Finding Love in the Diviest of Dive Bars

Finding Love in the Diviest of Dive Bars 2000 1333 adam Michaels

“Hi Kenny! How’s your weekend going?” That was Jeanine’s smooth pick-up line sent on May 12, 2018 through Bumble after matching on the app. Being the gentleman that Kenny is, he asked Jeanine out for drinks in a convenient location at a bar called Ramona near her apartment in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. One drink led to two, and two led to three. After so many horrible NYC dates, Kenny was amazed that he was actually enjoying this one. They left Ramona and stumbled across to Brooklyn Safehouse, the diviest of dive bars in the heart of Greenpoint. When Jeanine ordered a whiskey on the rocks at the bar and signed them up for the pool table, Kenny thought to himself, “damn, this girl is pretty cool.” After all the drinks and laughs, they worked up an appetite. They found the only place still open at that time, and at around 3 AM on Saturday, May 19th they shared their very first romantic meal together at Taqueria La Nortena. Kenny was supposed to run the Brooklyn Half Marathon the following morning, so he politely dropped Jeanine off at her apartment after dinner before heading back to Manhattan; however, Kenny did not run the next day.

After their date, Kenny and Jeanine were both traveling a fair amount, but the intrigue remained, and they kept seeing each other when they were back in NYC. Kenny and Jeanine had one of those fun-filled Sundays in the city, hopping from bar to bar, and restaurant to restaurant, and in honor of the day, they capped it off with a whole bunch of ice cream from Davey’s in the East Village. Hunched over, they hobbled back over to Kenny’s apartment a couple of blocks away, laid down on the couch, and at that moment when they were bursting at the seams and felt like they could never eat food ever again, they fell in love.

Kenny proposed to Jeanine two years later in Prospect Park, near their apartment in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. After a year in Brooklyn, they moved to Denver, Colorado to embark on a new, exciting adventure together. 

The adventurous couple said their “I do’s” at Onteora Mountain House in Boiceville, NY, overlooking the beautiful Catskill Mountains. Kenny looked at Jeanine in awe as she walked down the aisle to Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s rendition of “Over The Rainbow’,” underscored by Around Town Entertainment’s pianist. The couple and their guests then adjourned to the House’s garden to enjoy a lovely cocktail hour, as the Around Town Entertainment jazz trio welcomed them in with their favorite jazz classics!

Then it was time to party! Kenny and Jeanine got the party started by entering to 311’s “Good Feeling” performed by Around Town’s Authority Band! The happy couple enjoyed their first dance as husband and wife to “May I Have This Dance?” by Francis and the Lights. Everyone was so happy to see Kenny and Jeanine share this lovely moment, and as the Authority Band played on, they too were excited and inspired to dance the night away!

The guests rushed onto the dance floor, singing and dancing along to the Hora to kick off an evening of celebration and congratulate the newlyweds! Everyone rocked out as the Authority Band played all of Kenny and Jeanine’s favorite hits including Blink182’s “All The Small Things!” The crowd’s favorite of the evening, “Shout” by Otis Day & The Knights, which had everyone on their feet, ready to dance the night away!

Thanks, Jeanine and Kenny for having Authority Band play all your favorites for your special day!