Love Like Grapes On the Vine

Love Like Grapes On the Vine 1156 782 adam Michaels

Falling in love is easy when you’ve got your friends and family around–and, of course, it doesn’t hurt when you’re at the beautiful Stablegate Farm & Vineyard, either! Jennifer and Steven got to experience this firsthand as they tied the knot last weekend! With warm weather and beautiful sights, our pianist had a blast playing beautiful tunes such as “I Can’t Help Falling In Love“, “All My Life”, and more! By the time that they tied the knot, the day had only just begun!

After such a gorgeous ceremony, the party was ready for some fun. That meant it was time for cocktails! They enjoyed some jazzy tunes as they mingled, with our jazz trio, playing gently underneath the small talk. Everyone enjoyed the beautiful views just outside of the barn, and discussed the stunning ceremony! As the cocktail hour ended, the party was ready for something heavier… both in terms of foodand dancing!

Enough chatter–it was time to heat things up! The party settled in for the reception, and the night was kicked off! After everyone took their seats, Jennifer and Steven spun around the dance floor to “Amazed”, in their official dance floor debut as husband and wife! From there, it was time for the Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dances! Jennifer and her Father danced to “Vals Para Una Novia”, and Steven and his Mother danced to “Amor de Mae Amor Santo”. There certainly was not a dry eye in house, so with this, the party was ready for their turn in the spotlight! That meant it was time for some serious dancing…

… and the dance floor was prime to cut a rug! Of course, the night had some incredible anthems,  but the party had some particularly great dance moves during “Despacito”, “Cruise”, and “Wagon Wheel”, amongst many others, of course!  The party had made so many incredible memories, and truly had had their fill of dancing, music, and overall joy! The sun had long set on a perfect day, and Jennifer and Steven could not be happier–or more ready to spend the rest of their lives together!