And the rest was history!

And the rest was history! 1200 800 adam Michaels

It all started in 8th grade history class… well, for Chris.

It may have taken Jane another 5 years to notice him, but it all fell into place one fateful day. Alongside Jane’s best friend- and now bridesmaid- Gracie, Chris made his way through DHHS with his fresh Justin Bieber-esque haircut. As Gracie took off to greet Jane on their first day of Senior year, Chris followed quickly behind, knowing this was his chance to finally catch her eye. So after Jane and Gracie embraced, he turned to Jane and awkwardly asked,

“So where’s my hug?!”

It is still to be determined if Jane hugged him out of pity or love at first sight, but Chris is convinced its the latter 🙂 Fast-forward through a year of free periods spent comparing their favorite country music songs, being each other’s biggest cheerleaders during football/ volleyball/ lacrosse games, tutoring each other in math and Spanish, and prom, Chris and Jane found themselves smitten…and Elon bound!

Leaving small town Madison as two 18-year-olds, they knew they had something special. But over four years, it grew into something they never could have imagined. Chris and Jane experienced the typical trials and tribulations during that transition to adulthood, but they always came back to and leaned on each other, falling in love through that process. In May 2017, they graduated Elon side-by-side and the countdown began…

Jane and Chris knew they were meant to last forever. As they both embarked on their post-graduate lives, they waited to cement that “forever,” excited to watch each other flourish in their career paths first.

After supporting each other through horrible first jobs and countless hours of studying, Chris found himself mid-pandemic, mid-Sip of Sunshine beer, mid-1976 Miami Dolphin’s reruns on TV, and somehow decided this was the perfect time to ask Mr. Concannon for his daughter’s hand in marriage. Having received the most important blessing, on June 6th, 2020, Jane lived the moment she had always dreamed about…a proposal in her hometown, at the beach, with a picture-perfect sunset as the backdrop… and Chris down on one knee.

From the very start, the one value Jane and Chris always shared most is their love for their family and friends. That is why they couldn’t wait to finally celebrate and tie the knot with Around Town Entertainment’s Altitude Band at the BEAUTIFUL Pine Orchard Yacht and Country Club.

Everything was meticulously planned by Sarah Parlos of “One Fine Day Planning” and went off without a hitch! The couple hosted a cocktail hour with MANY yummy and delicious treats, where the guests were serenaded by the Around Town Band’s jazz trio featuring a bass, guitar, and piano! The trio perfectly underscored all the delicious hors d’oeuvre and bubbly drinks as the celebration kicked off. All the guests started to tap their toes along with many of the jazz classics the group played, getting excited to dance it out for the reception! 

As everyone entered the reception room, the Altitude Band played the most perfect song to get the party started: “Timber” by Kesha & Pitbull. The bridal party skipped into the room jamming it out to the most requested wedding band in Connecticut, the Altitude Band. Chris and Chris had their first dance as husband and wife to “Lifetime” by Justin Bieber and the dance party kicked off!

The Altitude Band played many of Chris and Jane’s favorite songs throughout the night such as, “Always and Forever” by Heatwave, “Speechless” by Dan & Shay, “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen.

 It was truly a night to remember and we’re so happy to have been part of Chris and Jane’s special day extra memorable!