The Love Doctor

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The Love Doctor

One December morning, Christina woke up early and headed in for her last shift as an Emergency Medicine resident. She had essentially graduated residency, but was covering for a colleague who left town early for a vacation. She wasn’t on shift long when one of the nurses popped her head in the physician work room. She asked if Christina could see a patient in the hallway, so she did. 

Christina went into the hallway and was met by three firefighters. The patient was Brad, one of the firefighters who had just received an IV in the ambulance. He was there just as a precaution. There didn’t seem to be any blood or wound, so Christina reassured him and collected his labs to test for infectious diseases; merely a precaution. 

In the meantime, Brad seemed very chatty; he was easy to talk to. They talked briefly, but it was very memorable. Shortly after discharging Brad, they exchanged contact information numbers and were on their way.  They had a back and forth conversation on Facebook messenger. 

A year later, Brad invited Christina to a screening of an independent musical in Brooklyn, New York. She didn’t know that he had actually rented the theater just for the two of them to show a 30-minute video he had created of friends and family talking about their relationship.

Just before the movie started, Brad excused himself, leaving Christina all alone when the “musical”  began. She knew something was in the works when an R rating — “for romance” — appeared on the screen. Then came the musical’s title, “The Making of Brad and Christina,” and soon after came a parade of family and friends on stage. As the final credits rolled, Brad was on stage, dropping to one knee to propose. So sweet!

They married at the impressive grounds of Oceanblue in Westhampton Beach, NY.  This was a dream destination wedding in the Hamptons so they took Around Town Entertainment along for the ride. With sandy beaches, rolling dunes, crashing waves, a picturesque jetty and unforgettable sunsets all within an arm’s reach, this was truly an unforgettable venue to perform at. The ceremony took place on the deck of the venue where Christina and Brad exchanged vows with their toes in the sand while a guitarist from Around Town Entertainment played beautiful acoustic music like “Canon in D” and “You Are The Best Thing” to match the wedding vibe. 

After the ceremony, guests retreated inside for cocktails as a jazz trio from Around Town Entertainment greeted the crowd by playing elegant classical music. This was perfect while guests enjoyed the sight and sounds of the ocean, incredible hordevours, and hand-crafted cocktails.  

The main reception was held inside the newly renovated Ballroom, which featured high ceilings, a crystal chandelier, and floor-to-ceiling windows. As guests entered the room, Around Town Entertainment’s 8 piece Around Town Band greeted them with a dazzling cover of “Can’t Stop the Feeling” by Justin Timberlake as guests sang along loudly before heading to their seats. As the bride and groom made their first dance to “Can’t Help Falling In Love” Elvis Presley, guests poured onto the stage and filled every space on the dance floor.  The wedding band kept the energy going all night as the crowd danced hard to all the classic love song selections from Bruno Mars to Frank Sinatra. To end the night, the Around Town Band ended with an upbeat cover of “Mr. Brightside” The Killers much to the enjoyment of the crowd as they went crazy for one last dance. What a night!

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