“This Will Be”… A Memory for the Ages!

“This Will Be”… A Memory for the Ages! 1600 978 adam Michaels

Although South Salem is known for its beauty during the autumn, Le Chateau is just as gorgeous during the late spring, as proven by the time spent this weekend with Jessica and Michael as they wed! The weekend proved to be perfect for a wedding spent in the Chateau, as the ceremony went off without a hitch, even with inclement weather simmering over the horizon. The early afternoon began wonderfully, with Alex accompanying the party with lovely piano trills, with tunes such as “You’ve Got the Love”, “I’ll Be”, and “You are the Best Thing” underscoring an already picture perfect day. After giving the heartstrings adequate time, it was time to party!

Cocktail hour proved to be a lovely time, but everyone was ready to cut a rug. And that meant that everyone needed to make it to the dance floor! After everyone settled, Jessica and Michael entered to the lovely bars of Malika singing “We Found Love”, a perfect blend of love song goodness and dance anthem! It got the night started on the perfect foot. From there, they slowed things down a bit for their first dance, “Just Like Heaven”, which was an angelic sight (pun absolutely intended).

Sure, weddings are about the bridge and groom, but everyone came to dance, too… so what better time than the present to break out the Hora?! Chairs were raised, as were voices, as everyone joyously took part in a beautiful moment of love and celebration. With the hunger for dance quelled for a time, the time for parent/child dances had come. Between Victor’s beautiful renditions of “Hallelujah” and “What a Wonderful World”, not a single tear had been spared. And everyone knows what makes tears better–cake! For cake cutting, the party was treated to “This Will Be”, a wedding staple, by Malika. And of course, the cake was good, too!

With tummies sufficiently filled, everyone was ready to take to the dance floor, and put the “party” in “wedding party”! Fan favorites such as “Shout”, “My Own Worst Enemy”, and “Hotline Bling”, made for the perfect dance anthems, as the Authority Band, and Malika, Victor, and Tim all crooned and sang the night away. They even made time for some specifically requested songs, including “Your Love” and “Think About You”, plus some Top 40 Hits.

Like Jessica and Michael’s love, it was truly a party for the ages!