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The Love Club for Lawn Club!

The Love Club for Lawn Club! 1334 852 adam Michaels

People often ask us, “What are your favorite states to travel to for your wedding events?” (with the knowledge that we are constantly climbing up and down the Northeast), and we don’t often know how to respond. How do you choose a favorite?! Sure, staying back in the NYC area is convenient, but there’s also the thrilling adventure of a long drive to any of our neighboring states, or even into the dangerous unknown of… Upstate New York. (#roadtrip, anyone?) All that said, getting to venture into the frozen North (an obvious joke, considering how blistering this summer heat has been…) is always something well-welcomed, especially when we get to travel to Connecticut! Its classic beauty, paired with gorgeous landscape views, always makes for a lovely time. And we certainly got to partake in that this weekend when we celebrated Margaret and Stefan’s wedding!

Although we did not partake in the actual ceremony itself, we got the chance to spend some time with the party as they arrived to Lawn Club, especially at the start of the evening: cocktails! Our cocktail trio had a blast playing some jazzy tunes underneath the pre-reception conversation. As the hour reached its end, the party was sufficiently prepped to live up to its name and party!

Everyone settled in, the band was prepped and that meant that there was only one thing to do: get down to the reception business! Margaret and Stefan stepped up to the dance floor to get the party started with a tearjerker: their first dance! “As” was the soundtrack to their first official turn around the floor as husband and wife, performed beautifully! Afterwards, the party rolled with the emotional punches as the night turned to the next tug at the heartstrings: the father/daughter and mother/son dances! Margaret and her father danced to “Unforgettable”, a legendary duet, and Stefan and his mother danced to “Your Song”, a stellar performance served up by the After Party Band’s vocalist. The next serve was that of a the cake cutting anthem, “Half of the Way”, which Lisala also treated us to!

With the festivities only just beginning, the time drew near for the party to give the dance floor a spin, and that they did! The party danced the night away, with so many incredible songs, but some visible crowd favorites included “Take Me Home Tonight”, “Whenever I Call You ‘Friend'”, “Everywhere”, and “The Way You Make Me Feel”! By the time that the final note was played, and everyone made their way to their beds, we weren’t ready for the night to end! Congratulations, Margaret and Stefan!