All the Small Things

All the Small Things

All the Small Things 1958 1206 adam Michaels

As we all know, much of the world has been in quite a bit of turmoil over the last couple of years, especially 2020. So many of us couldn’t wait to move onto the next chapter of our lives and see the light at the end of the tunnel. For Jackie and Robert, however, the light at the end of their tunnel was just an arm’s length away in 2022–because they got engaged in quarantine! After so many years of waiting, they could finally pop the champagne when their special day finally came… and a special day it was!

After so much planning and prepping, Jackie and Robert were treated to perfect weather and blue skies. The Roundhouse in Beacon was a perfect spot! The ceremony was strong with hits from pop culture giants of the early 2000’s, such as “This Is What Dreams Are Made Of” and “Hesitate” (the perfect button of course being “How Sweet It Is”). By the time they tied the knot, everyone was ready for some partying, so they made their way over to the garden! Our cocktail trio, had a wonderful time underscoring the post-ceremony conversation with smooth, jazzy tunes. By the end of the cocktail hour, the entire party was ready for some dancing and dining!

As the sun began to set on a gorgeous night, the party was still going strong, and everyone made their way over to the equally gorgeous Waterfall Room for the reception! Warm lights illuminated the faces of the happy couple, as they entered the party as officially husband and wife to “Remember This”, beautifully sung the Around Town Band’s female lead vocalist! Before everyone else got the chance to cut a rug, it was time for the first dance. It was a lovely choice, “How Would You Feel“! Of course, there wasn’t a single dry eye in the house, but it was time to shed a few more with the parent and child dances! Jackie and Jim danced to “What A Wonderful World”, and Robert and Teri danced to “Isn’t She Lovely”!

The party was ready to take to the dance floor, and they had a scream of a time! There were so many highlights of the night, but the party particularly loved the Around Town Band’s stellar performance of “River Deep Mountain High”, “It’s Gonna Be Me”, and “Wannabe”. Of course, there were so many others over the course of the night (after all, if we’re talking about Jackie and Robert’s wedding… we have to mention the Jonas Brothers, of course), and there were memories made that no one would soon forget!

As the party grooved to the final song of the night, “All the Small Things”, the party slowly came to a close. The amazing views, pretty weather, and 90’s jams were a  hit of course, but the real star of the night were Jackie and Robert! After spending so long waiting for their happy ending, it finally arrived. And it was just as beautiful and sweet as they imagined.