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A New Year Love

A New Year Love 1920 1280 adam Michaels

Talk about a great way to kick off the New Year!

While other people were ringing in 2021 by celebrating with a champagne toast, Anne and Aron were taking a major life step instead–and getting engaged! (Talk about a way to end 2020 with fireworks!) Almost a year and a half later, the two tied the knot, on a sunny day, on a rooftop in Brooklyn; and we had the honor of tagging along to play some great music!

At the Box House Hotel in Brooklyn, the party took their seats, and “Can’t Help Falling In Love“, played beautifully on the piano by Pablo, welcomed the procession. Underneath the bright blue sky, Anne and Aron officially wed, and the party rejoiced! Everyone agreed that it was a “Beautiful Day” (just like the sun that accompanied the exit of the party), but cocktails were calling the party’s name!

After a few drinks, everyone’s stomachs were rumbling, and their feet were ready for some dancing! With a playful tune like “Feel So Close” sung gracefully by our bandmate Brian, the newlyweds entered, and the party could truly begin! With a beautiful mashup of “At Last” and “Dancing in the Moonlight”, Anne and Aron wowed the party with a stellar routine, as Katrina sang. But they wanted a taste of the action too. So that meant it was time for the Hora!

With the rugs properly cut, for the party braced themselves, because it was time for the parent/child dances… and that meant that not a cheek would be dry soon! “Your Song” and “Beautiful Boy” accompanied some truly beautiful moments, as Anne and Aron spun the floor with their Father and Mother respectively. Not to worry, however… because it was time for cake shortly thereafter! As everyone caught glimpse of the slice, Amanda treated us to the dulcet tones of “With or Without You“… but no one was without a little something for their sweet tooths!

Enough cake eating… the party was ready to live up to their title… and party! The rest of the night was spent with tons of merriment and dancing. Some of our favorite highlights include when Brian treated everyone to “Kiss” by Prince, and then joined forces with Katrina for “Shallow”, and the incredible treat of Mike’s rendition of “Stand by Me”! Before the night was done, there was also some other great songs– “Dancing in the Dark”, “Any Way You Want it“… the list goes on and on! As the night finally came to a close, everyone’s hearts were sufficiently full… and the memories were ones they would never forget!