Barrels of Wine and Barrels of Love

Barrels of Wine and Barrels of Love 1600 978 adam Michaels

After a long Saturday of gusty weather and tempestuous winds, it was nice to have something heartfelt to warm the bones. And for the lucky few, that warmth came from the beautiful wedding of Josh and Nicole at the gorgeous Brotherhood Winery! At every step of the way, the wedding party enjoyed sights of rustic beauty, with everything from the vineyard, to the classic stone structure of the building, to the giant barrels of wine kept on site. It truly was a perfect setting for a perfect day!

Surrounded by friends and family, Nicole and Josh wed on the lawn with the prepossessing, rolling hills of the winery behind them. With songs such as “Your Song”, “Perfect”, and “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” played so beautifully on the piano by our Altitude Band pianist Patrick, there was surely no dry eye in the house. By the time the lovely couple was wed, it was high time for cocktails. And after that… it was time to party!

While their time on the patio and the lawn was wonderful, the grumbling stomachs and dancing feet were calling for the reception, so the party made their way inside! After entering and jamming to songs such as “Dancing in the Dark” and “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody”, the parents and the bridal party had taken their seats. And that meant that it was time for the couple of the hour to arrive, and to “Back in Black” by ACDC no less! Suzann, Tim, and Nascha had a blast singing such fun songs. But now it was time to slow things down a bit… and get ready for the first dance! By the time that Josh and Nicole took the floor as Nascha crooned “Remedy” by Adele, there wasn’t a single tear unshed. But it was high time for some dancing; and that called for “Kalamatiano”! Everyone danced, clapped, and cheered. Such merriment was just enough of a recovery for everyone to get prepared for the next tearjerkers: the father/daughter and mother/son dances! Between “Forever Now” sung beautifully by Tim, and “My Wish” sweetly sung by Suzann, the party had earned another round of dances. So it was time to take to the floor once again, and cut a rug!

For their special day, Josh and Nicole wanted nothing more than to spend a happy night with their loved ones, surrounded by plenty of delicious food (and, of course, wine!) and beautiful music, and they certainly got exactly what they asked for. (And, of course, a few things being purchased off of their registry didn’t hurt either!)