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Classically Elegant

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When you’re in the process of deciding on wedding venues in New York City, you’re hardly ever at a loss for beautiful and historic locations. While every location is beautiful, there is nothing quite like the gorgeous beauty of the Boathouse at Prospect Park! With pristine white columns rising from the pavement to the roof, and magnificent water just steps away, the Boathouse is a perfect venue… and that’s why Kathleen and Anthony chose it for their special day!

Even if the weekend was shaping up to be particularly hot, that didn’t change a thing for our party! After a wonderful day of preparation, the ceremony was ready to begin! With traditional tunes underscoring the procession, bridal entrance, and recession, the ceremony went off without a hitch. Such classical scoring on the strings and keys, paired with the elegance of the Boathouse, made for the image of perfection. The band loved playing… and savored the cool weather!

From there, the party moved to cocktails! They enjoyed some jazzy tunes as they mingled, with our jazz trio, Dave, Justin, and Brian played gently underneath the small talk. As the cocktail hour ended, the party was ready for something heavier… both in terms of food, and dancing! The party settled in for the reception, and the night was kicked off! After everyone took their seats, the Bride and Groom entered to “Signed, Sealed, Delivered“, sung expertly by Tim!

It was time for the first dance. To tug again at the heartstrings, Kathleen and Anthony spun around the dance floor to “It Had to Be You“, in their first dance as husband and wife. From there, it was time for the Mother/Son dance! Anthony and his Mom danced to “What a Wonderful World”, sung by Tim, as the party looked on. Not a single cheek was dry! With this, the festivities turned for the sweeter… and it was time to cut the cake! As the moment arrived, Amanda serenaded the party to “How Sweet It Is“… and how sweet it was!

Everyone’s bellies were full, so it was time for some dancing… but not before the bouquet was thrown, as Amanda riffed out “Single Ladies“! After the Olympic struggle for the flowers, it was time to party! The entire party cut a rug to beloved hits such as “Dynamite“, “Gangham Style”, “Wannabe” and “And All For You”, amongst many others. By the time that the sun was setting on such a beautiful day, hardly anyone wanted to leave. Truly Kathleen and Anthony had THE perfect day.