive 4,000 square foot wonderland!

After dinner, Around Town Entertainment’s Authority Band performed a very special set for the guests all night long. There were no noise restrictions so it was easy to play as long we liked! The wedding band’s set included songs from artists like Bruno Mars, Whitney Houston, LMFAO, Cee Lo Green, Usher, and Rihanna to keep the guests dancing the whole night!

This was another successful wedding by Around Town Entertainment. Around Town Entertainment is proud to have been chosen as the best NY wedding band, NJ wedding band, and CT wedding band in 2020.

A Night at The Colony Club

A Night at The Colony Club 150 150 adam Michael

When Bill Wiley and Sarah Crawley married at The Colony Club in New York on December 7, 2019, they told us how they met and it was one of the cutest little stories we had heard! 

Bill got Sarah’s phone number wrong in his ever-so-suave fashion, and this whole thing almost never happened! Luckily enough though, Bill got held up leaving the bar and before he got into a taxi realized Sarah hadn’t texted him back. Thanks to a little liquid courage, Bill went back into the bar to find Sarah to make sure she received the text, which is when he realized he typed her number in wrong! With a correct phone number in hand this time around, Bill re-sent his witty, yet personable magnum opus text message, “Hi it’s dill.” The rest is history.

They also picked the cutest place for their reception! We had such a great time performing at this classic New York wedding venue.  These two and their entire guest list were on the floor the entire night with such high energy dancing! The venue did an amazing job creating an intimate and classic black tie affair while Around Town Band provided by Around Town Entertainment kept the party going all night! It was a night full of energy, laughter, and love!

New York has a long tradition of private clubs that are designed to keep outsiders at bay. Each different club may appeal more to artists, or authors, or politicians, or city planners, depending on their charters. Hone Club was the greatest dinner-giving club for upper class merchants, James Fenimore Cooper founded Bread and Cheese Club (which was  not devoted to food, but rather literary pursuits), the City Club was  described as an “anti-bad-city government club”.  All of these clubs shared one feature: they were only for men!

The only club that was created only for women in NYC is The Colony Club! What an amazing location! The Club was founded in 1903. The cocktail session was held at the Harriman Room. After that, the party continued at The Grand Ballroom where everyone partied the night away.  Best man and Maid of honor told hilarious toasts that seemed more like “roasts” and had everyone in tears from laughter. There were fun candid moments, group photo and the bride and groom dipping were some of the many highlights on the dance floor with great live music by Around Town Band as they played songs like “Come Fly with Me” and “New York, New York” by Frank Sintara and tunes from Fleetwood Mac, Van Morrison, and James Taylor. What a special night!

Around Town Band brings high energy experience to each event, with the right balance of sophistication and polish. The bands elite, talented and studied musicians have toured with some of today’s top artists. They have been featured as artists and musicians in their own right on major records and have graced some of the world’s biggest stages. 

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First Time at The Grove

First Time at The Grove 150 150 adam Michael

Marissa Amari & Daniel DeMola’s love story began unexpectedly as most do. While impatiently waiting for the bartender at McSwiggins to get Marissa a drink, she looked over and saw Danny at the other side of the bar also waiting. She went up to him and said “if the bartender comes to you first can you order my drink?” They spent the rest of the night throwing a couple back and getting to know each other.  

A few days later Danny texted Marissa and asked her to go out for dinner at the Stewed Cow in Hoboken. After that first date they knew there was something special between them… and now they are … married! 

The proposal was by far one of the most epic and breathtaking moments we have seen. Danny planned a vacation in Switzerland for October 2018. Marissa had no idea that this vacation was Danny’s plan to ask her to spend forever with him. After hiking up the Kleine Scheidegg Mountain, Danny took Marissa by the biggest surprise of her life and popped the question! 

We’re so happy they picked Around Town Entertainment to play for their special day on January 11, 2020 at The Grove in New Jersey. The Grove is a truly unique and breathtaking venue for all of life’s memorable events. This was our first time playing here!

The ceremony was held at The Grove’s Historic Personette House. It is registered with the National Library of Congress and is one of the oldest homes in the country.  The space included a bespoke bridal suite, multiple fireplaces, a dining and living area, and a fully appointed kitchen. The Historic Personette House provided a beautiful backdrop for this wedding. 

Around Town Entertainment supplied a pianist as the bride and groom exchanged their vows to songs like “Latch” by Disclosure and “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri. It was an amazing sight to see!

After the ceremony, the wedding band, Around Town Band, set the mood for the reception. The bride and groom took center stage in the main room. First, the NY wedding band introduced the newly married couple by playing “Now That We Found Love” by Heavy d & The Boyz and “Love Me Like You Do” by Ellie Goulding. Then they had their first dance to “Better Today” by Coffee Anderson. After that, the father danced with his daughter while the band played a mashup of “Dance with My Daughter/Let’s get it started” by Jason Blaine/Black Eyed Peas. The mother and son dance followed as the wedding band played, “Simple Man” by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

After the dinner and toasts, the party continued on the dance floor as the band played songs like “Hey look Ma I Made it” by Panic at the Disco, “Happier” by Marshmello, and “Close to Me” by Ellie Goulding. What a night!

This was another stunning wedding by Around Town Entertainment. Around Town Entertainment is proud to have been chosen as the best NY wedding band, NJ wedding band, and CT wedding band in 2020.