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Where’s My Hug?

Where’s My Hug? 1024 536 adam Michaels

Here at Around Town Entertainment, we’re big fans of love stories, and we’ve heard them all. From meeting at work, to meeting in college, or deciding you’re just friends and later falling in love… there’s truly no such thing as a love story we don’t also love! That said, we have a particularly strong place in our hearts for couples that met when they were young–and then eventually, some time later, tied the knot! If this seems particularly specific to you, that’s because it is–especially in the case of Jayna and Caleb, who exchanged vows last weekend! After years of friendship, to the “Where’s my hug?”, and college, Jayna and Caleb both knew that the other was the one–and we got to come along for the celebrations!

Though we did not play at the beautiful off-site ceremony, we did get to be a part of everyone’s favorite 2/3’s of any wedding–the cocktails and reception! So, (obviously) upon arrival, the party was expecting some cocktails! With our jazz trio, Justin, Michael, and Brian, the party enjoyed some gentle jazzy tunes, and plenty of delicious drinks! Everyone engaged in small talk, the beautiful views just outside of the club windows, and discussed the gorgeous ceremony! As the cocktail hour ended, the party was ready for something more serious… it was time for some foodand dancing!

The party settled in for the reception in the gorgeous ballroom, and the night was kicked off! After everyone took their seats, the time came for the bridal party entrance! The whole team entered to “Timber!” By the time that everyone settled, it was time for the main entrance of the night: Jayna and Caleb, of course! Their entrance song of choice was, naturally, “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody”, a regular request that the band always rocks! Now that the crowd had settled, it was time to get down to business. In their debut dance as husband and wife, Jayna and Caleb spun around the dance floor to “Lifetime“! From there, it was time for the Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dances! Jayna and her Father danced to “This Dance”, and Caleb and his Mother danced to “Never Alone” sung by the Altitude Band’s female vocalist! There certainly was not a dry eye in house, so with this, the festivities turned for the even sweeter… and that meant cake! As the slice was dealt, the band treated the party to “Sweetheart“! It was the perfect cherry on top!

With blood sugars higher and pumping strong, the entire party  was ready to cut a rug! They danced the night away to beloved hits such as “Always and Forever”, “Don’t Stop Me Now”, “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”, “Play that Funky Music” and more! Another fun dance we caught was a trio of couples: Jayna and Caleb, accompanied by both sets of their parents, danced to “Always and Forever!” It was an extra sweet moment that was the perfect chance for the party to grab a quick drink and refresh. With the burn of dancing still fresh, the party was going strong–that was, until it wasn’t, and it was time to go! Everyone’s dancing shoes had been sufficiently broken in, and the party found themselves heading home. After a night of so much fun, Jayna and Caleb were looking forward to the rest of their lives, with their past (stretching back to even 8th grade!) behind them. Such a perfect day would surely not be soon forgotten–by us, any of the attendees, or the beautiful couple themselves!