An Everlasting Love For The Ages

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When it comes to wedding venues in the Northeastern corner of the United States, we’ve certainly seen our fair share of gorgeous spots. From the sparkly pavements of New York City, to the snowy mountains of Maine, you’re hardly ever at a loss for beautiful and historic locations. It goes without saying that every location is beautiful, but we had a fabulous time celebrating Gurpreet and Nicole’s special day with them at the Rockleigh Country Club! Gorgeous greenery, gazebo filled architecture, and plenty of space, Rockleigh has it all–and made the perfect stage for a wedding!

After a beautiful off-site ceremony, the day called for some partying. So, upon arrival, the party moved to cocktails! They enjoyed some jazzy tunes as they mingled, with our jazz trio, Dave, Alex, and Junichi played gently underneath the small talk. Everyone enjoyed the beautiful views just outside of the country club windows, and discussed the gorgeous ceremony! As the cocktail hour ended, the party was ready for something heavier… both in terms of foodand dancing!

Even if the weather were nice and mild, it was time to heat things up! The party settled in for the reception, and the night was kicked off! After everyone took their seats, the bridal party entered to “This Will Be“, sung expertly by Nascha! And then, the stars of the night: the bride and groom, entering to a stellar rendition of “Love On Top” by Bobbi! To tug again at the heartstrings, Gurpreet and Nicole spun around the dance floor to “Die A Happy Man“, in their official dance floor debut as husband and wife. From there, it was time for the Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dances! Nicole and her Father danced to “Daughters”, sung by Carlton, and Gurpreet and his Mother danced to “(Everything I Do)I Do It For You”. There certainly was not a dry eye in house, so with this, the festivities turned for the sweeter… and it was time to cut the cake! As the moment arrived, Phoebe serenaded the party to “Knock Me A Kiss“… and yes, the cake was delicious!

Everyone’s bellies were full, so it was time for some serious dancing… and the dance floor was waiting! The entire party cut a rug to beloved hits such as “Cold Heart”, “Valerie”, and “Sexual Healing”, amongst many others. As the party danced the night away and everyone began to really feel the burn of dancing (and the drinks from the bar!), it was time to move on to the after party… and dance some more! By the time that the clock struck (an hour past) midnight, and everyone’s coaches turned back into pumpkins, the party could hardly protest. They had made so many incredible memories, and truly had had their fill of dancing, music, and overall merriment! The sun had long set on a perfect day, and Gurpreet and Nicole could not be happier–or more ready to spend the rest of their lives together!