You’re Home to Me!

You’re Home to Me! 1420 830 adam Michaels

As a traveling band of merry musicians, we do love getting the chance to see the beauty of the Northeastern United States. But, of course, that said, we love the beauty and magic of the city–so when we get the chance to celebrate someone’s wedding in the Big Apple, we are super excited. And this past weekend, we got to celebrate Joanna and Alan in Queens! A great, glittering view of the water set the tone, and the skyline sat just heartbeats away, and we were finished setting up inside! So what else was there to do but get ready to party?

With a ceremony off-site, Joanna and Alan had tied the knot just moments before–and we were already prepped to get started! The cocktail hour began, featuring the skills of our jazz trio. The party mingled and drank… and warmed up for the dancing that awaited them just beyond the next room! Finally, when the time came, the party set down their drinks and hustled over to their tables, ready for the main event!

And the main event had truly arrived! To kick off the evening, the After Party Band announced the entrance of the bridal party with her pitch-perfect take on “Crazy In Love“! From there, Joanna and Alan officially debuted as husband and wife, and announced it with “Bring Em Out”! Once the cheers finally died down, Joanna and Alan got in position for their first dance, which the After Party Band swiftly delivered! After his beautiful take on “Beyond”, there was hardly a dry eye in the house–so why not rip the bandaid off, and head right into the parent/child dance? Rather than splitting into multiple songs, Joanna, Alan, and their respective parental figures all danced to “Because You Loved Me“, sung beautifully by the lead vocalist.

It was time for a sweet treat, and what better treat than some cake? While the cake was being dealt out, Anthony dealt out “Everything”, a perfect fit for everyone’s sweet tooth! Shortly thereafter, it was time for the bouquet toss, underscored with “Lady Marmalade”! With so many traditional festivities done and passed, it was time for some good old-fashioned dancing! From the Jackson 5, to Madonna, to Nikki Minaj, and everything in between, the party broke out their dancing shoes and truly cut a rug! As the night finally came to a close, the city lights paved the way for everyone to return home. And what a gorgeous sight it was!