Summer’s Final Round!

Summer’s Final Round! 1376 802 adam Michaels

Before Autumn officially takes hold and exposes us to tempestuous winds, and eventually Winter’s harsh grasp, it was nice to have a final spin around the summery block to warm the bones. And for the lucky few, that warmth came from the beautiful wedding of Joanna and Michael! At every step of the way, the wedding party enjoyed sights of beauty, with everything from the rolling hills of the green, to the classic, romantic structure building, to the giant ballroom on site. It truly was a perfect setting for a perfect day!

After a beautiful off site ceremony, the newlyweds and the party were ready for some drinks… and you know what that meant… cocktails! With our jazz trio, the cocktail hour was a success! Our Altitude Band, set the tone as the party mingled and drank. With everyone sufficiently warmed up, it was definitely time for something to eat… and perhaps some dancing! And that could only mean one thing… it was time to party!

While their time on the patio and the foyer was wonderful, the grumbling stomachs and dancing feet were calling for the reception, so the party made their way inside! After entering and jamming to songs such as “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, the parents and the bridal party had taken their seats. And that meant that it was time for the couple of the hour to arrive, and to “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” by Queen no less! Nascha and Elsa had a blast singing such fun songs. But now it was time to slow things down a bit… and get ready for the first dance! By the time that Joanna and Michael took the floor as the band’s male vocalist sang “In Your Arms”, there wasn’t a single tear unshed. But they weren’t out of the woods yet: it was time for everyone to get prepared for the next tearjerkers: the father/daughter and mother/son dances! Between “My Wish,” and “That’s What Mamas Do” sweetly sung by the Altitude Band’s lead vocalist, the party had earned another round of dances. So it was time for the party to take to the floor once again, and cut a rug!

While there were tons of highlights of the night, there was a particularly good round of dancing for “I Go Blind”, “Mr. Brightside”, and “Don’t Stop Me Now!” For their special day, Joanna and Michael wanted nothing more than to spend a happy night with their loved ones, and they certainly got exactly what they asked for.