Fireworks, Fireworks!

Fireworks, Fireworks! 150 150 adam Michaels

While we like to be unbiased about our time at venues, (we love them all, we promise!) there is nothing quite like a wedding nestled into the green hills of upstate New York. Between the pretty blue skies, the gorgeous views, and the classic architecture, weddings in Upstate have a certain pizazz to them that we love. And last weekend, we got to celebrate in Sleepy Hollow Country Club with Preyaa and Jake as they tied the knot–and we had a blast!

The weekend started off without a hitch, with rosy warm weather, and clear skies. The ceremony, out on the grass, was played by our pianist and had delightful tunes such as “Say You Won’t Let Go” and a “Canon D” mashup with “Memories” underscoring the beautiful hour. As Preyaa and Jake were officially wed, and departed down the aisle, they got in one good laugh with the crowd by rickrolling them– they left to “Never Gonna Give You Up”!

With the ceremony drawn to a close, the party was ready to get some drinks into their systems. Which was perfect, because it was time for cocktail hour! Our jazz trio, had a ball of a time playing some gentle, jazzy music underneath the cocktails. And by the time that the hour drew to a close, everyone had put on their dancing shoes–and were down to cut a rug!

While some newly married couples may like to enter to Sinatra or Whitney, Preyaa and Jake pride themselves on their creativity–and entered to a legendary saxophone cover of “Dilemma”! As the party finally took their seats, Preyaa and Jake did the opposite, and took the floor for their first dance–“Beyond!” After they spun their last spin, it was time for another classic wedding dance–in the form of Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dances! Preyaa and her father danced to “Father & Daughter,” and Jake and his mother danced to “My Wish”! After so many heartfelt dances, the party was ready for some fun! What better way to start it off than with some cake! As the band’s female vocalist sang “Love in Slow Motion”, the party took some slices, and got ready for the bouquet toss! The Altitude Band rocked “Let’s Get Loud” as the flowers soared through the air–and chose the next person to be married!

The night was filled with tons of music and dancing, and as fireworks took off to mark the end of a beautiful day, the band treated us all to one last song–“Firework“, of course! While they were, of course, a beautiful sight, they barely held a candle to seeing Preyaa and Jacob being wed and enjoying their time together. We were so happy to be along for the ride!