Save The Last Dance For Me

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Gorgeous views. Waterfront venue space. Plenty of sun. These are only a handful of the boasting points whenever a client chooses Indian Trail as their dream reception location. When Indian Trail hosts visitors, they always treat the entire party, and accompanying stellar band (*wink, wink, nudge, nudge*), like royalty. And this past weekend was no different–when we were there to celebrate Tess and Michael! With the entire Lake House to ourselves (as is customary with any reception that is booked at Indian Trail!), we truly got the chance to let loose and cut some rugs!

With absolutely pleasant weather gently guiding the day, our party arrived fresh off of the wagon from a beautiful ceremony. And that meant that the cocktail hour was ready to begin! With our A-List Band jazz trio already prepped to go, the party immediately entered to the gentle welcome of jazz! As the cocktail hour drew on, everyone got a chance to discuss the lovely ceremony, and of course, build up their excitement for the reception! The hour came to an end, and the mingling and drinking had them warmed up–and encouraged them to put on their dancing shoes!

The entire attending party made their way to their seats, and with that, the reception had officially begun! With everyone in place, we got started with the order of events–kicking it off by introducing the wedding party! The A-List band blew us all away with her rendition of “Can’t Stop The Feeling”, and the bridal party was officially present! With their bridal party paving the way, Tess and Michael were close behind! Shannon rolled out the red carpet for them with “Forever” belted out perfectly! Shortly thereafter, the newlyweds took their place in the spotlight for their first dance! “Yours,” was a perfect selection made by the couple!

The party was quick to dry their tears, but they weren’t through the thick of it–the parent/child dances were only a breath away! Between Tess and her father dancing to “Butterfly Kisses” and Michael and his mother dancing to “My Wish,” the room hardly had a chance to recover! But as the final note was sung, it was time to pivot to more exciting things–like the flower toss, of course! “Single Ladies” ringing through the air, the bouquet made their arch through the air… and into the hands of the next bride-to-be!

With a brief break for dinner (and Luna Mezzo Mare, too!) there was only one thing left to do.. cut a rug! There were plenty of great moments throughout the night, from Frank Sinatra to Taylor Swift, and everything in between! Tess and Michael especially loved “Heads Will Roll”, “Shout”, and “Boogie Wonderland”! Fittingly, the night came to a close as the A-List Band’s male vocalist belted out a definite classic, “Save The Last Dance For Me”, and the clock struck just before midnight. Congratulations to the happy couple, Tess and Michael!