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Summer Nights of Fun!

Summer Nights of Fun! 1334 852 adam Michaels

This summer has been particularly tough with the rising temperatures and wild waves of heat. But that doesn’t mean that we have to go without some wonderful, music-filled nights celebrating with With another summery weekend, we have another summery weekend of events! And it was certainly no different last weekend when we got the chance to celebrate with Bria and Stephen as they made it official!

After an absolutely beautiful off-site ceremony, it was time for us to join in! So, first things first: we were immediately ready for some cocktail hour tunes! The party started off by guests enjoyed some gentle jazzy tunes from the Around Town Entertainment’s jazz trio, and plenty of delicious drinks! Not only was this a prime opportunity for some chatting, it was also a chance to truly enjoy the beautiful scenery at Green Tree Country Club! By the time that cocktail hour ended, the party was prepped and ready to go for the real celebration, which was, of course, the reception! (Which is always our favorite part, too!)

While the party settled in for the reception, we were just getting started, and the night took off with a bang! With the Altitude Band’s exciting of “Levels”, the bridal party had officially arrived! It was so exciting, that by the time that everyone settled, it was far due time for the main entrance of the night: the newlyweds! Bria and Stephen made their way into the party, and to a stellar rendition of “Feel So Close!” In their debut dance as husband and wife, Bria and Stephen spun around the dance floor to “Joy of My Life”! With hardly a dry eye in the house, it was time for another one-two punch, with the Mother/Daughter and Mother/Son dances! Bria and her father danced to “This Dance,” and Stephen and his Mother danced to “My Wish!” With all of the gushy songs out of the way, we were ready for the good stuff–cake, duh! The Altitude Band treated us all to an Elvis classic, “I Can’t Help Falling In Love”, as the slices were made!

With a sugar rush fresh in their veins, it was time for the entire party to cut a rug to tons beloved hits, from the pop of today and yesterday, to some sweet 70’s tunes! The party particularly loved “Volare,” “Shoop,” and “Women, Amen!” By the time that the final song of the night played, no one wanted to go home, especially not us!