Love Drawn to Life

Love Drawn to Life 600 400 adam Michaels

Couples everywhere have legendary proposal stories. Some of them have quiet, subtle, and personal meaning. Others are grandiose and over the top. And some are both! For Nicole and Michael, both are definitely the case! After commissioning one of their favorite artists, Kazuya Morimoto, Michael proposed to Nicole after she discovered the commissioned artwork at a carefully planned pop-up in West Village. It was this exact same artwork that they used for the cover of their Save the Date–and their families were there, too! (Just like for their special day!)

It is truly a love drawn to life. And we couldn’t be more excited to be part of it!

The special day in question took place in Tribeca, and the whole party was treated to beautiful weather! The ceremony had all the moving tunes, (played expertly by our Authority Band pianist and cellist) including “Marry Me” and “You Are the Reason” and “Everlasting Love”. Finally, officially wed, Nicole and Michael led everyone to the cocktail hour! Our cocktail trio, had a great time enjoying the bright blue skies (and cocktail conversation) with gentle, jazzy tunes. By the end of the cocktail hour, the party was ready for dinner– and dancing, of course!

As the party took their seats, Michael and Nicole entered to Victor’s rendition of “Gettin’ Jiggy With It”, which kicked the night off with a bang! After soaking in the cheers from the party, the newlyweds took to the floor for their first dance, “Lifetime.” It was so gorgeous that the party was hardly done drying their eyes before the next round of dances started: the parent and child dances! Nicole and her father danced to “Because You Loved Me”, and Michael and his mother danced to “My Boy”, in two stellar performances by the Authority Band!

During dinner, everyone was treated to something special: a performance of “Down By the River!” Later, as the party was done with their plates, it was time to live up to the title… and party! There were obvious highlights of the night, but particular crowd favorites included renditions of “Shout” and “Anyone“, which brought down the house (and Nicole and Michael liked them, too!)

By the time that the reception drew to a close, everyone had spent the night enjoying the picturesque views of Manhattan and the beautiful canvas that is the marriage of  Nicole and Michael: blank, but the beginning of something gorgeous. And we were certainly honored to be a part of it! (And yes, we were also very excited to make some art puns!)