From Fine Friends to Lifetime Lovers!

From Fine Friends to Lifetime Lovers! 1426 926 adam Michaels

There are few things sweeter than a romance that begins as friendship–and with Anndrea and Omar, that’s exactly how it began! After meeting through friends of friends, Anndrea and Omar began hanging out with their friends, Steve and Kim, as they also grew closer (romantically speaking)! After months of friendship, Omar asked Anndrea to brunch–and even though she wore casual clothes, the rest was history! Three and a half years later, through a long distance relationship, lots of moves, job changes and a pandemic, they were ready to tie the knot–and we got to tag long!

Anndrea and Omar picked a classic ATE favorite for their dream wedding destination: St. Clements Castle! After everyone took their seats for the ceremony, our pianist began the ceremony with his gorgeous piano playing! From “Perfect”, to “I Get to Love You’, to “Signed, Sealed, Delivered”, the ceremony was accompanied by beautiful music, and before they knew it… they were married! From there, we moved on to the cocktail hour… when things really started warming up! Our cocktail trio, made up of a guitar, bass, and pianist set the tone for the hour, as everyone mingled, drank, and got ready for the main event… the reception!

Once everyone took their seats, it was time for the night’s events to begin! The bridal party kicked off the evening by entering to Amanda’s rendition of “Can’t Stop the Feeling”, and the party officially had begun! From there, the dance floor cleared for the woman and man of the hour… Anndrea and Omar! For their entrance, they took the floor to “Lady (You Bring Me Up)”! After the crowd settled, it was time for the first dance! “Heaven” lived up to its name, as the entire ballroom couldn’t help but shed a few tears at the beauty of the newlyweds.

From there, it was the party’s turn to dance–and dance they did! Our sound team queued up some traditional Arabic songs, and played away! “Allah Alak Ya Sidi”, “Habibi Ya Nour El Ain”, and “Hatgawez” all shaped up to be the perfect dance break lineup–before we moved back into tugging at the heartstrings for the parent/child dances! The band belted out “It Won’t be Like This for Long” for Anndrea and her father, and “A Song For Mama” for Omar and his mother! With plenty of sweat and tears now properly shed, the party could use a pick-me-up–and what better pick-me-up than some cake? For the slicing of the sweet, the band treated everyone to their rendition of “How Sweet It Is”! 

With bellies full, and blood sugar high, it was definitely time for some serious dancing. Cutting a rug was definitely in order! There were so many highlights of the night, but the crowd went particularly wild for “Shut up and Dance”, “Levitating“, and “September”, among some others! As the night wound down, and everyone headed home, no one wanted to leave! Congratulations to the beautiful couple!