Baby, Just Say… Yes!

Baby, Just Say… Yes! 1554 890 adam Michaels

We know that summer has long passed, but this past weekend really made it clear: autumn has arrived! Here at ATE, we are more than happy to see it; there are few things quite as romantic as the beautiful orange and yellow leaves, the extra toasty toasts (badum-tss), and the inclination to snuggle up with your loved ones. As we further progress into fall, those things only get more common. However, this weekend, when we celebrated the nuptials of Rebecca and Carlo, we did so at a very autumn-appropriate locale: a barn! With the crisp air nice and chilled, and the After Party Band prepped and ready to go, we were excited to start playing!

With the view of gorgeous greenery just behind them, our party settled in for the ceremony, with our ATE pianist, welcoming them in! By the time that Rebecca and Carlo made it to the altar, there was hardly a dry eye in the house! Between “I Can’t Help Falling In Love”, “Perfect”, and “Marry You”, the pop-fueled nuptials were so beautiful, and flew by! Before they new it, it was official: Rebecca and Carlo were married! From there, it was time to get the party warmed up for the main event (the reception, of course!), and that required some drinks and mingling… so cocktail hour was the perfect next chapter of the evening!

Our jazz trio, had a blast lending their talents to the perfect blend of energizing tunes, and chill jazz. Before everyone even realized it, the hour was up! With the pillowy embrace of a few drinks in their system, the party made their way inside the tent, where the rest of the band was waiting inside! Everyone took their seats… and adjusted their gaze to the door, where the entrances were beginning! First up were Rebecca and Carlo’s parents, who Joshua perfectly introduced with “Signed, Sealed, Delivered!”. Shortly thereafter, the bridal party and groomsmen made their way to their seats: the bridesmaids were welcomed by “Man, I Feel Like A Woman”, and welcomed the groomsmen to “Bring Em Out”! By the time that the newlyweds made it to the floor, and the After Party Band’s rendition of “Can’t Stop The Feeling” brought down the house, the entire wedding party was ready to get the night’s celebrations started!

The moment was so perfect, it was as if it had been written in the stars! Together, Rebecca and Carlo spun around the floor to “If You Love Her” (sung expertly by Joshua), and their first dance wow‘ed the entire tent! And as if that weren’t moving enough, it was time shortly thereafter for the parent/child dances! Rebecca and her father danced to “I Hope You Dance”, and Carlo and his mother danced to “Mama Loves You!”

With plenty of amazing songs down, there was only one thing left to do: sing and dance some more! The dance floor was officially open for business, and hosted everything from Neil Diamond to Miley Cyrus! There were plenty of crowd favorites, especially the band’s rendition of “American Girl”. But the final ATE song of the night, “Love Story” perfectly encompassed the entire evening. And watching Rebecca and Carlo celebrate together, made it absolutely undeniable–it is a love story!