From Miles Apart

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Gel pens. Snow days. Truth or Dare. Hot dogs. Cursed Child. Every couple has their iconic symbols–and for Ashley and Jordan, they have had plenty over the years! After passing flirty notes in school, and bonding over Messenger, the two had to test the strength of their friendship as they progressed through high school, college, and even the years following when Jordan moved to Arizona. But the hardest test was that of their time together during the pandemic–when they knew their love was truly one in a million! When they finally decided to tie the knot, they asked us to tag along to provide their music–and we were happy to oblige!

At the beautiful Crystal Springs resort, the Around Town Entertainment’s pianist, played just outside as guests arrived for a beautiful ceremony! When all was said and done, and it was official, we were already prepped nearby in the Rotunda for the cocktail hour! Our jazz trio all played to their heart’s content, as the party arrived to mingle and drink! The foliage outside was just turning to those autumnal ruby tones, which made for great eye candy! By then, everyone was ready for the main event!

…and that could only mean the reception! In the Emerald Ballroom, the Around Town Band had already set up, making for a seamless transition to the next step! For the kick-off song, the band introduced the parents, junior bridesmaids, and flower girls to “About Damn Time”! Immediately followed,  was their rendition of “Back In Black”, which marked the entrance of the bridesmaids and the groomsmen! And, finally, for the stars of the evening, the Around Town Band’s vocalist guided the entrance of the man and woman of the hour with “Kill the Lights”! Ashley and Jordan looked absolutely beautiful together as they entered officially as newlyweds, and made their way towards the floor for their first dance! Spinning around the floor to “In Case You Didn’t Know”, there was not a single dry eye in the house… and that meant that it was time for a little emotional pick-me-up. Let the Hora begin!

As the cheers finally settled, and the dancing ceased, we slowed down a bit again for the parent/child dances! Ashley and her father danced to “Because You Love Me”, and Jordan and his mother danced to “The Perfect Fan!” With food in their stomachs and plenty of love in their hearts, the party was ready to truly let loose. That meant we were definitely overdue for some serious dancing!

From there, the night truly came alive! Between “Wagon Wheel” and “New York, New York”, as well as “Fireworks”, there was plenty of crowd favorites! But, that said, not many of them lived up to the true crowd pleaser… when Ashley got up on stage and treated us all to her rendition of “Valerie”! When they say “raise the roof“, they’re talking about the cheers that ensued after Ashley sang her final note! As the night came to a close, no one wanted to go home!