Sometimes, It’s Simply Meant to Be!

Sometimes, It’s Simply Meant to Be! 998 540 adam Michaels

There’s a recurring trope in rom-coms that goes a little like this: person A and person B meet. Person A and person B feel an instant connection, but fate doesn’t line up quite as it should. Perhaps they are about to move, or finish their senior year, or start a new job… circumstances. Despite the odds, they don’t give up, and down the line, their patience and faith pays off. And the rest is history! Of course, everyone has seen a movie or two with this plot. But in real life, too, it happens all the time! Such is the case with Erika and Lou this past weekend! In their collegial junior year, Erika and Lou attended the same party. Determined to cross paths with Lou again, Erika promised to herself that the next time they saw each other, she would make a move. And that decision lead us directly to Senate Garage for their wedding this past weekend!

Although Halloween was just around the corner, the weather was nice and mild, which was perfect for the outdoor ceremony! Together, the Around Town Entertainment’s pianist and guitarist welcomed everyone to the ceremony. With everything from “All My Love”, to “Video Games”, and even Daft Punk, the hour was beautiful–and over before we even knew it! Still wiping away tears, the entire attending party was ready for the next step of the evening. And what better way to kick it off than with an hour of mingling? The cocktail hour was just heartbeats away from the ceremony space, and was full of chatting, banter, and pre-celebration!

The reception officially began! As everyone finished taking their seats, the bridal party made their dramatic entrance to “Let’s Groove”! (And groove they did!) By the time the cheers died down, Erika and Lou were making their way inside to the After Party Band’s “Another One Bites The Dust”. From there, they got into their positions for the first dance! In their debut dance as husband and wife, Lou and Erika spun around the floor to “Never Too Much.” With so much excitement at hand, the party was ready to participate, and stormed the floor for the Tarantella! After the chair lift was complete, it was time for the next tear-inducing tradition: the parent/child dances! Erika and her father danced to “My Little Girl,” and Lou and his mother danced to “Simple Man!”

From there, the evening turned into a romp! Starting off with the toss of the bouquet to “Let’s Get Loud”, the dance floor opened up for anyone interested in taking a spin! Between “Unforgettable,” “Dancin’ Queen”, and “Wagon Wheel”, there was absolutely no break in the energy! Congratulations to the happy couple, Erika and Lou!